A/N: This chapter was co-written by John-The-Enforcer.

Max came up to Logan as he had a look at the medallion he had with him. "What is the purpose of this piece of ornamental metal?" Max asked.

"Merlin gave it to me," Logan replied. "It's supposed to make objects come to life, I guess."

Max then requested, "Clarify."

"I'll explain later."

Max then replied, "Confirmed...Logan, we are approaching a desert-climate world."

Logan sighed. "And no sun screen."

"Highly recommend local camouflage to shield yourself from aversive solar conditions." Max suggested.

Logan looked through the book to see if the world had been recorded, and it was. "Agrabah."

"Hey, we've been there before...ahyuk!" Goofy said, "It'll be great to see Al and Jas again!"

"Sure will." Donald replied.

"Al and Jas?" Logan raised a brow. "Never mind, take us down."

"Compliance." Max answered.


Logan, Donald and Goofy walked through the streets of the vast desert city. "Whew...this part of Agrabah, we could do without..." Donald said, wiping sweat from his brow.

"Yeah," replied Logan. "It's hot out here."

"Well, I'm fine..." Goofy said, holding a tanning tin on his arms.

Logan noticed that the city was almost empty. "Where is everyone?"

"Gawrsh...maybe it's high noon..." Goofy said, "Sun's the hottest around then."

"Just put that thing away, you big palooka!" Donald yelled.

"Oops, sorry...ahyuk!" Goofy chuckled.

Just then, a gigantic caravan walked through the streets of the city."C'mon, let's check it out!" Logan said.

They ran up to the traveling caravan, seeing people dressed in colorful silks and riding camels and elephants. "Hey, what's goin' on?!" Donald shouted.

One of the people in the caravan looked at the three. "Haven't you heard?" he asked. "Today is the day that the princess Jasmine marries Aladdin. We're on our way to the palace for the royal wedding."

"WOW!" Goofy shouted happily, "Al and Jas are finally going to tie the not! Ahyuk!"

"Aladdin?" Logan asked. "You mean the boy with the magic lamp?"

"The very same, Logan!" Donald said.

"Hmm... I'd like to meet this guy. Plus, this will have been the third wedding I've ever been to."

"And just wait until you see Princess Jasmine...she is so beautiful! Ahyuk!" Goofy chuckled bashfully.

"Wait...third wedding?" Donald asked.

"Yeah, I went to my dad's wedding to his third wife, and my best friend Wally's wedding in New York."

"Oh..." Donald said.

"Come on, let's go." Logan and the other began walking behind the caravan, towards the palace.

Logan looked up in awe when the arrived at the enormous white Arabian palace. "Whoa!" he said. "This place is huge!"

"Just like I remember it, ahyuk!" Goofy said.

"Same here." Donald said.

"So," thought Logan. "How do we get in?"

"Well, the caravan's going through the main gates, right?" Donald offered.

Logan smirked. "Right, lets follow them."

"It'll be great to see Al and Jas again." Goofy cheered.

"And finally tying the knot after all this time..." Donald commented as they followed closely behind the desert caravan.

As they passed through the main gates, they stared around in awe and wonder. Many of the guests were dropping off extravagant wedding gifts for the couple-to-be. Logan whistled. "This must be one important wedding," he said. "Let's hope there aren't any heartless around."

"Yeah...especially for Jasmine's big day." Goofy said.

Goofy, Donald and Logan were led to the wedding pavilion. There were so many people there... Logan felt a little crowded.

"Hey, there's three chairs right here!" Goofy whispered.

Logan went first, followed by Donald, then Goofy. "Thank goodness," said Logan. "My feet ache." He then took off one of his boots and began to massage his foot.

"Me, too...the desert sun's pretty mean on these webbed feet." Donald commented.

"So that's Aladdin, huh?" asked Logan, pointing to a young man dressed in royal robes and a large turban. "I always thought he was Chinese. Because most stories depict him that way."

"Where did you get your information?" Donald muttered.

Suddenly, there was a loud fanfare. "Hey, the weddin's beginnin'!" Goofy whispered. They turned their attention to the aisle.

Bridesmaids walked down the aisle, followed by a little boy carrying a flag. A white carpet appeared, led by doves. It covered the entire isle. The peacocks standing in front of the door contracted their feathers, revealing princess Jasmine in a wedding gown and veil.

"Wow...she sure looks purty..." Goofy whispered.

"Yeah..." Donald sighed.

Logan's eyes widened. "Whoa!" he said. "She sure is."

"Now, take it easy there, big fella...she's about to be married, ya know..." Donald said.

"I know."

Jasmine walked down the isle, to the ooos and ahhs of the crowd. When she reached the end of the isle, she and Aladdin walked up a few stairs to the top of the pavilion. They looked into each other's eyes...both of them very happy.

Goofy sniffled, "Gawrsh...I'm no good at weddings..." Donald even pulled out a hanky and blew his nose with it.

"And no heartless in sight," Logan said, looking relaxed. He sighed as he watched them take up each other's hands...

Suddenly, there was a low rumbling. Genie, on the scene, remarked, "I thought the ground was supposed to move AFTER the wedding..."

"Heartless?" asked Donald.

Goofy and Donald quickly took up their weapons...just as a herd of elephants burst into the wedding hall!

"STAMPEDE!" Genie yelled, dressed up as a cowboy.

"LDG squad! yelled Logan. "Move out!" They quickly moved out...out of the way of the stampeding herd! All of a sudden, several men in dark-looking clothes confronted the panicking guests, weapons drawn.

"Who are these guys?" Goofy asked.

"They aren't Heartless," said Donald. "But they're still party crashers!"

Logan counted, "Thirty nine, forty. There's forty of them...Oh my god! They're the Forty Thieves!"

"Forty thieves?!" Donald shrieked...just as one thief confronted him...with some sort of claw-like weapon on his knuckles.

"Your valuables, if you please?" the thief demanded.

Logan gasped. "Whoa, Arabian Wolverine...scary!"

"What are you talking about, peasant?!" the thief shouted.

"Who are you calling peasant?" Logan then summoned the Key Blade and pointed it at the imposing threat.

Donald took advantage of the thief being distracted and tried to bash him in the head with his wand...only to be grabbed and flung right at Logan!

"Oof!" Logan lay on the floor.

"Probably didn't have any valuables on him...Cassim better be delivering on his end..." the thief snarled.

"Hey, you guys look like you could use a pick-me-up." Genie said as he helped Logan and Donald to their feet.

Logan then shouted, "I don't need help to whoop this loser!" The thief turned to face Logan. "What are you lookin' at ugly?"

"Only a fool who is tired of living!" the thief yelled, charging at Logan with those knuckle-blades of his.

Donald aimed his wand at the ground and said, "BLIZZARD!" The thief slipped on the ice and fell hard on his back!

"Good job, Donald!" shouted Logan.

Goofy charged at a particularly fat thief...only to be belly-bucked backwards! "AAAAAAAAAHOOHOOHOOHOOWEEEE!" Goofy screamed as he flew right at Logan and Donald. Before Goofy landed on top of Logan and Donald, he found himself landing on the Magic Carpet. "Nice catch! Ahyuk!" Goofy said.

Logan was surprised, "Whoa, a flying carpet!"

"Well, DUH!" Donald said.

"What? I never saw one for real before!"

"Oh...heheheheheh." Donald chuckled.

Just then, Logan spotted a thief in a blue cloak and a mask over his face, only revealing his eyes. He was searching through the treasury.

One thief crept up on Logan...only to get punched by...JASMINE! "That is for ruining my wedding!" she said.

"Princess Jasmine, I presume?" Logan asked, bowing.

"The very same...who are you?" she asked.

"I'll explain later!" Logan then ran towards the treasury.

"Where is it?" the thief in the treasury wondered aloud...until he found a scepter-like object, "At last..." The thief picked it up, only to be tackled by Aladdin.

"May I see your invitation?" Aladdin said, patting one end of a scepter in his hands.

"Stay out of my way, boy...unless you want to get HURT!" the thief shouted, throwing some coins at Aladdin to distract him.

Aladdin swatted the coins away with the scepter in his hands...and soon found himself in scepter-to-scepter combat with the thief.

"Fool, you don't stand a chance against the king of thieves!" yelled the thief.

"Then remind me to bow once I've kicked your butt!" shouted a voice.

Aladdin looked...just as Logan jump-kicked the thief away. "Sora!" Aladdin gasped. But then, he looked confused when he saw that it wasn't Sora. "Sora?"

"Long story...will tell you later..." Logan replied. He then turned to the King of thieves. Suddenly he began to twirl the key blade around his body and then pointed it at the king. He waved his finger gesturing the king to come over.

"Pretty skilled with that weapon, aren't you, boy?" the thief said.

Logan smirked. "Well not to brag, but yeah!"

"I've come a long way for this...not to lose it..." the thief said, holding the scepter in his hands tightly.

Logan smiled. "Too bad!" He then used Magnet to snatch the scepter from the thief and grabbed it. "Nya nyah!"

"NO!" the thief yelled as he charged forward for the scepter again. Logan then jumped upwards, avoiding the King of thieves. "I haven't come all this way just to let a couple of snot-nosed brats like you stand between me and the ultimate treasure!" the thief yelled, pulling the rug out from under Aladdin and Logan.

Aladdin and Logan jump off just in time. "You're gonna have to do better than that, creep!" Aladdin said with a confident grin.

"Allow me," said Logan as he fired a fireball at the King of Thieves.

The king dodged...with an almost familiar agility. Just then, one of the elephants roared in.

"WHOA! DOWN, BOY! DOWN!" Genie shouted, riding it like a cowboy.

"Duck!" Logan knocked Aladdin out of the way. "What the..." Logan wondered. The thief had vanished from sight..."Where'd he go?"

"Did you see where he went?" Aladdin asked.

Logan shook his head and said, "No, he just vanished… Damn."

"Now...let's get down to business...who are you?" Aladdin asked.

"I'm Logan Ridenbaugh, from Sarasota, Florida."

"Florida?" Aladdin asked, quizzically.

"Florida?!" Genie shouted excited, "I love that place! Sunshine, warm temperatures...and the amusement parks are out of this world!"

Logan chuckled. "Disney World especially, dude!"

Genie said, 'Yeah, I love that place!...So...you're the holding the Key Blade...but...you're not Sora..."

"Yeah... I know," Logan said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, anyone who holds that weapon's a friend of mine. My friends call me Al...short for Aladdin." Aladdin said, offering his hand.

"I know who you are. I read about you in the 1001 Arabian nights"

"Er...come again?" Aladdin asked.

"These 1001 Arabian Nights, silly!" Genie said, holding up a book with the title of it being...well, you get the idea... "Lotta good pictures, too.."

"Aladdin!" shouted Donald as he and Goofy rushed in.

"Donald?! Goofy?!" Aladdin said excitedly, "Man, aren't you guys a sight for sore eyes!"

"Good t'see you again, Al...ahyuk!" Goofy said, shaking Aladdin's hand.

"Who were those guys?" Donald asked.

"If I know my stories, those were Ali baba's forty thieves," said Logan.

"Ali Baba?" Aladdin asked.

"Technically, my young friend, Ali Baba was the kid who encountered the 40 thieves." Genie corrected.

"Thats what I meant," said Logan. "Anyway, it doesn't look like they took much."

"That's because we kicked their keesters out of here!" Donald said proudly.

"And besides, the King of Thieves was just after this scepter..." Aladdin said, holding it aloft.

The parrot, Iago, flew up and landed on the scepter. "With all the other great stuff, why go for this thing?" Iago asked.

Suddenly. the scepter began to flash with a bright light. "Your question is mine to answer!" an ethereal female's voice proclaimed.

Everyone covered their eyes at the tremendous light. As the light dissipated a little, there was the image of a pale woman with glowing eyes...in pale, but fancy robes...

"Gawrsh..." Goofy gulped.

"Whoa!" said Logan.

"W-w-what do you suppose that is?" Donald asked.

"The King of Thieves sought my sight to find the Ultimate Treasure..." the pale, ghost-like woman replied.

"Did somebody say treasure?" asked Iago.

"Oooh...I think I know what she is guys...an Oracle..." Genie said.

"You mean a spirit that can predict the future?" asked Logan.

"Amongst other things..." Genie said.

"Okay, you know all, so tell all." said Iago. "Where is the treasure? You know, the ultimate one?"

"I am bound by the rule of one...one question...one answer..." the Oracle said.

"I only want one answer!" Iago shouted. "Where is the Ultimate Treasure?"

"You've already asked your question."

"You mean before? Oh, that wasn't a question! That was uh... thinking out loud." Iago defended.

Genie grabbed Iago and said, "Very loud!"

"Wow," said Logan. "Think of it. We could ask questions about anything. What's going to happen next, the meaning of life. So many possibilities."

"Maybe Al should give this Oracle a go..." Goofy suggested.

"Okay." Aladdin held the scepter for a moment...then said, "Well, I know about my future..." as he gave a glance towards Jasmine..."It's my past that's a mystery..."

"And it's not just ONE question...it's a lot of questions..." Aladdin said, a touch of doubt in his voice.

"Take some time to think it over, Al..." Genie said, putting his hands on his friend's shoulders.

"We all wanna know our past," said Logan. "Because we all can't remember it that clearly."

"Well...mine...it's more complicated..." Aladdin said.

Logan sighed. "I can see... growing up without a father in your life."

"How did you know about that?" Aladdin asked.

"I feel the same way." Logan frowned. "My mom and dad got divorced when I was two years old. I barely get to see my father anymore since we moved to Florida."

"Oh...I'm sorry..." Aladdin offered.

Logan shrugged. "To make things worse, he's gotten very sick recently, due to cancer." He sighed. "At least your dad may have died peacefully."

"Well, I don't know...he left my mother when I was very young...we never knew what happened to him..." he said. "Well...Genie's right...I need some time to think about this..." So, Aladdin walked off, the Oracle scepter still in his hands.

"Poor kid..." Genie said.

"Ah, but mere questions about your past can be answered by your father..." said the Oracle.

That got Aladdin's attention. "My father?!" Aladdin asked in shock.

The oracle stretched out her arms, and then a face appeared in her robes. Logan looked on and saw what looked like an older version of Aladdin, except that the person had a bit of grey in his otherwise black hair, and had a moustache and beard.

Aladdin was speechless...he didn't even know that his father was even alive. "My father's alive?"