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In the divine realm of the celestial beings an old man with long white hair in and dressed in red robe with gold trim, waited for the divine blooded children of this realm to gather around a large viewing pool in the middle of them room.

This person was the one know as the Dungeon Master, a being of great power so strong, even the gods would run in fear if they angered him. Some have even said, he is fate itself in physical form, since it was the only known force that could surpass those who controlled all worlds in existence.

But the origins of the Dungeon Master were far from these young beings of the celestial race though, they where here to learn of the mortal world from this powerful man. It made sense, since they would one day serve the good gods like their parents did once they have grown old enough.

"Listen well young ones" said Dungeon Master to help them settle down now that they were all sat down. "Today I'll tell you of the Kingdom Meridian of the world of Metamoor, A place where many mortal of several races live and grow much like you do but like many mortal realms it is not as peaceful your home is."

Then with a wave of his hand, he made an image appear in the viewing pool. The image that appeared was and map like one that showed an ocean to the North and West of it, while to the East was a mountain range cut this land off from all else in that direction and to the

South was a large forest that took a third of the land, that strangely had giant a wall cutting it off from rest of kingdom.

"We will start our lesson in the Enchanted Forest of the Elves located in the southern part on the map" the Dungeon Master said and the image changed to show two of Elvin race, one being male and the second female. Both had long pointed ears on the side their heads and were slender in build as most elves were, though the male was a bit bigger in build compared to the female.

"The Elvin race is one of the oldest races there is in the world Metamoor as well the one with the longest life span of all races of this world, because once they reach their 25th to 30th year of life, they stop aging completely" and the viewing pool showed an image of an elf going from baby elf grow into an adult over the course of 30 seconds.

"Because of this they never die from old age and stay in rather young bodies that can better fight illness, while also combining with the power divine magic to heal them when they do get sick or hurt, they often live for hundreds or thousands of years" the Dungeon master said, getting nods of understanding from the young ones since they age much the same way.

"Now the elves are known for many things one being their remarkable agility and dexterity that is more than mere physical ability. It's also how their minds can control it with level of instinct no one can learn, they must be born with it," and with that being said, the viewing pool showed an elf grab a large flat shield and rode it down a long flight of stairs like it was nothing…while shoot enemies with unbeatable accuracy!

This had the young celestials gasp in shock, which caused the Dungeon Master to chuckle "They as you can see Elves are great archers. But this is not just because of their dexterity, but also from their excellent eye sight. Their fighting skills are not limited to only the bow though, they also train in the use of other weapons as well," And once again, the scene changed, this time to one with elves in duals with swords.

"They also learn how wield sword as skillfully as the wield a bow as form of self defense against the creatures of their forest home, but these skills have been close to being used against their neighbors, the humans, many times in the past," And once again powerful being made the vision in the pool change, but this time a race that looked much the Dungeon Master appeared.

"Humans only live about 80 to 100 hundred years at best, even with power of healing magic and are a race that constantly changes and grows because of it," new images show humans gathering food from fields and hunting in forests, another showing large amounts fish being pull out the ocean in massive nest and onto boats, and yet another show large amounts of forests being cut down along with miners digging deep into the earth to get hidden metals and gems hidden within.

"Humans lack the elves connection to nature and just see the world's resources as something that will never run out. Many mostly want these recourses to keep their families fed and happy, while others want them as a means fill their pocket with money. But the elves see it as wasteful and argue humans are destroying the land and will only use up everything in their own lands, then go after what is in Elvin lands" the scene changes to ones of the two races arguing, some even fighting in small but bloody battles.

Some children looked ill at the sight other look appalled but the Dungeon Master spoke before anyone could interrupt him.

"But the not all humans see only their own side of the story. One of these people is the very Queen that rules over the humans," and the image changed to show a woman with light blue eyes and long blonde hair, in royal cloths. She was writing her name on a document of some kind with elves on one side of her and humans on the other.

The elves had friendly but triumphant smirks on their faces, while the humans had scowls. Judging from their clothing, the other humans were most likely nobles and were not as happy as their Queen or the elves where about what was going on.

"Queen Sade is a very wise ruler, who knows how to think ahead of time, not just what will happen with in her life time. She knows that if she set things up to follows the right path now while things are still alright then many problems can avoided as long as these rules are followed…but change, even for humans, does not always come easy for them," the Dungeon Master stated, before causing a new race to appear in the pool.

This new race had pointed ear like the elves, but not as long and duller at the tip. They also had builds more like a human rather than then slim frame of an elf.

"These are members of the race created by the rare union of humans and elves, they are half-elves," The Dungeon Master explained, and then showed a scene where a half-elf was running from a mob of humans.

"Because of the Queen placing limitations on how much the nobles and the heads of the guilds in charge of gathering resources, as well putting even stricter limitations on the capture and/or killing rare and magical creatures that many nobles enjoy hunting to the point where it is almost completely forbidden, has made many of these men look for ways to take their anger out on this race ," the Dungeon Master explained as the image showed the mob catch the half elf and start to beat the poor being.

"Why is this allowed?" one child growled with a lot of heartfelt agreement from the others making the powerful being give the children a sad smile.

"The Queen does not permit it in the least; in fact she has made rather…harsh examples of those she has proven guilty of the crime of mistreating those of the Half-Elf race. But when many high ranking officials cover up the crimes before any honest people can report it or use threats to silence them, it is why many half-elves try to make to the elves forest but there is one obstacle in their way," And the scene changed once again.

This time it showed a clearer version the massive wall along the edge of the enchanted forest the Elves lived in and seeing how humans were the patrolling the ramparts, it seemed they were the ones who built it.

"Several human generations ago, this wall was built as a way to keep the peace between humans and Elves, by making sure only those with special permission could enter the elves' forest. But now it also keeps the Half-Elf race being able to make it to a better home."

The next vision showed several different Half-Elves trying to talking the guards into letting them pass, while others making more daring attempts such as the use of spell to get over or through the wall. One scene showed one making jump over the wall the used a magic item to save himself from getting hurt or killed from the fall then make his way into the forest.

"Though have been times one of them could make it through without having to go to extreme measures, the guards tend to make a hard as possible, not wanting lose what they see as means venting their unjust anger. But I think it's time moved something a little less upsetting," The Dungeon Master suggested seeing how angry the children were getting.

"The next thing I'll teacher is what mortal call classes…no not the kind we are having," The old man said, getting a small amount of laughter from the children, which caused the aura of anger lessen a bit.

"Classes are kind like profession that focuses on certain sets of skills and abilities to achieve a certain objective. Often people from different classes joined together to form groups and combine their abilities making it possible to achieve greater results, though sometimes people will do something called multi-class with one other class or more to grant them flexibility. Though it is rare for some two have more the two classes," the Dungeon Master explained, but a child then spoke out.

"Why is that?" she asked getting the Dungeon Master to look over to her.

"An excellent question though next raise your hand," This got the young girl to blush and small chuckle from the other children, before the Dungeon Master continued.

"Studying more than one class means that a person will most likely never be able to gain some of the more advanced abilities of ether classes, so limiting it to only two others minimizes loss unless the person has a very rare and special trait." These words got the young celestials attention and eagerly waited for more explanation from the powerful being.

"You see, like each of you has something your good at, these special people have a talent for making more than one class grow at a rate almost as fast as someone who focuses on a single class. A person with this special trait if called a Gifted but these gifted ones need a very long and tough training regiment to fully make this of this powerful ability." He explained.

"Now I'll tell you all about a few of the classes starting with Bards. They wield arcane magic through songs and music, allowing them not only to cast spell but also inspire their allies or weaken the will of their enemies and if that fails, they have some skill in swordsmanship to rely on but not as good as other classes more focused on combat," Dungeon Master explained and images of members said class appeared in the pool.

"The next class I'll explain is will the Cleric. They are often followers of a certain god or belief in a certain cause and the best at art of healing magic by wielding divine power. But they are also good at dealing damage to undead, demons, devils, and to who strongly follows the path of evil," The images in pool now showed clerics in battle, casting spell of heal or halting the advance of undead being divine might.

The children knew a little about clerics, since being divine beings themselves (though of lesser nature then the gods of course) but they originally though they were preacher of the gods, not warriors of them, so this a bit enlightening, but then Dungeon Master spoke again

"Now the next class is Druid. Like Clerics, the Druids wield divine magic but they wield the power of nature instead of those of a god. Their healing power are second best compared to Clerics, but have greater firepower in battle, using the elements of nature and summoning its creatures to strike down foes. They also posses an animal companion, a creature that grows in strength and ability as the Druids powers grow," Unlike before, the children were not so knowledgeable about this form of divine casting.

With that images of robed mortals appear with large beasts of all kinds at their side, to give the children another visual example of the class. But then vision changed to ones in armor and carrying weapons off all sorts.

"Now for the Fighter class, they are warriors plain and simple and are able wield all sorts of weapons in battle, though they tend to focus on ether one or two weapons their whole life and even other classes that use long or close range weapons tend to have trouble matching these skill combatants."

"Now for another warrior class, called Ranger," The Dungeon Master said, causing images to change to lone warrior in a forest looking like it was tracking something a large wolf at its side.

"They are warriors of nature who can be both skilled tracks and fight almost on par with that of the fighter, but they also summon nature's power for magic much like the druids but have less spells to call on. Though these few spell tend increase their abilities in battle and also like druids, they gain animal companions."

"Next one is a class is one with a less focus on direct combat, the Rouge," And images of mortals hiding in the shadows or behind objects or they were sneaking around, they either seemed to be spying, stealing an unknown item, or in some cases launching a surprise attack against enemies.

"They are skilled spies, thieves, and assassins and using their speed and reflexes to dodge even the most powerful attack spells. Though this may make them seem evil, they are not all so and these tactics can be used to save their friends and allies," Dungeon Master explained, as he was seeing how the children did not seem to agree with the Rouge's methods.

"Well let's move on to the Wizard class," And then images of men and women pouring over tomes arcane writing appeared in the pool.

"They study magical theory and knowledge of all things linked to the arcane arts; they do this to learn to control the magic in the world around them. They also have their own version of druids and rangers animal companion, called a familiar. But these creatures are rarely used in battle because while they grow smarter over time, they don't get more powerful like companion do."

"Now the next class is bit different, yet is the same as the Wizard, called Sorcerer. This is a person born with magic flowing through their veins and learns trough hands on work, rather than study. This also gives a larger reserve of magic, allowing them cast spells longer then the wizard. They also gain a familiar like their Wizard counter parts," The Dungeon Master explained, but his lecture on the arcane class types was not finished yet.

"Now another arcane class is one called a Warmage, a person who studies magic in an academy made solely for creating these powerful militant casters. The training they must go through is the most difficult of any other class with exception the gifted," This was a shock to the young celestials, thinking how anyone would go through all this for just single class, but while they thought this Dungeon Master continued.

"These casters are often called the heavy artillery of the Meridian, military trained to use a limited but powerful selection of combat spell. They often have the respect officers of higher rank because of the dedication Warmages show to the kingdom, and have been known to save day when a group of them appears to send a barrage of offensive magic into entire groups of enemies," This answers the children's unasked question, knowing loyalty and perhaps little desire for the respect of others, might give one the desire to go through such grueling training.

"Now for the final class I'll be telling you about, is one that is greatly misunderstood, the Warlock," This made several children get a slightly dark look on their faces, knowing a bit about this class from their parents, much like they knew a little about clerics.

"It seems I need to fill some gaps of information," Dungeon Master said as he saw this. Of course this was why offered to hold these lectures every once and while and why parent sent them. The parents knew the powerful being often looked at thing from a more objective view, allowing these young ones to get a more complete picture of how things were.

"Warlocks are those who have access to a power supernatural magic, that unlike Sorcerers or Wizards who use spells as a medium to use their powers, Warlocks control their abilities by strength of their will. With this force of will power, they fire out bolts pure energy called eldritch blasts, they also use what they call invocations which are used to alter the eldritch blast or have them function much like spells would, to achieve a wide range of effects," So far this was not much different from what the children knew already.

"The source of warlock power is falsely believed to only be evil in origin, this is due to many of the first of those who gained these powers were those who forged pacts with demons and devils out of greed and lust for power," Once again the young ones this as was the reason for dark expressions.

"Though the truth is that there are many who gain these powers from other forces such as the more magical creatures of nature, such as the fey or rarely from divine forces much like yourselves, but the most common way one becomes a warlock is by being blood related to another warlock," Only a few of the young ones knew this little piece of information, greatly altering the bulk of the classes' current view on the topic.

"But no matter how they gained their powers, most people, especially the ignorant, fear and hate them are very often chased away or killed if they are one of the weaker ones. But the more powerful ones tend to fight back in self defense, though this only tends to fan the flames of hatred for them," The idea that some warlocks may not be evil or gone evil because anger or mistreatment, it seemed like it was much like what the Half-Elves went through but instead of their race it was the unknown source of their powers.

"Now, I think it's time for you all to head home. I'll let your parents know when the next lecture is," instructed Dungeon Master and with that, the young celestials got up and headed out, little stiff after such a long lesson.

Once they were gone, Dungeon Master turned back to the viewing pool showing the Half-Elf from earlier, making sure that one vision was one from a future event, instead of the past, like the other images.

"Let's even the odds a bit," He said to himself as saw the chase was just starting.

With only the smallest amount of his power he put of suggestion for the half-elf run into an inn, instead running down the street. The young thing tripped just after entering the room, but that was all that was needed.

As it started to crawl across the room, the mob entered the inn and one was about to grab the young one, when knife struck the hand, digging deep into it. A lightning bolt then followed, sending man flying across the room.

The mob looked over to what they guessed was a ranger, a druid, wizard, and rouge. The first three being human, but the rouge was a much older Half-Elf and holding knife much like the one that had been thrown and the wizard's hand was pointing in the direction the wounded man. "There a problem folks?" asked the ranger making it look like he was the leader of the group.

With that Dungeon Master made the image fade away knowing things would be all right and said to himself "Soon young one your story shall begin"


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