A new arrival

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Well here's part 2 of the trilogy series of the stories 'How he changed my life'. I now present to you 'How she changed his life'

Kagome glued to the spot stood breathing heavily, feeling a little lightheaded from all the energy she had just used. But when she woke up from the shock of just defeating Genkosusei Kagome realized that Inuyasha didn't look too good anymore, not that anyone looks alright with blood spilling out of them like water, he was looking weaker and less alive by the minute.

Kagome covered her mouth, sounding like she had just choked. Kagome rushed forward and held Inuyasha, despite having so much blood drain on her like a fountain.

"No….no Inuyasha you can't….you just…."

'There's only one thing I can do…'

Kagome carefully but quickly dragged him through the well and held him through the time void, Hitori following, feeling very confused.

What Kagome didn't know was that this would mark the next point in her strange life, she didn't realize that this was a pattern strung in the patch of fate as she would realize in the events to come….

Kagome sat in white room, that smelled of alcohol and had a very forbidding feel to it and yet she felt a breeze run along her neck from the opened window, noises from outside telling her that the earth and everyone in it was still moving. Kagome examined her hands they still hadn't been properly cleaned, in fact she still looked a mess, she had been given a hospital gown to wear, she felt a little insecure because of the sneaky tie in the back, because like a kimono if it wasn't tied tightly enough the whole thing could fall apart and reveal 'things' to everyone.

She wondered why she was worrying about such petty things with the terrible event she had just witnessed still fresh in her mind. She tried her hardest to stop thinking about it but each time she closed her eyes, the memory played back, over and over again, like a movie marathon showing the same show all day, like the skips on a CD.


Kagome's thoughts were only interrupted when someone joined her in her presence, but sometimes she didn't acknowledge them like now. Kagome heard the door creak open and slam shut, a nurse came in to check on the 'shocked patient'.

"Oh Mrs! Your hands, their still plenty covered in blood!"

'Yeah right, like you didn't notice it the last time you came in.'

But when the nurse tried to come in contact, Kagome hastily pulled her hands away and turned the other direction, giving a very strong impression that she didn't want to be bothered. The nurse gasped at the sudden action and stood back, trembling. Kagome could tell that she must've been new.

Kagome thought, not knowing why she was feeling anger towards someone who was only trying to help.

What was worse was when the nurse caught a glimpse of the scar along the far side of Kagome's face. The mark that would forever remain to symbolize the tragedy she had gone through. Now she seemed even more frightened and left.

'So much for her.'

Kagome put her fingertip to her mouth and bit down on it. Lately she had been getting into this annoying habit and tried to resist the temptation, because really she didn't find it the least bit appealing at all the chew on her finger nails. But since the nurse left she was alone again and it began to happen again;

"Inuyasha! Pleeeeeaaaaase! Say something! Anything!"

Kagome shouted while dragging Inuyasha out of the well on the other side, she could hear his labored breathing and feel his heart pounding, she knew these were all bad signs, and another thing was that every time she tried touching his back he'd whimper in pain, obviously he had obtained an injury there.

'But he's a demon, or at least half one. He can heal can't he?'

Kagome kept telling herself this over and over again, hoping the worst hadn't been bestowed upon him. Kagome may have brought back many medicines and acted as a nurse maid over the years but when it came to advanced medical expertise she knew very little about upper medical knowledge, the kind commonly exchanged among doctors.

Finally she screamed for help, her mother was outside sweeping, when she heard her daughters screams she immediately stopped what she was doing and rushed to the scene to find Kagome covered in blood coming from the boy who rested on his front in her lap while she supported him.

"Mama…help me…"

Afterwards the events everything seemed to go by in a daze, a literal daze, like she was watching everything from far away. From the ambulance arriving to the phone call made to Suki, who arranged for a special doctor to look at him, a demon no less, this time was actually filled with them but there disguises is what kept their true identities to the world a secret for more then 500 years.

The prejudice between demons and half-demons had been settled over the years a truce to at least co-exist alongside each other was made. So no one had to worry about harm coming to Inuyasha because he was a half-demon. In either case because of the decline in numbers there were many more half-demons around then back in Inuyasha's time.

The expression on Suki's face had been unreadable, Kagome suspected she was experiencing the exact same shock that she had, only adding the part of actually witnessing how he got that way.

Hitori howled the entire time, she brought him to the hospital too and had them give him a shot to knock him out, Kagome knew he must've been in some pain. Kagome had been stripped of her clothing, she suspected she'd never see them again since they were so soiled with blood that she had no desire to wear them again anyway. Nurses had bathed and dressed her again and encouraged her to lie down in one of the hospital beds. Kagome openly declined and sat in an unoccupied examination room, waiting for the doctor to come and give her the news.

And so far the only news she had heard, literally heard was a team of nurses and doctors surrounding him, each with grim looks plastered to their faces.

'Will he survive this one? Or has he finally been through too much? More then even he can handle?'

Kagome didn't know and she hated not knowing, for long ago when they had set out on a journey to search for jewel shards, knowing little information could either lead them in the wrong direction. Back then there were two kinds of wrong: Being mislead and having to turn back or as Inuyasha would've put it 'Wasted time and no jewel shards' while it got old hearing Inuyasha's complaints Kagome and everyone else would've always preferred that to be 'fatally wrong' which the phrase it's self is pretty much self-explanatory.

"Excuse me Higurashi-san?"

Kagome this time had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she scarcely noticed the doctor's demonic aura. Kagome had her back to him, he knew she heard him when he saw her head raise slightly but she still didn't turn around, instead she asked him a question.

"Are you Dr. Koiboto? Can you help Inuyasha or not?"

The doctor's face began to fall slightly, he saw a stool in the corner and pulled it out and joined Kagome at her side.



Kagome said plainly.

"Oh alright, Kagome that is what I've come in here to talk to you about."

Kagome felt his hand rest atop hers, Kagome didn't react to this.

"Inuyasha has sustained very serious injuries as you already know, especially to the head, the X-ray scans came out and I won't lie to you Kagome, it wasn't good at all."

The doctor watched for Kagome's reaction, but she was as still and silent as ever until,


The doctor realized she wanted him to get to the point even though both knew they were dreading it.

"Also about his spinal cord…..it was been severely damaged but it wasn't severed, his demon blood saved him, any other ordinary human would've been killed instantly from what Suki-chan told me."

'So he's not going to die?'

Then the doctor continued.

"We are going to perform surgery to stabilize Inuyasha's spinal cord."

Kagome thought this was wonderful news but of course there was always the 'punch line' to this kind of news.

"But…..I'm afraid he's in a deep coma which he may never wake up from….."

The doctor felt Kagome flinch under his touch, he felt much sympathy towards her. He too was once a servant of Inuyasha's father, he never thought he'd have the honor of treating one of his son's.

But his pride was short lived when he heard Kagome's quiet sobbing. He sighed, shamed from thinking such things and slowly slid a comforting arm around Kagome's shoulder.

"There is only one way to bring him back at this point."

Kagome looked up with puffy red eyes and tried her hardest to keep her composure while looking at him.

"Now before I tell you, it isn't that simple and it will be risky for both you and the baby…"

Kagome's eyes widened she really wished to know what he meant now.

With what felt like hours later, she felt different, like someone had fast forward what she thought she wouldn't be doing for many years. The feeling was both exciting and frightening at the same time. She knew also that she had just made a life time commitment and there was no going back now that it was inside of her.

Thought at least for now or for awhile there wouldn't be a mark indicating what she was now carrying. But like anyone who went through the stages of pregnancy, Kagome after arriving home a day later would sit on the couch continually rubbing her stomach. Smiling knowing someone was in there.

What Kagome was now bound to what was a very old magic that hadn't been used since before Inuyasha's time, was to make the subject's spirit 'active' but in another form. A vassal was chosen for the task, usually someone close to the person who was to be 'reborn' carried them. It was rarely performed even in those days, but when it was used it was usually only for people who were in similar positions to Inuyasha's father, but only if it was absolutely necessary that they live, unless they chocked out a request to let them die, that was when an exception was made.

Blood from Inuyasha's body was used along with a special herb that had been tightly locked away and secured for many years was mixed with Inuyasha's blood and was injected into an egg extracted from Kagome and into her blood veins. It was a miracle for the doctor to perform this all in a day but the matter was urgent and needed to be handled promptly and immediately, not to mention with great care and respect.

Dr. Koiboto wanted to be alerted of any changes in her body or how she felt, so he could evaluate if they were normal or not. The point of all this was to have a lively body that carried Inuyasha's 'spirit' to encourage to original one to 'awaken' and be 'active' again.

The doctor felt he was indebted greatly to his father so found this the best possible way to repay him. Kagome would receive monthly check-ups and would be given instructions on evaluating herself daily. She was also encouraged to keep a diary to list any events having to do with her regular life but mostly events that circled around the pregnancy, in order to have a record for future reference incase anything strange should happen they would have something to look back on.

Every other day Kagome would come by the hospital to sit and watch over Inuyasha, it was always surprisingly quiet. The walls blocked out sounds from outside, so all Kagome could ever hear was the sound of Inuyasha's breathing. A beautiful sound and a favorite thing of hers to listen to, she had a full 3 hours to take in a full dosage of it.

Today I saw Inuyasha's hand lie idle near the bars on his bed, I decided to take hold of his hand, I think his hand actually tightened around mine! I'm starting to notice more each day that there's a little person inside of me, I've been feeling a bit off from time to time but I think I'm faring well as far as the pregnancy goes, no severe pain or anything I can't deal with.

But as time progressed, the felt very weird coming near Inuyasha while having him 'inside of her' too. Even though she knew it wasn't actually him, she still felt a bit awkward from time to time.

Today I heard Inuyasha moaning, in a grumpy way of course like he always used to do. But it made me wonder if one day he'd surprise me and sit up, leap out of bed and look me straight in the eye and shout in my face 'Why the Hell are ya' standin' there for we have shards to search for!' I find myself laughing often at that memory. I don't really feel as much sickness as I used to but now I'm feeling slightly heavier and I've finally began to see and feel a bulge beginning to form around my stomach. He is also letting me know what foods he likes and doesn't like, and I've been having such a ridiculous craving for Ramen I've found myself eating it at every meal and chewing on it at 3 in the morning even dreaming about it!

Hitori for the longest time noticed Kagome acting strange since the day all of this happened, but she wasn't looking sad, she looked happy and often he would wonder why she would sit in the corner for a long time spacing off while rubbing her stomach in an unusual way.

'Is Mama sick again?'

Hitori waddled over to Kagome, who he caught in the middle of her 'daydreaming', he inhaled her scent. Another thing he had been noticing lately was she smelled 'different' and 'funny' he had no idea why she smelled this way. He also noticed her getting bigger.


Hitori grabbed a piece of Kagome's grayish cotton shirt and began to tug on it for her attention. Kagome didn't seem to be listening or even notice him there for that matter, Hitori pulled harder, finally Kagome turned around, but she didn't look happy.

"Hitori! Stop that! You'll rip it!"

Alarmed at her tone Hitori quickly stood back and lowered his head. Hitori felt very awkward just standing there so turned around and ran out of the room.

Kagome's face softened, she felt really bad about what she just did, and anyway she knew Hitori didn't mean to do that, he was just trying to get her attention, which she realized she had been neglecting him a lot since this happened. Kagome got up and went in the direction to where he ran, she couldn't see him at first but it wasn't really that hard to find.

Kagome knew she found him when she heard sobbing. Hitori sat with his knees to his chin while he tried to comfort himself. He was still hurt from all the things he saw Inuyasha do and to have Kagome snap at him like that surprised him in an unpleasant way.

Kagome followed the noise to a table, Hitori squealed when he saw her, Kagome knew he probably thought she was still mad.

"Hitori…..come here sweetie."

Kagome cooed while sitting on her knees in front of the table holding her arms out for him. Hitori slowly crawled from his spot and fell into Kagome's arms and held on tightly, burying his face into her chest, her scent relaxing him.


Hitori whispered sleepily, Kagome could tell he was tired, the next moment she felt him yawn, then she began to rock him. Hitori looked up at her with sleepy eyes and smiled. Kagome smiled back as she watched Hitori's beautiful amber eyes close and finally heard his soft breathing.

Kagome got up at went upstairs to place Hitori in his crib. Then Kagome decided to have a little rest herself. Kagome covered Hitori up to make him warm then quietly got into her bed and got herself comfortable while Hitori slept.

But after awhile of tossing and turning Kagome couldn't really sleep, so she pulled a chair up next to the crib and caressed Hitori's small hand through the bars of the crib.

"Awww, I forgot how cute he is when he sleeps!"

Kagome smiled softly, she noticed Hitori didn't even snore like most boys did, he was so quiet.

About an hour later, Kagome heard Hitori stir and picked him up while letting him rest against her.

"Shhh, it's ok Mama's here."

Kagome said quietly while rubbing Hitori's back in circles, Hitori was happy and assured things would be ok, and yet over the next few months those very same things seemed to happen on and off, until Hitori became a bit afraid of Kagome and didn't go near her as often anymore, and then she was now 3 sizes bigger and was in bed a lot.

It wasn't until one day he saw Kagome keel over in pain did he approach her without thinking.


But when she turned to him,

"Hitori back away from me!"

Kagome grunted while trying to reach the phone to tell Mama she was finally going into labor.

Mama quickly hurried home when she heard the news. Hitori could feel everyone's stress in the room and it was beginning to overwhelm him.


Hitori began to scream.


Kagome shouted, Hitori squealed and ceased at once. Kagome almost tripped when she got up because of when she shouted but Mama caught her before she did.

"Come on dear let's not waste time, I'll get you in the car."

Mama escorted Kagome out of the door, Hitori seemingly unnoticed followed. He tried getting Kagome's attention several times but she didn't even seem to notice him there. It wasn't until Mama had placed Kagome in her seat did she notice Hitori standing there just staring at her.


Hitori squealed when he felt Mama pick him up. After he was placed in his car seat, Mama speeded down the road to the hospital.

Once they were there, Hitori felt like screaming more because of all the noise and strong smells, but was trying his hardest to contain himself. Mama was holding his hand while she supported Kagome with the other. Hitori was sucking his thumb to soothe himself, until he felt Mama yank his arm.

"Stop lagging behind."

Mama said while trying to find a wheelchair for Kagome. Soon enough the doctor spotted them and took matters from there.

"Oh Kagome, so nice to see you, how are you feeling?"

Kagome frowned at him when he asked that, how the hell did he think she was feeling?

"Ok…. never mind, there're ready for you, if you don't mind."

The doctor motioned for Mama to step aside and let him push Kagome's wheelchair and lead the way.

"Here, I'll leave Hitori with you father."

Sota and Grandpa had just arrived and were sitting in the lobby area where Hitori had been left.

'What's going on? Why's mama here for?'

Hitori turned to see Sota wiggling his fingers and squirming, while Grandpa looked like he was merely in a meditation circle.

'Is this why Mama's been so mean?'

Hitori wondered if Kagome being here meant she would be better once she got out, he knew somewhat what a doctor did.

"Mama…..'Sob' Waaaaah!"

Hitori began to cry in the middle of the lobby area, Sota got up and embraced him in his arms, trying his best to comfort him 'Kagome style'.

Back in the delivery room things were you could say 'heating up'.

"You need to pu-"


Kagome shouted, while scrunching her face in frustration and pain. Kagome began to dig her nails into the sheets and squirm.

"Ok, almost there."

"Doctor we can see the head."

Despite the pain she was in when Kagome heard that spoken she desperately wanted to see him now.


Mama squeezed on her hand tighter and gripped her shoulder.

"Your almost there Kagome!"

The doctor was hard at work with the process but still found time to bang out,

"Being stubborn already are we Inuyasha?"

The doctor chuckled seemingly oblivious to Kagome's pain.

Finally one last grunt and she felt as if half the contents of her stomach had been drained. Kagome laid her head back, out of breath and exhausted, so tired that she barely heard what she had been waiting for.

"Ahhh! Waaaah! Waaaaaah!"

Kagome opened her eyes and gasped.


Kagome watched the pigmy like baby being cleaned up and diapered then be wrapped in blankets. Kagome began to sob into her hands, then looked up at the nurse who had a bundle of blankets in her arms with a reddish looking head poking out, making tiny fussing noises.

Kagome slowly held her arms opened for the baby, the nurse smiled softly, helping her place the baby in her arms. Kagome took a moment to merely look the baby in the eyes, while very slightly bouncing him up and down.

"Hey there Inuyasha, so….your the one who made me get up in the middle of the night to eat Ramen then kicked me after for not eating the right flavor!"

Kagome laughed softly.

Inuyasha in hailed the air, he could smell her, the person who the voice belonged too, the one he heard for so long but could never find the real source. Excited that he had found her, Inuyasha began to kick his tiny legs and attempted to extend his tiny arms up, but barely raised his fists, he wanted to be closer to her.


Inuyasha moaned while trying to grab the fabric he felt on Kagome. Kagome didn't know exactly why she was touched by this but seemed to take the hint and gathered him closer and kissed his lips and cheek.

"It's ok Inuyasha I've got you."

Kagome patted his butt and rubbed his back. Inuyasha was lying near her neck and stared at her through his curious amber eyes. Kagome noticed this out of the corner of her eye and smiled at him then smoothed her finger along his cheek and rubbed her nose slightly against his.

'Wow! His ears there so…..'

Kagome couldn't resist, she very gently smoothed two fingers against one of Inuyasha's delicate fuzzy ear, which felt light as paper and very flimsy.

After awhile Inuyasha began to cry again. Kagome panicked at first.

"Oh Mama he's crying! What's wrong baby?"

Kagome cooed while rocking Inuyasha, she felt Mama's hand on her shoulder again.


Kagome asked, Mama bowed her head pointing down. Kagome finally understood and felt silly for not knowing.


Kagome sighed then handed Inuyasha to Mama for a brief moment while she slid her gown down.

The doctor saw her do this and quickly left the room.

Kagome then looked to Mama and motioned that she wanted Inuyasha back in her arms. Inuyasha looked Kagome straight in the eye, Kagome smiled softly and held his tiny head while he leaned forward and latched onto her breast.

Kagome rubbed his tiny hand while she cradled him.

"Better Inuyasha?"

Kagome giggled softly, this always got him quiet. But as expected not long after he was done he was fussing again.

"I know sweetie it's ok!"

Kagome laid Inuyasha on her shoulder and began to thump his backside. Inuyasha belched and was still again. But as the day went on it was one thing after another, already Kagome was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed but she tried not to let that bother her.

First he was hungry then he was hungry then he needed a change then he wanted to be held then he was hungry…..again, always crying, one thing after the other.

Until near the evening he seemed a bit knocked out and finally fell asleep in Kagome's arms and stayed that way. Kagome decided to pay the real Inuyasha a visit. Kagome slipped on her slippers, and put on a robe, even though she felt real sore, she still wanted to see him. Mama fell asleep in a chair, Inuyasha's hospital cradle was right next to her so she'd wake up and be there if Inuyasha began to howl.

But then she realized that she hadn't been with Hitori all day, Sota had come in once but Grandpa had watched him during that time. Kagome went in the lobby to see if they were still there, Kagome sighed sadly, Grandpa had fallen asleep while Hitori sat there alone and quiet looking very depressed.

'Mama left…..she hasn't even come back yet.'

Hitori bowed his head and sighed, he was too sad to notice Kagome's scent. Kagome walked in front of his face and bent down, even though it hurt, it hurt her more to see Hitori like that. Kagome realized that she had been so mean to him lately at times when he didn't deserve it at all.

'Is she even coming back-?'

Hitori stopped thinking when he felt two arms wrap around his body and pull him close.

"Ohhh! My baby!"

Hitori didn't cry this time, because he had a feeling this was only the beginning of the bad. But in turn he gripped on tighter like always and snuggled into Kagome's body, enjoying her warmth while he could, enjoying the soothing sounds coming out of her mouth while she rocked him back and forth, he had a feeling this would be one of the last times he'd be coddled like this.

Hitori let a few tears run along his cheek, he felt sadness he wasn't sure why. He held on as tight as he could, Kagome had taken him to her ward and smiled softly as she pointed out the baby that laid cradled next to her bed. Hitori took one look at him and then turned away, he held on to her even tighter almost as if instinct told him what would happen next.

"Aaaaa! WAAAAAAH!"

Kagome's eyes widened and she gasped.

"Oh no!"

And just as quickly as Kagome had picked Hitori up back in the lobby she set him down on the floor and rushed over to pick Inuyasha up, Mama helped in trying to settle the restless infant. Hitori's face fell he merely turned away and sat where no one could see him.

'I'll just wait here…maybe when he's done Mama will pick me back up again.'

And so Hitori waited and waited but she never even looked on the other side of the bed or see if he was alright. He heard Kagome climb on her bed and go to sleep after settling Inuyasha down. Hitori struggled at first because he was very small but managed to climb on the bed and rested towards the edge.

Before falling asleep Hitori began to wonder how things would be from now on, he wasn't optimistic that he would be getting much cuddling time with Kagome anymore.

'Is Mama always going to be like this?'

A/N: Well here you have it chapter 1 of the 'How he changed my life' series, yes the plot's developing already, I'm trying not to make things go as slow as the last part but I don't want to rush it too fast either. As you can see Hitori's experiencing what I like to call 'sibling neglect' which is very common for an older sibling to feel when a new baby arrives.