Kagome, amidst all the sudden excitement decided to plop herself down on the bed, take a deep breath and phoned the police, unknown to her Mama was dialing at the exact same time, leaving her with a busy tone. Kagome clutched the phone in her hand slammed it against the nightstand and stood up.

'If no one else will can help me then I must go look find him myself!' Kagome thought now more determined, without thinking she ran out of the set, leaving Inuyasha jr. behind and raced into the busy streets, blindly but still determined, calling Hitori's name. Meanwhile Mama was having an interesting conversation with the police;

"Ma'am, from what your telling me you want us to despatch a unit to find a toddler with silver hair and "pretend" dog ears?"

"Yes Officer, that is what he was "wearing" when we last saw him."

The Officer raised an eyebrow as she recorded all this information, she found the idea of the entire story a bit hilarious but a bit suspicious.

"Isn't this a little late in the year for a toddler to be walking around with an erm...costume on?"

"Yes! Because that is his natural ha-I mean, he very much likes walking around like that, i'm sorry Officer but what does any of this have to do with the situation besides finding him?"

Mama asked, while beginning to sound a bit impatient, thinking that the Officer was straying too off topic. The Officer however began to not like Mama's attitude.

"Excuse me ma'am, there's no need to be rude, now i'm going to ask you again; How and why did this child leave?"

Mama began to infuriate more, she had given this piece of information at the beginning of the phone call and several times already.

"I told you! We don't know when he got out or why exactly, his mother was asleep and-"

The Officer interrupted abruptly.

"And just WHY was his mother not able to notice this situation? Don't you people know how to lock doors?"

Mama exploded,


The Officer was a bit startled by Mama's temperment, but sucked all her pride in when she heard Mama crying over the phone.

"It's all my fault! Ever since the new baby came around, Hitori has been craving our attention but we were all just too busy and-"

"Ma'am! Ma'am, please, it's alright calm down don't worry i'll dispatch someone to meet your daughter at the location you've given us alright?"

Mama sobbed and answered very grateful for the woman's help and apologized.

"Thank you very much Officer i'm sorry for my outburst I'm just so worried, ashamed and-"

The Officer sighed feeling very sympathetic,

"Don't worry ma'am, I know this must be a very terrible thing to have to go through, I once lost my daughter for six hours, we searched everywhere and couldn't find a trace, but then we got a phone call from some new neighbors a few streets down, she had been there, right under our noses the whole time, I felt so silly but grateful at the same time, but it was me being her mother that made me freak out like I did, so don't worry about it ma'am i'll see to it personally that we locate your grandson for you."

Mama thanked her once again and bid her goodbye. Mama caressed her temples, breathed in and sighed deeply.

"What have we all gotten ourselves into? Kagome, my daughter where has your head gone to?" Mama slowly rose her head then bowed it, as she glanced at the picture of her deceased husband on the mantle.

"Where has my life gone without you now dear?"

Hitori's eyes slowly fluttered open, as the "welcoming" sunlight shined in his eyes, he rolled onto his stomach burying his face into his pillow, he saw his pacifier lying under his stomach, but tossed it to the side, those were only useful to him when he was tired anyway. he rolled onto his back again, as he recollected the events that had happened in the last 24 hours, his runaway from home, him sitting in the rain and getting wet then suddenly being welcomed home to a strange but nice old lady, all of this was a bit much for him, Hitori began to steadily cry and whine. Ronnie, had been awake for quite some time, she had severe forms of sleep disorders, she was awake most nights, but upon hearing Hitori's cries, she frantically rushed into the nursery, picked Hitori up and rocked and cuddled him till his cries were reduced to sobs.

"There there my little baby, it's ok shhhh."

Ronnie continued rocking Hitori until he stopped crying, she felt some moisture beneath Hitori's pajamas.

"Oh I see, so that's why you were crying, poor baby just needed a diaper change."

Hitori hadn't even noticed, due to all his crying. Hitori looked at Ronnies face while she changed him, she had such kindness in her eyes, she seemed to love kids so much, she seemed to love him so much. Ronnie noticed Hitori watching her and smiled, while she finished up, then bent over Hitori's face and gave him a kiss on the nose, it tickled Hitori, he felt a funny sensation in his nose.


Hitori's little sneeze, brought smile and laughter to Ronnie, as she grabbed a tissue, wiping Hitori's nose.

"What a sensitive nose you have there little one!"

Hitori did have a very tiny nose, he kept wrinkling it after for a little while. Hitori began to remind Ronnie of a little puppy. Hitori's ears also began twitching as the morning went on, he could hear more sounds outside, more sounds then he was used to hearing while living at Kagome's secluded compound.

"Aaaah Mmno!"

Hitori whined as fire sirens, and countless ambulances were sound off. Ronnie did her best to comfort Hitori but after awhile, he couldn't be consoled.

"Oh i'm sorry little one, I know with those ears of yours, those sounds must be bothering you, maybe it'll do some good for you to get some fresh air ne?"

Ronnie used a Japanese expression to conclude her sentence, however Hitori still could not understand anything Ronnie said, or anything that was going on for that matter, but Ronnies' constant and expressive body language did help. Ronnie dressed Hitori in a pint sized blue knitted sweater, which quite suited him, wrapped him up in a blanket. The two headed outside, Hitori recognized where they were going, as they strolled along a path with some nice pine trees, he was close to Kagome's house! he looked atop a hill and could infact see his house, upon memory, his sadness seized him and he began to cry again. Hitori gripped Ronnie's coat and buried his face into her bosom sobbing.

"Oh little one, it's ok!"

Ronnie sighed, she had hoped this would help, she just didn't know how to soothe this baby right. She was soon taken from her thoughts.


Ronnie's face fell, she realized why this baby was crying, he just missed his mother, she wished she knew how to find the whereabouts of his mother in such a big city and with very limited Japanese language skills, she knew she had to try again but now she didn't quite feel in the mood, she wanted to hang onto him just for a little while longer. All Ronnie could conclude about this strange child's situation was, abandonement, she couldn't really think of why someone would abandon such a precious and loving child. Ronnie lowered her head and leaned on Hitori's fuzzy soft silver hair, stroked it some and then swaddled him in his blanket to keep him warm and comforted. Just then, the sound of police sirens, began to sound off, Hitori wailed in misery, Ronnie pulled a blanket over his head quickly and jogged away from the sound.

'I wonder why there has been so much of this activity today, you'd think there was a criminal on the loose.'

Ronnie thought at the unusual number of police and ambulance activity she had heard that day. None the less she hurried away from the sounds, once far away enough Hitori's sobs ceased, Ronnie looked up at the tall hill with ever green trees, and wondered what could possibly be up there in the middle of the busy street, then she noticed a woman dashing very quickly down some dangerously steep stairs.

'She sure can run fast down those stairs, I hope she doesn't fall.'

Then she remembered the police at the scene.

'I wonder what her emergency could've been, to have an entire fortress of cops at her gate.'

Ronnie glanced down at the now sleeping Hitori.

"No it couldn't be...!"

Ronnie frowned for a moment, then kept walking.

'No, couldn't be, noone in their right mind would loose this child then go looking for almost two days afterwards! Why even loose this precious child in the first place?'

Ronnie sniffed as she held Hitori more protectively in her arms, Hitori could sense Ronnie's distress, and stared up at her, with curious eyes. Ronnie smiled and gave Hitori a kiss.

"What is it little one hmm? You have a nice little nap there?"

Ronnie stated while chuckling, at Hitori's wide eyes, they looked like gold saucers when he was fully alert.

"Come little while, how would you like to try a lick of ice-cream?"

Hitori smiled, now that her voice sounded happier and cooed in agreement.

Mama frantically ran down the shrine steps, but mindful of her steps, there were about six dispatched police vehicles, she met the officer she had been on the phone with at the bottom of the stairs. Mama ran the them, a bit out of breath. From the officer's expression, she knew that she wasn't there to bring more good news. Mama prepared herself.

"Officer, what news have you brought?"

The Officer gave Mama a tiny smile and then spoke,

"We're still looking for your grandson Hitori, however, we are also now trying to locate your daughter."

Mama's eyes widened, her heartrate began to shoot up.

"What?! Now Kagome is missing? Where could she have gone, have they any leads-?"

The Officer put her hand up to let her speak further, Mama stopped for a moment.

"Ma'am, Mrs. Higurashi, we are doing all we can at this time to locate the both of them, we were notified by the agency before we got there because, your daughter's other son Inuyasha was left there by himself, when your daughter was discovered missing. So now we have half of our department out looking for both of them."

Mama took each detail in slowly, then spoke,

"Where is Inuyasha, I can take him, where is he?"

The Officer sighed again, feeling a little migraine coming on.

"He is currently being held by CPS, i'm sorry but we're going to need to do some investigating before we can let him go, in your daughter's sudden abscence and you reporting her other missing son, and her not being able to be traced down at all, we have been given reason to believe that there was a case of child neglect and possibly abuse."

"What are you saying abuse?"

"I'm terribly sorry ma'am, that's all i have for now. We will continue searching for your daughter."

The Officer left her with that, Mama did not know what to do, so she took a moment to breathe, sat and thought again.