By Laura-chan

Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Of course everything related to Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-sensei, praise his genius! OOC characters and plot do belong to me.

Warnings: rated M for mature contents.

I am Italian, English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes.



"Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun." Sakura said softly, pushing a pink lock behind her ear, a small blush colouring her cheeks.

Said man just looked at her and smirked.


"You're eighteen now," she continued, trying to get a reaction out of him.

"Yes, I am." He answered simply.

Sakura narrowed her eyes, mentally counting 'to ten.

"You should be a bit more happy about it, you know? You're an adult."

Sasuke scoffed and crossed his arms on his chest; "I've always been an adult." 'Mentally' he added to himself.

The pink-haired girl raised an eyebrow, annoyed by his uncooperative behaviour.

"And why are you acting like a spoiled child?"

The Uchiha gaped at her, atonished by her boldness and enraged by her statement, but Sakura answered with a glare of her own.

"That was low." He commented.

"That was true." She replied.

Fed up with him, she threw back the blankets and left the warmth of the bed, ignoring the chill of the room, passing a hand through her long pink hair. Sakura walked towards the bathroom, retrieving from the floor her panties and scowling at the clean cut which made them useless.

Two arms wrapped around her waist, but the medic-nin refused to lean back in the embrace of the naked body behind her.

"You're annoying."

"And damn proud to be." She answered back, quite angry on her own. "Do you know how much it cost? You can't keep ripping my panties!"

The dark-haired shinobi just shrugged. "It was in the way."

"You didn't have to rip it!" Sakura screeched, making his ears ring.

Sasuke winched and narrowed his eyes.

"You are annoying." He repeated.

"Yes, we know that already!" she exclaimed sarcastically, and then proceeded to give him a piece of her mind.

Sasuke wasn't exactly listening to what she was saying: instead, he focused his attention on the movements of her pink lips, still swollen from his kisses from the night before. He could still remember how they felt around his manhood, her jade eyes looking up at him with amusement as he panted and pleaded (pleaded! He was an Uchiha, Uchiha don't plead!), begging her to give him his release.

"…ke? Sasuke? Sasuke-kun, are you listening to me?"

His dark eyes returned their attention on hers; she looked annoyed, but not angry at him anymore.

"Are you listening to me?" Sakura repeated.

"No." he answered. "And I don't exactly care about what you have to say."

Before she could unleash her rage on him, he crashed his lips on hers, cutting off her protests and her breath. Sasuke pushed their naked bodies together, fully intending to have another round.

"Ah, no, Sasuke…." Sakura moaned, pressing her hands against his chest. "I need to go to work….you know Tsunade-shishou doesn't like tardiness."

"Stay." he murmured into her neck, "Stay with me."

The medic-nin was able to escape his grip, biting her lower lip.

"I find it ironic… until yesterday, if someone had known about our relationship, especially the physical one, I would have been the one to go in jail accused of rape; but you were, and are, always the one who initiates our… encounters."

Sasuke smirked proudly. "It's not my fault that you were born first."

Sakura rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but smile; she went in the bathroom and opened the shower, enjoying the warm water on her sore body: Sasuke surely knew how to exhaust her.

A hand grabbed her left breast from behind and Sakura whimpered; she turned her head and looked at her boyfriend, sharingan blazing in his eyes.

"You're not going to leave me like this." And he pushed his pelvis against her back, letting her feel his hard-on.


"Don't worry." He assured. "We're going to be quick."


Haruno Sakura exited the Uchiha compound half an hour later, a small smile and a satisfied expression on her face.

She couldn't wait to see her friends' faces as she introduced her now official boyfriend.

'And we don't have to hide anymore the fact that we have sex.' She sighed happily.

Birthdays were truly a remarkable thing.

Anthology I – End

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed it. I have another one-shot written on paper and I am thinking of writing at least six more. Please, don't forget to review. Thank you.