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(It was Valentines day 2008)

(Flippy sat in his house) "Yet another Valentines day alone." Flippy sighed. "Why don't the others like me?" He asked himself. "I havent done anything them... Oh right, all the times I flipped out and killed them." He continued. "Maybe I should go for a jog to calm my nerves." He told himself. And got out of his chair.

(Flippy opened his door and it came of the hinges) "Damn it. Today just sucks" Flippy yelled out. "I have no one to who loves me, and on top of that I got to get my door fixed." He screamed as he kicked the door breaking it in two. "What's wrong?" Handy asked Flippy as he walked in. "Where did you come from Handy?" Flippy asked back. "I was fixing a car outside and I heard you yelling. So I thought I'd check it out." Handy replied. "Oh. It's nothing." Flippy told him."

"It doesnt look like nothing." Handy said. "If you must know. I'm just lonely that's all." Flippy informed the orange beaver. "Oh. Well do you want me to fix your door?" Handy asked. "Go ahead." Flippy sighs. "I'll go get more tools then." Handy said. "But are you sure you would not want to talk about it or something?" He continued, before started to walk out. "I don't know." Flippy moaned. "It's just that, I have asked all the girls I know out on a date. And they told me no." Flippy said with a sad voice.
"They did?" Handy replyed. "Yeah. Giggles, said she already had a date with Cuddles, and Petunia yelled no. And then slaped me." Flippy said.

"That's of part of why I hate Valentines day." Handy responds. "You hate Valentines day?" Flippy asked Handy. "Yeah, I mean. I've tryed to get dates too. But girls don't want a guy with no hands." Handy sighed. "Why not? Flippy said asking another question. "Because, I can't do anything for them. Like carry a coat or hold their hand." Handy informed Flippy.

"But that does not make it right for them to treat you like that Handy." Flippy responds. "You think so?" Handy replied. "Yes. I do." Flippy says. "Thanks." Handy said back, feeling a little warm and happy inside.

"Maybe it's the other ones that have a problem, not us." Handy added. "But I have hurt and killed them too. You can't forget that" Flippy replys. "True, but if they can't get over it, then they are not worth it." Handy tells him."I guess so then." Flippy sighs. "Thanks, I feel a little better." Flippy continues. "It's no problem." Handy said. "Thanks." Flippy chuckled. And went to shake his hand. "Remember I don't have any hands." Handy reminded Flippy.

"Yeah that's right." Flippy said, and hugged him instead. "Your welcome." Handy replys. "This feels nice." Flippy thought as he hugged the beaver. "Real nice" he said out loud. "What was that?" Handy asked as Flippy let go of him. "I said that felt nice. The hug that is." Flippy reponds. "Yeah it was nice." Handy said back.

(They both laughed lighty and looked in eachothers eyes.) "Handy?" Flippy asked. "What is it?" Handy asked back. "There is something I want to try." Flippy said. "What's that?." Handy asked. "You'll see." Flippy responded and moved in closer.

Maybe we should no..." Handy started to say before Flippy cut him off. "I think we should" Flippy smiled. And pressed his lips softly against Handy's. After afew seconds Flippy broke the kiss. "Wow, that was better then the hug you gave me."Handy said. "It was? I'm glad you enjoyed it then." Flippy responds.

"I love you Flippy." Handy said softly "I love you too Handy." Flippy said.