Just outside the Leaf village was three shinobis and one jounin headed to the village. Kakashi was leaving his friend's grave when he saw ninjas headed to meet somebody that was entering the village. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto went to see why almost everyone was headed to the entrance. When they arrived they saw three shinobis and a jounin. They did not have head bands from any of the other villages they knew.

"I wonder why she decided to come back." Kakashi said.

"You know her Kakashi sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Yes she is an old friend." Just then the jounin looked at Kakashi and his students then headed to were the Hokage was.

"I must go so you all get the day off from training but be at training tomorrow bright and early."

"Yes Sensei." The three said at the same time. Kakashi went to see the Hokage about the guest ninjas. When he arrived he heard them talking, "please Lord Hokage let… somebody is here."

"Kakashi please come in we were just talking about a problem." Lord Hokage said.

Kakashi walked in and sat down on the other side of the table across from the jounin.

"Kakashi, Takaneji was just asking me if she could have a jounin come back to her village to help her with a problem."

"What kind of problem is it?"

"That is none of your concern Kakashi." Takaneji said.

"Takaneji I will let a jounin come back with you but I will choose who is going." Lord Hokage said.

"Yes of course please forgive my rudeness." Lord Hokage turns back to Kakashi and says, "Kakashi I want you and your students to join Takaneji and her students to her village and help solve the problem."

"Lord Hokage, would you please choose somebody other then Kakashi, please."

"That is my finial decision, take it or leave it."

"Very well but I am the boss."

"That is fine with me, so when do we leave boss."

"In three days, now if you will excuse me I have students to take care of." With that said Takaneji left without another word.

Meanwhile three shinobis were about to introduce their selves to Kakashi's students. The group finished doing some light training and then all of a sudden three shinobis showed up.

"Well, well, well let me guess you three are Kakashi's students." One of the girls said.

"So what if we are what are you going to do about it?" Naruto said.

"The guys are skilled more then the female is in fighting." The guy said.

"You have now room to talk." Sakura said.

"Well the guy with the black hair looks like a jerk." The other girl said.

"Well you look like an idiot to me." Sasuke said.

"That is it lets have a fight right here right now." The other team said.

"Fine with us lets go." Kakashi's students said.

But before they could fight Kakashi showed up and said, "I see you three act just like your sensei."

"Thank you for noticing Kakashi."

"Nomi you should show more respect for the elderly."

"Shut up Shoji."

"Nomi you know you are a total jerk like that other guy."

"You need to shut up too Mira." While the three argued, their sensei showed up.

"I want the three of you to shut up and start acting like at team, right now." Sakura looked at the other sensei and saw a tattoo on her left wriest that said dragon.

"Why do you have a tattoo on your wriest that says dragon?" Sakura asked both Sasuke and Naruto did not notice it till Sakura said that.

"So you must be Sakura the one who is very knowledgeable about almost everything."

Then Takaneji turned to Sasuke and said "you are Sasuke Uchiha the one with the Sharingan. Finally Naruto Uzumaki I am glad to meet you. Now excuse me but I must take my students to training." Takaneji said then left without another word before anyone could ask or answer.

Her students followed her to go and train before they left, that way they would be ready for anything on the trip home. Sakura turned to Kakashi sensei and asked him, "Why does she have a tattoo that says dragon, Kakashi sensei?"

"That is a long story that I will tell you when we go on our next mission."

"Wow great we got a new mission." Naruto yelled.

"So what is the mission we are doing?" Sasuke asked.

"We are going back with the other team you just meet today in three days."

"WHAT, WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO ON A MISSION WITH THOSE SMUG JERKS?" they all said at the same time.

"We are going back with them to their village to help them solve a problem, so training begins tomorrow morning at dawn." The three were not happy with they mission at all.

When the other team finished training, they decided to go and finish what they started earlier with the Kakashi group. When they found them they said, "Ready to finish what we started, or are you three chickens?"

"Let's get this over with." Sakura said shocking everyone.

Both teachers watched the whole fight making sure that nobody was seriously injured. The fight ended in a tie between the two teams so the teachers decided this was a good time to cut in.

"I see you all are getting along well." Both Kakashi and Takaneji said.

Takaneji looked at Sakura and said, "Let me guess you still want to know why I have dragon tattooed on my wriest."


"Very well my students don't know why either so I will tell you all under one condition, that is no more fighting between you all because you all will have to work as a team on this mission, understand?"

They all nodded their heads, so she said, "the reason I have a tattoo on my wriest is because in my tribe we mark the elite ninjas with a tattoo of our village; you are the leaf village and I'm the mystic village."