Author's Note: Thankyou for making it this far! And just think, all you had to do was read the story description and click away! Hopefully you are interested in reading it! Well, this story was a joined project between me (Squishy) and my friend Erin ( Check out her gallery: erinart . deviantart . com ). We started writing this together, and we are going to finish writing this together! "OMG I'm so proud of Squishy and I - we've worked well together on this one. Enjoy! " - that was from Erin. Yes, so without further adieu, enjoy!

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Morbus - Chapter One

"Thomas and the Birdman"

The man coughed. He coughed deep, spluttering coughs, choking on his blood and saliva. He struggled, trying to break the chains that bound him to the chair. His wrists and ankles hurt from his continuous movement, which seemed to be breaking down his skin and bone instead of the metal chains and chair. The more he twisted his hands, the more they were wound into his binds, and he soon scrapped the idea of breaking free.

He focussed on the possibility of survival, and quickly upset himself in the process. He really had no recollection of how he ended up being bound, bloodied, and dumped in the dank, enclosed room. It was dark, with only one light bulb hanging low from the ceiling above his head. As far as the man could see, there was only one door on the other side of the room. There was a hole where the doorknob should have been, and he could sense movement behind it. Panicking again, he tried jumping up, but instead fell onto cold wooden floorboards, still with his hands behind his back bound to the chair.

"SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" He screamed, but quickly regretted it. From the darkness he could hear footsteps and a slow, scraping noise. The man struggled more, and managed to kneel upright. He panted heavily. The man fell down again, this time landing on a shoulder. He moved forward using his knees to push him. He twisted onto the other shoulder and repeated the slow process. The chair was making it extremely difficult for him to move easily. He was really scared now, and escape was on his mind. He had to escape this room, the darkness, and this nightmare. He wanted so badly to leave behind the monsters and the madness. To become whole again.

The footsteps that he had heard before were suddenly behind him. A large hand grabbed the back of the chair and hauled the man upwards. He could see clearly now what had been following him in his desperate flight to crawl away. In front of him, holding him inches off the floor was a large man. He wore thick black rubber gloves, and a matching apron that seemed to be covered with gunk and blood. The victim couldn't see the mans eyes, for he wore a mask shaped like a birds beak, and round goggles half the size of his face. The victim became overcome with fright and panic, and he squirmed more than he had before.

"Get the hell away from me, you freak! What the..? Let me go!" The victim screamed.

The birdman leaned back in what seemed like confusion. He put the victim back down, and moved to a table nearby. The victim immediately lurched forward, and once again fell. He hit the wooden floorboards hard and they broke. Landing hard on the floor below, but not noticing because of the adrenalin surging through his body, the victim crawled with all his might to god knows where. It was dark, and he could hear the masked man yell in annoyance from above.

"Come now Thomas, don't be afraid. I won't hurt you if you stay with me. But if you try to crawl away; I will!" The birdman yelled, whilst looking through the broken floorboards, at the victim.

The man, now identified as Thomas, did not turn back. He continued crawling forwards, still with his hands chained behind his back to the chair. There was no light in the room he was now in. There seemed to be nothing, since Thomas could not hear anything either. Thomas cried out in exasperation, and twisted uncomfortably on the floor. He tried to settle himself and decided to think things through a little before he panicked again.

He remembered now that he had arrived in a city, with a name he thought unusual but could not think of right now, to apply for a job. He had stayed a week, enjoying the sight seeing around the town. He had found the locals peculiar, but no more so than they had found him. During the later part of the week he had caught a nasty cold. It wasn't like an ordinary flu though, but either way he thought he'd eventually sleep it off.

But maybe this 'cold' had gotten the better of him, thought Thomas. He had the funniest feeling that if he hadn't of gotten sick; he wouldn't have ended up in this place. He panted softly trying again to collect himself, and started to crawl forward again. After a few feet of hobbling, he felt something graze against his head. He investigated and found out that it was a wire fence. Thomas, being so close to it, could smell the wire. It smelt like decay, and it most likely would have eroded holes in it.

Getting excited at the prospect of a way out, Thomas used the fence to haul himself off the ground. But hang on a second, thought Thomas, what was a fence doing inside a building? He didn't have much time to think about that though, because that second, something other than Thomas slammed against the fence on the other side.

Thomas was hauled backwards, and fortunately the chair legs broke. Thomas just lay there on his back, stunned, watching silently for what had attacked him at the fence. Just as expected, from the darkness a figure emerged. Behind the figure, multiple other "things" could be seen moving towards the fence. The "things" resembled humans, but they seemed to have no 'faces'. Gaping holes were where the eyes and mouth would have been, and their bodies were twisted and deformed, their movements stunted and abnormal. Their hands, or what should have been hands, groped at the fence. Many claw like fingers reached through the wire towards Thomas.

Thomas realised he was still lying in the same spot. He twisted his hands and kicked his feet, trying to inch himself away. He managed to get a hand free. He moved around, and continued to desperately free himself from the chains. The chair legs had broken when he had fallen backwards, and he could only just pull his other hand out around the broken splinters. He looked back around his shoulder, and the creatures were still reaching for him. He stared for a moment, and again realised he was still hadn't move. He knelt, shaking off the remaining binds, and then he awkwardly stood up, kicking the parts of the chair that still bound him.

He took one last look behind him, and then ran towards the direction he had come.

Almost instantly Thomas heard shrieking screams from behind him. The "things" shook the fence, and called out for Thomas, their bodies moulding into the wire. Thomas let out a yell of fright. He was so confused, and he couldn't see where he was going. It was so dark. He knelt down, feeling the floor, hoping to come across the floorboards, which had broken when he had fallen through the room above. He swept his hands this way and that. The wails were getting worse, and Thomas wished they would shut up. He didn't want the birdman to find him again.

After a few minutes of crawling on the dusted ground, he came across a broken plank of wood. He hastily picked it up, and knowing he didn't have many options, ran back into the darkness. It wasn't long until he came running into a fence, and than another. He wondered in a circle, and let out his own scream. It was too much for him, the whole ordeal. Thomas was trapped, and he now accepted that. He looked around him for movement in the darkness, straining his eyes. Sure enough, the "things" appeared, from either side of him. They dragged their deformed feet, and screamed at Thomas. Their 'eyes' set upon him, their hands outstretched.

Thomas raised his broken plank of wood, and prepared for his last stand. From nearby, just behind the "things", came the voice of the birdman loud and clear.

"Now, now Thomas. I did warn you not to crawl away. My friends here and myself will have a fabulous time playing with you. We like to play."

The "things" reached Thomas, and he swung at their arms and hands. The screaming didn't stop. It pierced his mind, and Thomas yelled with anger as he hit them violently. They grabbed his clothes and skin. Thomas attacked them, again and again, but there were too many. The birdman stood over him and laughed, as the "things" ripped Thomas's flesh from his bones. Their hands never faulting, and their screams never halting. He was dragged down slowly and painfully. Thomas no longer held onto the wood. He receded down in pain. And when he finally gave up yelling, the sound that proceeded was the gurgling noise of hollow mouths sucking blood.