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Chapter 21

For the next two months he trained harder by the end of the first month he was training for 2yrs. When the second month was over he was at 3yrs. Takaneji decided two more weeks and his training to be a Dragon Master would be complete.

"So how much longer will we be training?"

"No more than two weeks"

"Wow I am that close to being done my training"

"Yes I figure this week you will be done but then next week you have the test. Your first day of that week will be training for the test. The second and last will be the test. The test is what all dragon clan members must go through before being named Dragon Master. It is a test on everything you learned to see if you are worthy and if your sensei is worthy."

"What if I fail?"

"Don't worry about it. If you fail it is not a big deal. Right Kai"

"Yeah no biggie you just have to train harder and take the test again."

"Alright time for you to get rest see you next week."

The following week came and went fast. Time flew and it was time for his test. He arrived and she was waiting with something in her hands. Kai was smirking when he saw the package and Takaneji just rolled her eyes at him. Kakashi opened the package and found an all black outfit. When he pulled it out it was the same Chinese fighting outfit he wore in Dragon Realm. The only difference in looks was there was only one gold dragon on the back. When he came out in the outfit it was lighter than what he usually wore. Kai smirked and shot a bolt of lightning at him hitting him in the chest. Kakashi didn't feel a thing.

"This outfit is special and has been given to each of Kai's masters. It was made from dragon hair and can resist just about any element attack. This is now yours and will be yours till you die or you force me to remove Kai from you. Now knowing you as well as I do that won't happen. I will be there but I cannot help you in anyway. Once the test starts you and Kai are on your own. Remember everything Yin and I taught you in training. Kai will help you if you forget anything just trust your heart and dragon. They will never lead you wrong. If you think something is not right say so don't hold back. One more thing no matter what happens I am proud of you and I am glad to have chose you. Good luck Kakashi be safe." She said.

They went to Dragon Realm and when they arrived she was separated from Yin. They were locked in a cage which made him angry. He was about to break her out but she shook her head no.

You are the one chosen to be the lightning dragon's host

"Yes I am my name is Kakashi…"

Very well your test begins now and if you should fail…

"Just start the test old man" Kai said pissed.

Very well as you wish

The test started and it was the hardest thing Kakashi ever went through. He fought against many Dragon Masters from the past as well as dragons. At the end he had to face off against Takana and Yang. It looked like he was going to lose but he pulled through at the end. Then out of nowhere he was attacked from behind by the old man as Kai called him. He went for Kai and that was when Kakashi blocked the attack and was knocked out. Kai was angry and was going to attack but he got a vision of Yin beating him to a pulp if he did attack. So instead he grabbed Kakashi and left.

The test is over the chosen has failed in his training to protect his dragon and in how to survive

"That is bull shit old man he protected me and he is still alive."

He jumped in front of an attack that would not have hurt you. The attack would have killed him if I had not held back.

"You are wrong I did what I knew was right. That attack would have killed Kai not me. It was meant for him. You never held back once and if I had not blocked it then Kai would be dead. I won't let Kai die ever. If anyone dies it is me. So you take that back before I show you what I can really do."

So you held back then you still failed

"I didn't fail you did by not testing me to my fullest. I fought at your level not mine. I cannot help you are weaker then we are together."

*laughing* You chose one with lots of fire Phantom Dragon. I can see why it was such a hard choice for you. He has a firry spirit but you chose wisely in the end. Kai and Kakashi are best suited for each other with their abilities. You pass and may keep your dragon. Takaneji Master of Dragons you have trained him well. This is the first I have allowed an outsider to join us. You are worthy of the title and your dragon young Master. I will say this next time I hope your brother trains his kids not to have a temper like you. otherwise I will die all over again. Your parents would be proud of you. The elders are ashamed of what they tried to do in the past. They agree finally that you and Yin are the perfect pair. They promise to never question your judgment again. Any you deem worthy will be allowed to join us wither they pass the test or not. Good luck to you all.

They all returned to her hideout and let's just say Kakashi and Kai had a bone to pick with Takaneji. Takana decided to take a tour of the place instead.

"What the hell did that old guy mean when he said we could stay with you two?"

"Kai calm down already"

"No I want to know what he meant. The test never threatened to take a dragon from their host before so why now?"

"I didn't want you to know because I was afraid it would distract you. I made a promise to the elders when I chose for you both to be a team. The promise was that when you both went to take the test, if you should fail I would give up Yin. You see when an outsider is chosen and they go to take the test, if they fail they lose the dragon and their memories of the training and dragon. It has only happened 4 times in the past and has failed each time. I went against the elders' decision by bringing you both together. That is why I promised to give up Yin if you failed."

"Why would you do a thing like that?"

"Simple I knew you could pass where others have failed. I didn't think they bring Takana and Yang. I am sorry I did not tell you both but I wanted you to fight without a distraction. I knew if you both knew that you would be worried. So I figured I tell you after it was over. I must congratulate you on a job well done. You are now an official Dragon Master. You no longer need to train under me and after dinner you will not return here."

"Hold on you just train us and then tell us we cannot come back to train?"

"Yes you can train in Dragon Realm now. The reason is I will not be here after tonight. I have to go to the Sand village. Let's enjoy dinner and cake."

"Fine but don't think this is over one bit Taki."

*Wham* "Kai I told you not to call me that did I not?"

"Yeah well it was worth it anyways."

Kakashi headed home now a full fledge Dragon Master and was greeted with a party. Everyone celebrated and that was when Nomi decided to ask her sensei a question that has bugged her for a while.

"Sensei I was wondering why is it that you hate the Ahoya and Lord Aoshi so much?"

"Ah… Aoshi and Ahoya hmm… well the reason I hated Aoshi was he gave his dragon up to protect those that he cared for where I could not. He gave the ultimate sacrifice a Dragon Master can give aside from his life. I was jealous of him and then it turned to hatred soon after. Now as for the Ahoya I don't hate it, I love the food there a lot. I don't like it there cause there are too many Unicorns for my likings. After all I am a dragon and unicorns use to be the main diet of dragons along with pegasus. It is easier for me to avoid it and the tempting smell of unicorn blood. As to Aoshi being able to ignore it all is Hakuryu is not as old as Yin. Hakuryu appeared after that time. You see Hakuryu is a special dragon because of Aoshi. Hakuryu was created from Aoshi's ice techniques. He is the only ice dragon and was born for Aoshi and Aoshi only. I may be able to give him orders but that is by Dragon Laws not by choice. Now my brother can go there because Yang is light and did not eat unicorns or pegasus. Why do you think Blood Lust hates being near me and now Kakashi. It is because of Yin and Kai use to eat her kind before they were sealed into the clan. So I can go there but I don't go so I don't start trouble. After all your clan created the Oniwaban which in turn created the Ahoya. Well it is time for me to leave for the next mission. Soujirou you ready to head out?" she asked from the doorway.

"Yes lets go before it gets too late to get our reservation. Be safe everyone." He said as he grabbed Takaneji's hand and the two disappeared.

"Looks like the Angel Sword and Phantom Dragon are back together" Takana said taking a swig of his sake.

Kakashi watched as she left with Soujirou holding hands. He looked away and decided to head home for rest instead. Kai was seeing red for a bit but calmed down after a few minutes. If he was going to figure out what the hell was going on he was going to need some rest first.

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