Streams of Consciousness. – Chapter 8: Burning Chaos

Chapter Summary: Sadistic insanity abounds in the Climactic final battle…

Author: Illusor Meaneld

Rated M : For Extreme Violence. No cussing, No pairings, No Adult Situations.

Disclaimer: I did not create, and do not own the characters from Final Fantasy 7 or Hellsing. They are owned by Square-Enix and Kouta Hirano respectively, and I am simply borrowing them for my own (and hopefully your) enjoyment.

Vincent continued to prowl the hallways of the hotel, a few moments earlier Sir Integra Hellsing had brought in her forensics team, which had been unsurprisingly accompanied by Alucard. Whether or not the vampire had been invited seemed a moot point to the self-proclaimed "No-Life King" and Sir Hellsing had not bothered to dismiss him. Vincent himself, was mentally mapping the fight that must have occurred earlier, between Sephiroth and the Paladin Anderson. Most of the Priest's signature weapons were imbedded into the walls, ample evidence that he had missed quite frequently. Some of the Bayonets where lodged in the ceiling, and still more had been scattered as if deflected. Vincent patiently examined each one, ignoring the raven-haired vampire that stubbornly followed him, … or perhaps 'tormented' would be a better description.

"Taking your time, eh Valentine?" Alucard chuckled, Vincent said nothing, turning his gaze to the next bayonet protruding from the burnt wall. "Surely your prey is getting further away while you waste your time here." Vincent rose, walking calmly to the next bunch of weapons. "If you are looking to find his smell, dog… he flies." The vampire continued, "Are you just going to wait until he slaughters more of these pathetic humans?" the ex-Turk continued his methodical search, unperturbed by the Nosferatu's baiting. Well after he had lost count of how many blessed bayonets he had inspected, Vincent finally paused on one particular blade, carefully lifting it from the ground and turning it in the light. Alucard was still cheerfully describing the mayhem Sephiroth was surely committing when Vincent finally interrupted him.

"Alucard." Just that one word spoken firmly caused the vampire to hesitate, the ex-Turk did not wait for a response, "Can you find him with blood?"

"His blood?" Alucard chuckled, "human blood is so much the same… if I'm not drinking it fresh from their necks it is simply food." Vincent turned, and the deranged snickering ceased, a small quirk twisted the demon-infused gunman's lips, the first semblance of a smile the No-Life King had ever seen from him. Wordlessly the ex-Turk handed the blade he held to the vampire, in the light a single sliver of dried blood was evident on the edge. Alucard did not take the offered weapon, but instead leaned forward running his unusually long tongue up the blessed bayonet, even as his crimson eyes locked with Vincent's own. In a second Alucard grinned, then chuckled, finally throwing his head back into a full-throated laugh. The rest of the Hellsing operatives cringed, and the Vaticans surrounding the Paladin stared nervously.

Half an hour later found Vincent matching Alucard's long-legged stride as they followed Sephiroth's trail through the city.

"This prey of yours has bitter blood." The vampire cheerfully informed his temporary cohort. "Not human, and particularly unappetizing, … but it makes me wonder what YOUR blood tastes like… is it sweet, Hunter? Or is your blood as foul as the demons you carry?" Vincent, of course, did not offer a response, instead his eyes swept the paths before them. Alucard proceeded with no hesitation, drawn by the memory of Sephiroth's taste. Vincent felt the winds cool, the sky, already dark with night became oppressive. The ex-AVALANCHE gunman's eyes narrowed, frantically scanning, listening for the tell-tale screams of the massacred, but it was silent. Another breeze rushed down the street, and the mako-infused gunman froze, his gaze snapping upwards.

"The sky…" Vincent murmured to himself, it should have been obvious, he mentally cursed. Thick black clouds filled the sky, spiraling slowly towards one point. In the distance the ex-Turk could see the hefty structure of a massive bridge, black wisps slithered from the sky to brush the middle-most point of the construction. Without another word Vincent bolted, racing through the streets, skillfully avoiding both people and vehicles as he focused on his target. He didn't care whether or not Alucard followed him, he intended to stop Sephiroth NOW before the madman could wreak further havoc. Thankfully the bridge in question spanned a wide river, visible past most of the surrounding architecture. Even with all that to guide him, he still found himself traveling over the rooftops more often than not; the cramped and winding streets seemed to have little cohesive direction.

After navigating the London streets up to the bridge, Vincent slid to a halt, the entire length of the bridge was crammed with cars, and people were shouting and honking. Accidents on both ends effectively blocked easy escape, with tell-tale blade marks ample evidence as to the cause of the ruckus. As his gaze followed the massive traffic tangle, the gunman experienced a familiar sinking feeling as he spotted his target. Sephiroth stood waiting, grinning, and watching, atop a massive pile of destroyed cars, right in the middle of the bridge itself, as to what had happened to the occupants of the vehicles, Vincent did not know, but he had a dreadful suspicion. The raven-haired gunman moved steadily forward, Cerberus drawn and at the ready. He stared unflinchingly into the turquoise eyes that disinterestedly followed his movements.

"We meet again Valentine, are you so determined to die with the rest of these insignificant creatures?"

"I am here to put an end to your suffering."

A silver eyebrow rose, "Suffering?" a low chuckle caused the hairs to rise on the back of Vincent's neck, "Only the lesser beings that skulk about the world know suffering. … Where is Cloud? At least he was amusing in his naiveté."

Vincent snorted, now standing a reasonable distance from the JENOVA infused swordsman. In the very moment Sephiroth blinked, the ex-Turk aimed and fired the massive Cerberus gun. Sephiroth twitched to one side, but to the surprise of both warriors the action proved superfluous. A white-gloved hand appeared between them, rising from the shadows of the destruction Sephiroth had caused. Lodged bloodily in the arm itself were the three bullets from Vincent's gun.

"Now, now, Hunter… Let's not be so hasty." Alucard drawled, Crimson eyes gazing lazily over his glasses as he watched the two ex-Shinra employees. "You said this man would make dog-meat out of me, … I'd really like to see that." His grin widened baring a set of shark-like teeth.

Sephiroth smirked, glancing between the two strangely similar gunmen, "Relative of yours Valentine? What strange company you keep."

"Don't stand in my way, Alucard." Vincent growled, "He must be stopped."

"This is my fight," the Vampire sneered, "I fight him first, Hunter … I will not be denied such an opportunity."

Vincent's eyes narrowed, but after a glance at the surrounding bridge where people were still wandering in confusion, he sighed. "Fine, you can fight him first, I'll clear the bridge."

Alucard chuckled darkly, gleefully turning towards Sephiroth, "Hellsing can handle the bridge, Valentine."

"Then call them here!" Vincent snapped back, reaching under his cloak he tossed his Cell phone at the Vampire, "It needs to be evacuated NOW." Alucard caught the phone with ease, glanced at Sephiroth who showed no signs of moving and flipped the phone open. Much to the surprise of Vincent, the device seemed to work.

"Hello Master," Alucard grinned, "We found the Target, he's on the London Bridge, I am engaging him, requesting an evacuation for the local citizens." That said, the No-Life King snapped the phone shut and tossed it back over his shoulder, where Vincent retrieved it. There hadn't been enough time for a response on the other end, and Alucard was already focused on the Silver-haired swordsman. Shaking his head Vincent turned and strode through the cars, ordering people off the bridge to the best of his ability; thankfully he was intimidating enough that most people didn't have to be told twice.

"I have been waiting a long time for a fight like this," The vampire breathed, Sephiroth simply smirked. Alucard strode confidently forward, both hands empty, his smile never changing, his opponent stood still, letting the red-cloaked undead come closer. When he was within range Sephiroth lazily lopped off Alucard's head with the Masamune, appearing terribly bored by the whole spectacle. That changed quickly, when Alucard, now headless, continued forward. One silver eyebrow raised, and Masamune flashed like silver fire. Bloody chunks flew everywhere, splattering the piled cars and the bridge beneath. When there was not a piece left big enough to twitch Sephiroth snorted.

"Not a very sporting game." The Ex-General waved a hand dismissively as he turned and scanned for Vincent. His blade struck instinctively when movement appeared behind him. Sephiroth hesitated when laughter bubbled up, he blinked several times at the strange familiarity of the tone.

"The Hunter was right… you are an excellent opponent." When Sephiroth turned the massacred chunks of meat he'd flayed from the vampire seemed to dissolve into one another, rising like black flames edged in an unholy red light.

With a wave of his hand the Black-cloaked swordsman pulled on his own power, the writhing mass of nothingness before him spontaneously combusted. Alucard just laughed harder, almost choking on his own insane cackling. "Releasing Control Arts Restrictions to le-"

"Nova." Sephiroth interrupted, A massive blazing stone fell from the sky and exploded on the vampire's indeterminate form, effectively scattering the reforming pieces. The black splatters of vampire did not hesitate this time, but moved with sudden and single-minded ferocity, white-gloved hands sprang from every direction, every place where Alucard's "pieces" had been scattered. There was no discernable body, the disjointed limbs formed from the black, blood-like mass. The speed at which they moved was entirely beyond human, but Sephiroth was not there when the hands connected. He leaped into the air and from his back sprouted a single black wing. He hovered, surveying the carnage below him. The Son of the Calamity stretched one black gloved hand towards the ground, and clenched his fist slowly.

The shadows darkened, smoke-like wisps sprang from the ground and the sky to meet together in slow, thin cyclones. And from these darkened threads sprang Creatures the likes of which England had never before seen; Great black dog-like monsters with massive talons and skull-like heads, featherless birds with glowing eyes, Armored Serpents with acid-dripping fangs. All of these sprang from Sephiroth's magic, snarling and growling they numbered almost a hundred and all of them fell on the flailing disembodied arms like rabid wolves. The 'One-Winged Angel' spiraled lazily for a few moments watching the chaos below, black fire and formless clouds were everywhere. Finally Sephiroth flapped his wing once and settled atop an abandoned Semi-Truck. Content to watch the display.

Standing just past the edge of the bridge Vincent Valentine surveyed the battle, true to Alucard's words hulking trucks bearing the insignia all the Hellsing soldiers wore crowded on both ends of the road, blocking further traffic. With military precision the people were led quickly away from the sight. So that by the time Alucard and Sephiroth had begun to fight in earnest, there were no innocents to view the mayhem. The ex-Turk glanced behind him once when a small band of people strode up to stand next to him. Integra Wingates Hellsing watched impassively, a cigar held neatly between her teeth. Next to her rigid poise Captain Bernadette reminded Vincent sharply of Reno, slouching lazily, a cigarette barely in his mouth, the ashes dropping unchecked to the ground. Ceres Victoria simply looked nervous, her massive cannon hugged to her chest, when the young vampiress moved as if to join her master both Vincent and Integra held out a forestalling hand. The two exchanged a glance, but said nothing.

Pip Bernadette swore, "You two are creepy." He drawled, offering a shiver. There was no answer to his comment.

Back on the bridge, Sephiroth smiled lazily, Between the black mist of dissipating summons, and the black-red splatters of vampiric essence, it was almost impossible to discern exactly what was happening in the tangled knot of limbs below. The Ex-SOLDIER waited calmly, absent-mindedly flicking the blood from his sword.

Suddenly the black shapeless mass rose, smoke, blood and all into a twisting spiral before the Semi-Truck Sephiroth stood upon, a single arm detached itself, wielding a long black pistol, followed by a second similarly armed appendage. Both limbs, One holding Cassul, and the other Jackal, opened fire nearly simultaneously, The silver haired swordsman took one step back, his blade blurring before him and striking the projectiles from the air with loud metallic clangs. When the two guns paused to reload Sephiroth whirled, his sword lighting with green energy, as he finished his spin the magic was flung from his blade in a practiced arc, neatly burning through the inky mound before him. Two more long swings dissected the arms from the rest of the creation, whatever was touched by the green energies burned and disintegrated. Another flick of his wrist, and Sephiroth sent shards of ice spiraling through the air, which crystallized everything they touched.

The One-Winged angel smirked, "There is a shortage of magic in this world ... How could you even hope to defeat me?"

The black form still writhed before him, and glowing red eyes blinked into existence all over its surface. Each orb stared unerringly at Sephiroth despite their position on the host. Heads with fangs snarled and Alucard's head formed itself, in the center, grinning madly at the black-cloaked figure. As Sephiroth watched the world began to tinge in red, the details of his surroundings obscured. Alucard's core began fading into the crimson scenery, … the One-Winged Angel threw back his head and laughed. The world went from Crimson to orange, the bridge was replaced by a burning village, flames licked the sky, the heat singed even the vampire's face. The landscape blurred into green, sickly spirals of floating energy in a black void, then everything turned white, a snow-topped mountain Alucard had never seen, biting winds and snow so deep it buried the black mound.

They were standing on the bridge, small fires still licked the roads where they weren't coated in ice.

"You cannot use Illusions against me." Sephiroth chuckled, "You are an amateur."

Now it was Alucard's turn to laugh, the entire collection of red-eyed shaplessness quivered with it. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" He cackled, shouting his enthusiasm to any within range "I have waited so long! You have demons! You have magic! This fight will be GLORIOUS!" The vampiric mass shot forward, hell-hound jaws snapping, guns firing and more hands than Sephiroth could count reaching everywhere. The once famed General of Shinra just as quickly became a blur of motion, his sword Masamune disappeared into flashing silver arcs, everywhere it passed chunks flew, anything that came too close was lit on fire by his magic, or frozen solid, or melted by magical acid. He flew, dodging attacks with god-like agility, in all the mayhem, Alucard didn't hear Sephiroth speak until it was too late.

"SUPER-NOVA!" The One-Winged Angel shouted with a malicious grin. His previous comet-summoning spell had only brought down one fiery rock, this one brought down dozens. Crashing into the vampire and the bridge beneath him with such ferocity the structure groaned and cracked, finally the middle of it sagged and crumbled from the strain. Still Sephiroth hovered, when a flock of bats rose from the wreckage of the bridge's center the swordsman struck as many from the air as he could reach. The small black creatures gathered hastily on the side of the bay, atop the rising spires of the Southwark Cathedral. Sephiroth just laughed.

Alucard grinned in return, "Permission to Release Control Arts Restriction to level Zero…?" His crimson eyes flitted downward, and when Sephiroth's slitted ones followed his gaze he found Vincent Valentine, and a young woman with white-blonde hair and cold blue eyes. Both stood on the road at the edge of the ruined bridge.

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing glared at her "prized" vampire, she wasn't sure when he'd released the other levels, but he'd apparently managed.

"Denied." She snapped, leveling a gaze that would turn lesser men into quivering lumps.

Alucard looked stunned, "But Master!" He almost growled, "I can defeat him!"

Integra's stance did not waver, "You have overstepped your bounds, Vampire." She icily informed him, "You have backup, … use it."


"NOW ALUCARD! … DO NOT MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF!" The cigar the young woman had been smoking was tossed roughly to the ground, as she dared the red-cloaked undead to defy her words. At first Sephiroth was sure Alucard would refuse, he glared angrily at the blonde woman, snarling beneath his breath. But much to the One-Winged Angel's surprise he simply bowed,

"As You command… My Master…"

Vincent stepped forward, pausing for just a moment to glance back at Integra, "He has another level?"

"Alucard is not the most reliable creature when fully released." Integra informed him briskly, "It would be inexcusably irresponsible to let him wreak havoc in the middle of London."

Vincent nodded, but as he turned to walk he muttered, "If I fail to defeat Sephiroth… Release him." Integra said nothing, but the Gunman did not wait for a reply. He met Alucard on top of the Cathedral. "We will not draw out this fight any longer." He said, Alucard sneered, but was silent as Vincent drew his gun Death Penalty.

Sephiroth snickered at both of them from his vantage in the air, "You cannot defeat me Valentine…" He waved Masamune at the destruction below him. "It took Cloud and his entire band of pathetic misfits to defeat me once… You are not Cloud."

"I am not Cloud." Vincent agreed, unperturbed, "Cloud needed to defeat you, to make himself whole again. … I no longer need to hold back on his behalf." black and purple energy began to writhe around his form, the red of his outfit twisted, and flowed like liquid to merge with his body. The already pale skin turned white, red eyes glowed amber, ringed in black. With a half-twisted smile the Ex-Turk leaped into the air, "You never saw all that I am, Sephiroth!" He snarled, his voice deepening as he transformed, the wings spread behind him with an audible snap, and wreathed in violet electricity he launched himself at the One-Winged "Angel".

"Chaos." Sephiroth growled in recognition, just moments before the two collided.

Alucard looked on in amused envy as the two figures danced through the sky, green and purple clashed in bright explosions of magic, the dark black-purple shots from Death Penalty seered the air, leaving the heavy smell of atmosphere and char in it's wake, the green energies thrown from Masamune sliced through pieces of bridge and buildings as they sought their target in vain. … Vincent was faster. The demon whirled around the massive No-dachi, twisting away from powerful spells, his own magics quickly healing his wounds even as Sephiroth did similarly. Vincent was faster, but Sephiroth was better, … the great General, responsible for the fall of Wutai, had a single-minded focus, pain did not slow him, his blade bore uncanny precision, even in flight he had impressive command of his own movements. Chaos whipped back and forth, dodging and shooting, and the son of JENOVA persued.

Down on the ground the number of spectators had grown, and in a voice of confusion Captain Bernadette pointed to Alucard where he still stood atop the religious structure, "Oi, … Why ain't Red joining the fight?"

Ceras Victoria, raised an eyebrow in the mercenary's direction, "Um… Master can't fly, like THAT." She explained skeptically, "And all vampires are weakened by bodies of running water."

"He can't?" Pip eyed her in surprise, before spitting out a startled curse, "I thought Alucard was the exception to all that stuff."

"Even Alucard has his limitations." Integra never looked away from the fight, and the other two nodded in some understanding, before sheepishly returning their gazes to the fray.

The trial continued, both warriors vying for the advantage, Sephiroth's skills were legendary, and his accuracy and agility made up for the advantage Vincent had with speed and range. The Blood frequently rained from grazing blows, and though it was nearly impossible to see everything, it soon became apparent that Vincent was slowly battering the other down. In a move that surprised everyone, the Demonic-Gunman dove in straight for Sephiroth the shot from Death Penalty went wide, deflected by the green glow that ringed Masamune, but Vincent didn't stop he blasted forward, his golden claw raked the Silver-haired warrior's torso, and as the Black-winged man jerked from the blow, the demon whirled striking with the back of his gun and his claws one more time, before dashing over the psychotic ex-General. The spectators couldn't even blink before he fired Death Penalty point-blank into Sephiroth's chest.

The Legendary swordsman plummeted in a blaze of purple and green energies, but even as he fell the nasty wounds on his chest started closing, the power of JENOVA continued to heal him at an incredible rate. He smiled at Vincent during his decent, right until the black and red blazing undead form of a hundred hands rose like blades stabbing through the pale flesh of the falling "Angel" Sephiroth jerked in surprise, choking on blood, but even that was not enough, he began to burn with sickly green fire, the hands of the Vampire slowly disintegrating. And that was when a golden demonic Claw landed with the force of Vincent's dive, thrusting straight through the black-leather clad chest and crushing the heart of the near-immortal.

With one last choking gasp Sephiroth laughed, "I can never die Valentine! I will return…"

"Go back to the void between worlds." Vincent ripped out what was left of the organ he'd crushed, and as the Silver-haired legend faded into green-black wisps he murmured "Where you belong."

Alucard's form slowly dissolved back into his more recognizable self, and Vincent leisurely landed, allowing the purple magic to overwhelm Chaos and revert him to normal.

"It is done". The ex-Turk said quietly when he had caught his breath.

"That was amazing Mr. Valentine!" Ceres chimed in admiration,

Vincent nodded to her, watching impassively as a black-haired man dressed in the attire of a butler stepped forward from the shadows.

"That was quite the impressive display Sir Valentine." The spectacled butler complimented, "I am Walter, … Sir Integra's butler, If I may, the Hellsing Organization has decided to offer some compensation for your help."

"Sephiroth was from my world… it was not your responsibility." Vincent curtly interrupted.

"Never-the-less," Walter continued unfazed, "Hellsing is not unaware of the great effort you expended to save a world that was not your own. … We have taken the liberty of studying the occult magic that brought you here Sir Valentine, and, while it might take some time, we are confident that we can discover a way to send you back."

Vincent paused to study the intelligent black eyes that watched him, the servile attitude hid a man poised and confident. Recognizing an equal, he finally nodded.

"That's great Mr. Valentine," Ceres beamed happily at him, but after a moment her cheer faded "um… but, … what are you going to do now?" The ex-Turk paused to glance over the collected figures, from Alucard's smug grin, to Ceres' innocent one, Integra's cold glare, and the all-too-knowing eyes of her "butler". He was silent for long enough that the young blonde vampire began to fidget. Finally with a sigh he turned straight to Integra,

"Does Hellsing need another gun?"

THE END! ^_^

((Author's Note: Wow… that chapter was seriously tricky… . … I hope you all enjoyed this! Streams of Consciousness was by far the most difficult to write of my fanfics, I put a lot of effort into it. I hope I didn't disappoint!

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