Logan arrived at Sarasota High School at seven fifty-one. He parked his car and got out. Just then, something black whizzed by. Logan turned to see it, but it was gone. He shook it off his mind thinking it was nothing. Then he popped the handel out of his book bag on wheels and headed for class.

It was fifth period lunch and Logan was starving. He ordered three slices of cheese pizza and a diet coke from the lunch lady, then sat down at a nearby table with his friends James, and Josh. Also there was his girlfriend, Crystal. "Hey Logan," said Crystal, who gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Ready for graduation?"

"You bet," Logan answered. "I can't wait to be up there next week. Standing in my cap and gown, giving my valadectorian speech. It's going to be great!"

"I don't think so," interrupted James who was frowning. "Do you know what graduating means?"

Logan was confused. "Umm… moving from high school to college?"

James sighed. "Not only that, it means we'll never see each other again!"

Crystal gasped. "James, don't say that. Of course we will."

"Yeah," said Josh as he bit into his slice of pepperoni pizza. "Just because we'll be in college, doesn't mean we won't be friends anymore."

James still looked depressed, but smiled. "I hope your right."

"Anyway," said Logan. "I'm going to see Spider-Man 3 tonight. I'm taking Crystal with me, who else wants to come?"

"Count me in!" yelled Josh.

"Ok," said James. "I am, too."

Crystal laughed. "Then it's settled," she said. "All four of us will see the movie tonight. But who's paying for the tickets?"

"I am of course," smiled Logan.

"What about popcorn?" asked James.

"Also got that covered."

"Drinks?" asked Josh.

"…. Don't got that covered." Logan blushed.

Crystal giggled. "I got that covered," she said.

Logan smiled. "Great, so it's a date."

It was the end of P.E and school. Logan, James, Josh, and the rest of the boys retreated to get their normal clothes, instead of the now sweaty Gym girls had gone to do the same, however heading to the Girl's lockers. Logan quickly changed,and followed his friends out. As he was nearing the doors, the Gym teacher tossed him the keys to the new lock for the doors. "Hey Logan, good job today...Now lock up for me, will you?" he said this walking out, as all teachers do.

Logan walked over to the doors, pulling them shut slowly once he reached them. Sighing, and ready to get back to his friends, to talk about the movie, he inserted the key inside the lock, and the one next to it. Just as he fully inserted the key, he froze. Something was there. He heard little noises, sort of like gibberish, and with a high tone. As he turned around, to see what it was, he spotted tiny, black, creatures jittering around, and starting to notice him.

As one dove at him, Logan quickly moved to the side, as the creature's claws made a mark on the wall. Knowing he stood no chance without some sort of weapon, he instantly made a break for the Equipment room, considering it had Bats, Hockey sticks, and balls. As he ran to the room, several appeared beside him, clawing at him, and springing forth. By the time he was in the door way, about ten were right on him, because of this, he quickly slammed the door shut, that would hold them off long enough.

"Now I need something...Anyth- Well. How convenient," he said to himself, grabbing a baseball bat on the shelf of Baseballs. He looked to the door, as he heard a noise, it was the sound of a claw going through a door.'Now or never..,' Logan slammed into the door with his shoulders, gripping the baseball bat as he did so. He managed to knock several back, but was instantly rushed by more. He swung the bat to the left,almost hitting one, as it dodged down to the ground, and came up with it's claws, hitting Logan backwards.

The fight continued on as such, as whenever Logan tried to attack, he missed with the exception of one attack, where he had connected to one of their claws. He was breathing heavily, as they continued attacking him, now attempting to find some time to recover, he turned in a rotation shot, and broke through the group, and a few feet away while they sunk to the ground, and came back up.

Catching his breath, Logan closed his eyes, for several seconds, his mind racing. 'There had to be a way out of this...But what?' he asked himself, as he felt his bat slip away, only to be replaced by a Metallic key like object, but much bigger. It's handle was Black, and connected to a Yellow frame, which would then make a pentagon shape, and go into a Silver key. He lifted this weapon, a key chain jingling as he did he did this, the creatures moved backwards, and away from him. Apparently now,they were afraid.

"Payback..", he whispered to himself, quickly running at his attackers. Due to the fact that we was just in Gym, and fighting for his life, he was still pretty active, as he slashed sideways with his Key, this acted as a blade, slicing several at a time into nothingness. But they continued coming, getting less afraid of the weapon, even though it had the same effect. Eventually, Logan had eliminated all but two. As he rushed for the final blow, which would defeat them both at once, his Key Blade began turning back into the bat,first by handle, once he had hit the first one, and then by taking away the base, as he hit the second one.

Logan sighed, watching the last of them fade away. He also noticed he no longer had his Key, just a bat. He shook his head for a few seconds, as he rushed out of the Gym, keeping his bat. He eventually found his friends Josh, James and Crystal waiting at the parking lot. "Guys!" he shouted as he ran toward them. "You're not going to believe this!"

"Logan, what's wrong?" asked James. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

Logan nodded. "Yeah, I did. Except there were like twenty of them, and they were all black with beedy yellow eyes and sharp claws. They were all over the east gym. I killed them all though, so they won't be coming back."

Logan's friends just stared at him. They thought he was joking. "Very funny, Logan," said Crystal. "That sounds like you've been playing too many video games."

"Yeah man," said Josh. "Enough is enough."

Suddenly, the black creatures started to apear behind Logan's friends. Logan's eyes widened. "Look, look," he shouted, pointing at the creatures. "There they are, behind you!"

His friends turned around to look at the creatures. But James turned back and said, "Dude, there's nothing behind us."

Logan was confused. Was he the only one to see the creatures? Quickly he rubbed his eyes, but when he opened them again, the creatures had vanished. He sighed. "Ugh... Maybe I need some glasses." He then slowly started to smile. "Sorry about that. Are we still on for the movie tonight."

"Course we are!" shouted Josh. "Let's go!"

"Everybody into the car," said Logan, dropping the bat and heading for the car. Logan's head was full of questions though. 'What were those things? Are they real? Or do I just need glasses?' He quickly shook the thoughts out and began to drive to the movie theater.