Where's the Cookie Jar? has become my collection of drabbles that can be read in any order. Enjoy

Where's the Cookie Jar?

"Now, where is that cookie jar?" inquired Axel as he searched the kitchen cabinets for it. He only wanted a "teeny" snack, but the Superior had hidden it because of the last "incident."

"Yo Axel! Did the Superior hide that stupid cookie jar again?" asked his shorter friend, Roxas, as he entered the room, grabbed a sea-salt ice cream from the fridge, and sat down on a white chair to eat it. To Axel, Roxas was his best friend and partner in crime. He helped Axel conjure the magic of the "incident"

"Yeah, why Twitchy?" asked Axel with curiosity and smirked as he watched his friend twitch at his old nickname. Oh how Roxas loathed that nickname! But it was still funny to watch him twitch.

"Look on top of the fridge," directed Roxas after he stopped twitching and pointed to the top of the fridge. There it was, the forbidden jar. Axel smirked again and took the jar. He started eating a cookie and offered his partner one who accepted it gladly. Everyone watch out, the SUGAR-HIGH Duo is here!

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