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"Er, what?" She asked, her expression of complete confusion mirrored in Blaise's face.

"I'm sorry but we are unable to reveal any information at the current time." She and Blaise were being pulled to another door, which the man beside her opened, and they were both being forcefully pushed inside.

"Ouch!" A voice yelled as Blaise grunted, presumably as a result of some form of contact. The room was completely dark and Hermione felt for the wall, resting the palm of her hand against it for some kind of stability.

"Pansy?" Blaise spluttered, his voice moving a bit further away.

"Blaise?" The voice of Pansy Parkinson cried. "Oh thank Merlin there's someone else here I thought I was going insane!" There was shuffling.

"You're insane." Blaise muttered. "Granger's here too."

"Granger? Where?" Hermione stayed silent, unwilling to expose herself when she wasn't entirely certain what kind of reception she would receive.

"Do you have any idea why we're here? Or how to get out?" The desperation in Pansy's voice made it clear that, at least for the moment, she didn't have bad intentions.

"No." Hermione answered, somewhat sarcastically. "If I knew, do you really think I'd still be here?"

"I've been here so long." Pansy groaned in frustration.

"We're all very sorry for you." Hermione said and couldn't keep from smiling when she heard a snigger.

"Shut up, Zabini!" Pansy snarled. She seemed to stumble and Blaise sniggered again. "Oof!"

She felt movement close beside her and if she really strained, she thought she could see the outline of Blaise's body.

"Blaise? Draco will not be pleased when he hears how you've been treating me!"

Blaise snorted. "Of course he won't. He'll been downright happy." The way he said this implied that Draco wasn't happy very often.

"Well, we're friends so piss off!"

"So are we!" Blaise countered.

"Are you two honestly fighting over Malfoy's affection? I didn't think he could feel anything. Or is that the point?" Hermione's voice was etched with disgust.

"No." Blaise said shortly. No one had anything to say anymore, so no one said spoke. She leaned against the wall and slid into a sitting position on the floor. Soon after she heard Blaise and Pansy do the same.

The minutes ticked by in what felt more like hours. Heat started to penetrate her skin, and her back was cramped from being hunched over for so long. She didn't dare try to use magic. The man had said he was gifted with his wand, what if the room exploded or something? It couldn't be long until someone came and got them right?

Blaise started tapping his fingers against the floor and formed different rhythms. Tap tap tap bang tap tap tap bang tap-bang tap-bang. She found herself amused by these, but Pansy snapped at him to quit being a moron and he stopped.

A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead and she hastily wiped it away. Her shirt was damp and clung to her back. That was when she decided she'd had enough. She took out her wand and made a small wind pass through the room, crossing the fingers on her left hand and hoping she didn't blow them up. To her relief she cooled down, but was then annoyed by her cramped back, and the fact that she hadn't eaten very much in the entire day besides a bagel.

If Pansy and Blaise felt anything they said nothing, but Hermione was quite content with the calm breeze. Then it occurred to her that maybe they hadn't charmed the room against magic and she attempted a few other spells, but found that they didn't work.

"Damn it." A cool voice said and someone was pushed through the door. Light flashed off pale blonde hair and Hermione's heart sank. Just what she needed. Malfoy. He stumbled to a wall and kicked it experimentally.

"Draco? Thank Merlin!" Pansy sighed as she scrambled to her feet.

"Pansy?" He sounded surprised. "Why are you here?"

Pansy sighed exasperatedly. "If I knew I don't think I'd still be here. I was hoping you would."

There was a pause. "I thought I did but I guess I don't." He sounded confused, but there was something different too. "How long have you been here?"

"I was here for a really long time before Blaise, but I'd estimate about an hour." Pansy said.

"Blaise is here?"

"Present." Blaise said lazily.

Draco was silent for a minute. "Well, there's a breeze coming in so there must be a window or something."

"It's not a real breeze, actually. It's a spell." Blaise sounded uneasy. He gave a dry chuckle, "Granger."

"What?" Hermione immediately realized what had been different. He didn't sound like he wanted to kill her. "Where?"

"Draco come on. We're in a bad enough spot without a murder on our hands." Pansy said, and Hermione was pretty sure she was joking.

"Don't be ridiculous, Pansy." Draco snapped irritably. "Lumos." Nothing happened. "Lumos. Lumos. Damn this. There must be some curse."

"Did anyone say anything to you when you came in here?" Blaise asked.

"Yes, some woman said 'welcome to the House of Hell.'"


"The same, but why does it matter?" She sounded puzzled.

"Because if they all said the same thing it must mean something. I feel like I've heard that phrase before. House of Hell…" Blaise muttered impatiently.

"I suppose." Pansy said, and it occurred to Hermione that Blaise and Pansy weren't exactly on the best footing with each other.

She thought over what Blaise had said…House of Hell…it sounded like they were supposed to have an awful time in a house. So why were they in a small little room within a huge mansion? Unless…First there had been Pansy, then Blaise and her, then Draco. Maybe there were more people coming and they were in the room momentarily, as holding place.

But what for?

"Get off me! Let go!" There was a bang and the door flew open and hit the wall. A figure was struggling wildly with four muscled captors. His hands were held up by his head and he couldn't seem to move them at all. His swung back and kicked at the guards, cursing explicitly at them.

One of them threw his wand to the floor and they shoved him violently into the room. He hit the wall and rebounded back to the door, but it was closed.

"Sorry about the delay, man! There's a reason that boy's name is The-Boy-Who-Lived…"

Harry started banging on the door and shouting loudly. "Come back you cowards! Will your master really be happy if I escape? Come back and fight me you pathetic excuse of a man!" He threw himself at the door.

"Harry please, you're going to scream yourself hoarse." Hermione said in what she hoped was a soothing voice.

Immediately he stopped. "Hermione? They got you too?"

"No, they brought me here in a truck for something. Didn't the Dursleys tell you not to worry?" Hermione asked.

"All the more reason to fight back." Harry said stubbornly. "It doesn't surprise me that the Dursleys sold me to Voldemort."

"Harry they didn't sell you to Voldemort. I don't know why we're here, but it has nothing to with him." Hermione said calmly, wondering if Harry could hear the sharp intakes of breath that followed the name.

"How do I know you're not a spy under the Polyjuice potion?" He asked, immediately suspicious.

"Hm…The password to Gryffindor tower at the end of the year was Tuttle Poof, on the train you were annoyed that you couldn't do magic and suggested hanging out with Neville or Malfoy. The owl bit you." She stated calmly, wracking her mind for something she could reveal but would still convince Harry it was really her.

Draco snickered in the corner and Harry immediately tensed up. "Malfoy?"

"Harry, be reasonable. I'm still alive and I've been here with them for awhile, ignore them." She said hurriedly.


"Blaise and Parkinson."

"Who's Blaise? You mean Zabini?" Harry asked. It occurred to her that she'd never actually called him by his last name. She pondered this but couldn't come up with any other solution besides that he hadn't really done anything to her. He'd been there, laughed, but never really initiated anything.

"Yes." She answered. "Explain to me what happened to you."

"There's not much to it. I was leaving the Dursleys because we got in another argument, and some guy in black came up behind me and took my wand from my pocket. A black car pulled up and he tried to push me inside. I started fighting back and then two more guys jumped out and shoved me in there, where they held me captive. I couldn't even move a muscle. An image of the Dursleys came up saying 'don't be afraid' and all that bollocks. Like they really care if I'm afraid."

"And then…" Hermione prodded.

"This guy tried to tell me to follow him. I refused and one of the men grabbed me and started dragging me. I pushed him away and started yelling for Voldemort," there was a sharp intake of breath from the corner, "To come and fight me. Then three more guards came and joined him. I tried to escape but it didn't really work."

Hermione thought this over. "What color was the door?"

"The door?" Harry repeated in confusion.

"The door leading into the house, what color was it?" She asked.

"Before they pushed me into it, it was bright green, but when I touched it the color turned to white." Harry replied. "Why?"

She ignored his question and turned to the direction she assumed the Slytherins were. "Parkinson?"

"Neon green until I touched it."

"Bla-bini. Zabini."

"The same. And it's not Blabini. It's Blaise or Zabini, you choose." He said dryly.


"What do you expect me to say? No? There's clearly a pattern here."

She thought this newfound information over, ignoring Draco's barbed comments. "Whatever is going to happen must have something to do with us touching the door. There might have been a spell on the house that was set off when we touched it."

Everyone was silent. "I think Granger has a point." Blaise said finally. "But what spell and why?"

"We can't be sure." Pansy piped up.

"Why, thanks Pansy. I never would have come up with that on my own." Harry snickered at Blaise's response, but the group lapsed once more into thoughtful silence. A few minutes later a head of red hair was shoved through the open door.

"Bastards! Come back! Too scared to take on a seventeen year old?" Ron shouted as he banged on the door.

"Ron!" Hermione couldn't stop the admonishment from passing through her lips.


"Not this again." Draco said with an exasperated sigh.


"Ron," she sighed "Harry, Parkinson, Malfoy, Blaise and I are stuck in here." Hermione said, expecting him to blow up.

"Who's Blaise? You mean Zabini?"

Harry chuckled as Hermione sighed again. "Yes."

"But wh-" Hermione shushed Ron as the doorknob jiggled and it began to open.

"Nobody move." The man that had brought Hermione in said. "Petrifico." He opened the door widely. "There, now you can't run. Come along."

No one moved. Hermione's eyes became accustomed to the light and then Harry stepped forward into the hallway.

Flagged by Hermione and Ron, he followed him through a door into a room that was completely white. The walls were white, the carpet was white, the furniture was white, even the woman, who Hermione recognized as the one who'd been in her house. was dressed in white.

"My name is James Giovani, this is my wife, Sheila Giovani. Many of you may know us from the WWNC. The Witches and Wizards News Channel. I was told Dumbledore gave all Hogwarts students a Wcube? You tap your wand on it and you get Wizards Channels projected onto it? Yes, well that is how our show is broadcasted." James smiled around at them all, looking especially golden when surrounded by all the white.

Instantly Harry was on his feet. "I said no interview!"

Sheila smiled in a chilling way. "Oh, this isn't an interview. Or a movie or a documentary, so really you haven't refused it yet. Now please sit down so we can explain everything." He sat reluctantly.

"Take a look at this!" James took out his Wcube and tapped it with his wand. Hello James. It said as it whirred to life. "Hello Charlotte." He chuckled.

"He's off his rocker." Ron muttered.

A projection played off one of the white walls.

Four guys…

Two girls…

One house…

One hell of a time…

Pansy Parkinson

A clip of Pansy strutting purposefully forward came up and a smile played her lips. It zoomed in on her face and locked.

Blaise Zabini

Blaise flashed a smile, grinning at someone that was off camera. Once again the camera zoomed in a locked on his face.

Hermione Granger

There was Hermione wearing the first outfit her mother had picked out, smiling sheepishly.

Draco Malfoy

Draco opened his mouth and shouted something then turned and punched the wall beside him. He shouted again and walked away.

Harry Potter

Harry slammed the door to the Dursleys's house and stormed down the street. The camera froze on his furious face.

Ron Weasley

Ron grinned and his ears turned bright red..

The show that will be talked about for ages…

There was Hermione following James into the house…Blaise climbing out of the truck…Pansy flashing an angry look…Ron being dragged from the truck…Draco walking forward determinedly…Harry fighting off four guards...

The screen divided into six sections. One hand touched the neon green section of the door (in Harry's case his face) and the door changed to white. Six pairs of eyes came onto the screen with their own individual section.

It showed them all being shoved into the little room and then Sheila and James appeared on the screen.

The House of Hell…

A picture came up of them on the screen all standing in a cautious stance. Harry was across from Draco, Hermione from Pansy, and Ron from Blaise. They were glaring at their opposite.

"These are the faces of today's hottest TV wizarding stars." Sheila said, as Hermione mused over the fact that the pictures of them glaring were actually real, and not a result of computer animation.

"I said no TV show." Harry said angrily.

James shrugged. "You gave us an inspiration. We simply couldn't pass down the opportunity."

Hermione stared as it hit her. "You're an animagus! You were that owl."

James looked shocked, and then he chuckled. "Right you are, sweetie. You can't go reporting this to the Ministry though, I'm certified."

She thought back to when she'd been looking at the list of registered animagus, and…yes. James Giovani had been on there.

"So Harry m'boy, you said you'd rather live in a house with Malfoy then be on a reality TV show. That was our inspiration, and you can't back out now, when you touched the door you basically 'signed the contract'. The network felt that a new type of entertainment was needed because the few shows that have actually been around aren't doing terribly well. This industry is still growing, and this show will play an important part of it."

"Now, Harry, please refrain from saying anything or I may have to make you stop." James took out his wand and grinned.

In a flash Hermione had her wand out and pointed at him. "You do and you can be charged with an attack. Harry can't legally do magic outside Hogwarts, so he can't defend himself. We could bring this to court, and I can safely say none of us like you very much, we'd all testify against you. Who do you think people will believe, you or Harry Potter?"

James gaped at her. "You just made that up."

She raised her eyebrows at him. "I've read 'The Guide to Power,' 'Rise to Power', 'The Ministry of Magic', 'Think You've Got a Case?' the list goes on."

James hastily put his wand away. "You've got yourself a good bodyguard there." James said to Harry.

"She's not my bodyguard. She's the brightest witch of our age, and she's my friend." Harry snapped defensively and Hermione flushed.

"Right, well I think we should explain everything now, because I sense Harry is getting a teeny bit antsy." James said and turned to Sheila. "So we'll air this part, we should change." They both took out their wands and transformed their clothes into matching royal blue robes.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"As you know you are now stars of the new show, 'The House of Hell.' You're confined to this mansion, and only one of you can leave at a time for four hours maximum. There are spells everywhere that enforce all these rules, so don't try to break them unless you fancy the consequences." He beamed as he said that.

"Each of you can invite one guest in, but you'll have to ask us if you want to have a party. The same goes for breaking any of the rules. The type of party will be specified of course, the gender that can come and the limit of people you can invite."

James grinned. "Anyway, your parents all agreed to sign the contract preventing any of you from breaking the rules. It's physically impossible. You're located by a muggle town that you can access for groceries, entertainment and such. You are prohibited to enter into any wizard's house, and wizard facilities. Your rooms have been checked for any flu powder, and there have been spells placed. By the way, your rooms are exactly the same as they were in your house when you touched the door.

"We've compiled a list of rules and regulations, so here they are." He passed around a sheet of paper.

1) One person can leave the house at a time.

2) They can only leave for about four hours maximum.

3) You cook for yourself and clean up after yourself.

4) You must respect others' personal space.

5) You will each be given a key card to access your room and a few spare lock keys.

6) You cannot apparate inside or outside the house.

"Any questions about the rules?" Sheila looked around and smiled. "Didn't think so."

"Now each room in this house has hidden cameras, with the exception of bathrooms. Each day will be compiled into a show that everyone will be able to see, and starting at 10:00 to 8:00 the next morning you can pay to have a live feed running.

"The doors to your rooms have your pictures on them so they should be easy to find. We have an extensive recreation centre, including a Quidditch pitch, a pool, tennis courts, a gym, a workout room, fencing area, you name it. We have a library half magic half muggle, a kitchen, a lounge, a music room, umm…" Sheila waved her hand as she thought. "a few secret passage ways of course, anything and everything."

They stared blankly at her, most of the given information had rebounded off their heads like light on a mirror. Hermione struggled to get a grasp on everything being shoved in her face.

James grinned. "Now, guards!" He raised his voice and a few of the guards came through. They looked warily at Harry but said nothing.

"Get the packages." They nodded, left and returned carrying two big baskets with a cover over each one. Hermione was handed the one that said her name in loopy cursive.

"Hold your horses now, you can open them in a minute." James said, and then realized none of them had made a move to open them in the first place.

"Okay, so they each contain a few gadgets we felt you might like, color coded for you of course. There's a lap top-"

"I already have a computer." Hermione injected.

"Oh, your parents removed that before you came. It's gone now, along with a few of the clothes your mother disliked." Sheila said and Hermione's heart sank. Her mother didn't like any of the clothes she owned.

"Anyways," James continued, looking slightly harassed, "A laptop, the newest cell phone out, an iPod, for the girls a necklace for the boys a gold band that you must wear at all times…" he glanced at Sheila.

"Instruction booklets on how to use everything, a map, zip cards, keys, and some muggle money to spend. A few of your guardians gave you some money along with the money we are giving you for your," Sheila paused, "participation. There is also information about the house, telephone number, address and such. Questions?"

"Is this all muggle stuff?" Draco asked with a frown.

"No, we went over everything and magically enhanced it, with permission from the ministry." He added as he looked at Ron, "Anyone else?" James looked around as one would if they were auctioning something off and looking for the highest bidder. "Okay, you can open them now!"

She took off the cover slowly and saw a huge mass of green. Everything was light and dark shades of green, but nothing too vibrant and nothing too dark, the way she liked the color.

"Put your necklace or ring on now." Ordered Sheila.

She looked through everything and found a velvet green box. She undid the clasp and gasped. The necklace had a thin silver chain with a miniscule peridot every inch. At the center was a heart shaped peridot with a stream of diamonds curling around it. It had been magicked to look as though the diamonds were moving themselves and swirling around the heart. She loved it, even though her birthstone was not peridot.

Harry had red, Ron had gold, Pansy had navy blue with a rose instead of a heart, Blaise had silver, and Draco had black.

"Why were these colors chosen for us?" Harry asked as he sorted through the basket.

James shrugged. "They're your favorite color, or suit you best or have some sort of symbolic value to you."

Ron and Harry simultaneously looked at Hermione and her green everything and frowned. "Are you sure? There must be a mistake, Hermione has green."

Sheila shook her head. "There is no mistake. Everything in those baskets was white until you touched it, the guards have gloves on. Perhaps Miss Granger knows why she is green. Green with jealousy maybe, a love triangle?"

Everyone looked at her. "Erm, well green is my favorite color."

"Green! That's a Slytherin color!" Ron exclaimed.

"Ron, are you going to go through life hating a color because when you were young it symbolized something you disliked? Honestly, grow up." Hermione snapped. She turned to Sheila and said with a bit of and edge to her voice, "Can you help me put this on please?"

As Sheila fastened the necklace James turned to the others and grinned. "Feisty isn't she?"

Before they could reply Sheila stepped back and smiled. "Perfect! You look absolutely beautiful."

"Are we allowed to go now?" Draco asked boredly.

"Oh, right." Sheila giggled. "Anyway we might drop in once and awhile, so be good." They both nodded enthusiastically and turned to go. When the door closed Hermione almost expected to see fireworks or something.

"Well, I suppose we should find our rooms then." Hermione said nervously. No one moved again. She piled everything back in her basket and stood up. "Let's go you two." She lifted the basket and was surprised by the weight. Ron and Harry didn't seem to notice, but then again how would the world react if they saw the Boy Who Lived have difficulty carrying a basket?

They followed her like lost puppies up the stairs to a floor that was empty except for eight rooms, two of which were bathrooms.

Her room was annoyingly placed between Blaise and Draco's and across from Pansy's, who was between Harry and Ron. She dug through the basket and got out her swipe card and put it through. The light flashed green and the door clicked open. Harry was already inside, but the remainder seemed to be having difficulty opening it. She went over and explained it to Ron, a bit louder than necessary and Pansy caught on too.

"Thanks." He gave her a relieved smile and she waved it off. As she passed Blaise on the way back she muttered to him that his card was upside down. She didn't know why, but she felt strangely pleasant, considering her thundercloud mood only minutes earlier. As was said, her room looked the same as it had before minus the computer and an extra door that led onto a balcony. She set down her things and smiled when she saw a cute purse and a note.


We thought you might get a bit tired of carrying everything in a basket or your pocket so we bought you a purse. Have a great time, and write lots to us! Our phone number should be on speed dial in your cell phone.

Love mom and dad


P.S Don't forget to unpack your clothes!

She looked at the few acceptable clothes Jane had let her keep and only found a few pairs of sweatpants, a sweater, and some undergarments. She sighed and dug all the shrunken clothes bags out of her pocket and put them on the bed. When they were enlarged there were much more then she'd expected, enough to fill the entire bed and have a few fall on the floor. She analyzed everything and then started sorting things into piles by type of clothing and color. She hung things in her closet and filled her drawers. With disgust she put stuffed some bikinis and fancy underwear into the back.

In the midst of making her bed someone knocked on the door. She smiled when she opened it. "Hey."

"Hi." Harry greeted.

Ron played it cool and nodded. "D'you want to come downstairs, we're planning to make something to eat?"

She nodded, smiling slightly. "Want to make something or want me to make something?"

"I can cook!" Harry said indignantly.

"Harry, mate, don't spread that around." Ron muttered with a grin and looked around like someone was going to jump out and yell 'ha!'

"Let's go," she came forward and then caught her door before it closed, "Wait a second."

It only took her a little while to transfer her things into her purse and then she came back out.

"A purse?" Ron asked skeptically.

Hermione rolled her eyes in response. "Yes, Ron, a purse. It has all my things, see?" She unzipped it and held it open so they could see. Ron leaned forward but Harry flinched back and grabbed his shoulder.

"Ron! You never look in a girl's purse!"

"Why?" He asked, "She showed me!" Harry shook his head and Ron frowned. "Right, well let's go." He set off to the stairs and Harry cleared his throat.

"Ron, do you know where we're going?"

Ron looked sheepish. "Right, well, lead the way Hermione!"

She used her map to navigate them, because the house was bigger than they'd expected. The kitchen was found relatively easily though, and had cherry red floors with marble counters, cherry wood cabinets, and baby blue walls.

"So what do you guys want?" She asked and headed to the fridge.

Harry shrugged, "Anything edible, really."

She opened the fridge and sighed. "It's empty."

"What!" Ron exclaimed. He ran across the room and stared at the empty shelves in disbelief.

"Well," Harry consulted his watch, "it's 8:30. I don't think there's a possibility of groceries right now."

"I'm going to die." Ron moaned.

"Keep talking like that and I'll make that statement true." Hermione snapped and assessed the situation. "There's an easy solution, we'll order in."

"Order in? What's that?" Ron perked up immediately.

"Muggles use telephones to call places that make food and they deliver it to your house." Hermione explained and dug her card out of her purse. "All they'll need is my name, address and phone number."

She located the phone and found herself facing a new problem. "I don't have a number."

Harry smiled. "Something I can do, then. Dudley always orders from Tomato's pizza, so I know the number by heart. 618-7695."

She dialed and waited. "Hi, may I make an order of three," she looked at Ron, "make that four large pizzas. Pepperoni on all, mushrooms and peppers on one, one with just cheese and pepperoni, and one Hawaiian. My address? Okay, er," she glanced at the card and recited their address. "oh, okay can I get that number? Hold on." As quickly as possible she took a piece of paper and a pencil and scribbled down another phone number. "Oh, no that's fine. Okay, thanks, bye."

"We're out of distance for that one, but they gave me a number for one really close by." She redialed and recited the information again. "Thanks very much. Bye."

"They said it should be here in around fifteen minutes," she said, "so we should find the door and wait around there for a bit."

Her map proved useful and they figured out which door the deliverer would probably go to. They examined some of the nearby rooms and Hermione labeled them with a quick charm she knew. The doorbell rang and they all jumped. There seemed to be a speaker in each room so they could hear the doorbell everywhere in the house.

Hermione reached the door first and opened it find a young man of about 17 or 18. His hair was black and jelled up a bit with the tips dyed red. He had baggy jeans, shaded sunglasses, and a light jacket over a red shirt that had a nametag reading 'Mike.'

"Pizza delivery." He said and smiled when he caught sight of her.

"Thanks. So how much will that be?" She smiled back and blushed a bit. He was good looking, and the way he was looking at her made it seem like he thought she was too.

"Uh…" He glanced at the receipt and scribbled something onto it. "Thirteen pounds."

"That's not very much," she said as she opened her wallet, "is there some sort of sale thing?"

"No, but I gave you a deal for brightening my day a few notches." He said casually.

"Do you use that line often?" She gave a small chuckle, obviously not the response he was looking for.

"Not exactly." He gave her a lopsided smile. "Are you eating this all yourself?"

"Oh, no I don't live here alone." She placed bills in his hand and began counting change.

"I see." He said. "Oh." Ron's head appeared at her shoulder and he had the look of someone putting two and two together.

Hermione caught his meaning and shook her head. "No, it's not like that, we're just friends. A few other… friends from school live here too."

"Oh." He sounded interested now. "Okay, then here you go." He handed her the pizza, which Ron promptly took from her hands. "Call me sometime."

Ron shot him the dirtiest look he could muster while his stomach yelled at him to eat and then slammed the door before Hermione could mention her lack of his phone number. To her relief the cupboards were fully stocked with dishes.

She laid the boxes on the table and smiled when she saw that he'd scribbled his phone number onto the back of the receipt. Maybe the summer wouldn't be so bad after all.

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