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Niles reached forward and pushed the doors open for her to pass through with as much elegance that her dress would allow, this ended up as very little indeed as she stumbled into the large hall that was the throne room.

Regathering herself she looked up at the sound of her father, King Edward's, voice. It seemed that the entire court was there and it also appeared that Lily had just interrupted a rather important looking meeting.

'Ahh, Lily we have been waiting for you' the king stated with a solemn look upon his aging face.

'Sorry to have kept you all waiting. Father what is wrong?' Lily said with a lining of fear in her voice, her father was not one to get worried very easily. Being king he had to make a lot of important decisions that were life changing to people on a daily basis so he could not afford to be worried all the time. But her father was worried, and this scared Lily more then you can know.

'Lily dear, as you are well aware, Xarks AN: pronounced Zarks have been more active lately, they have been crossing through our land every now and then, but we are never quick enough to stop them in time. But what you don't know my dear is that more and more groups of about 20 Xarks have been crossing throughout our land on a regular basis. They are getting too confident in our territory, and we fear that they may be planning an attack on Naralee in the near future. We believe that the groups that are passing throughout our realm right now are scouts, marking areas for attack and base camps. This is a frightening thought Lily, they must be stopped.'

Lily became very white, Naralee had not be under attack for nearly 15 years now and the simple thought of it in turmoil made her sick to the stomach. It was different when fighting out of your own realm, you know that your people are safe, but when the battle is for the freedom of your own home, its worse the pain itself.

Xarks, are the dark lord Riddle's henchmen, there are thousands and thousands of them hid up in Whyer, the lair of Lord Riddle. They are beast like creatures, standing on two feet, their skin deformed and mutilated, their limbs twisted and broken, disgusting creatures they are, nothing right about them and if they were in Naralee, something was up, as her father had put it, The Dark lord must be planning an attack.

Lord Riddle is one of the most powerful and evil men in any realm near or far, he kills and tortures innocents for fun, wiping out entire villages because he felt like it. Luckily for Naralee and surrounding realms, his vile ways had not yet reached them, well not yet anyway.

'Bruina has detected this as well and fears the same, the only way about this is to wipe them out as subtlety as possible as not to alert a mass attack. They must be killed swiftly with no survivors that can make contact with other Xarks.' The king continued.

Bruina was Naralees neighbouring realm, there was a strong alliance between the two lands because if one or the other fell they both fell, without each other they were completely exposed to the Dark Lords wrath. Although the alliance was strong, the beacons had not been lit for many many years, and resulting in the realms not meeting for some time.

'Bruina's messenger' he said while gesturing to a young boy with a messenger sash wrapped around his scrawny body 'Has handed me Bruinas wishes of how to combat these intruders. Our neighbour wishes to attack them as one, by sending out a group of forty riders, twenty riders each realm, to strike down each group of Xarks one by one. They indicate that attacking them as individual realms would be fatal as it would scatter and warn the other realms intruders and spoil all hope of destroying them.' The old king noted, occasionally referring back to the parchment he held in his hands.

'Bruina has sent 20 of their best warriors for Naralee in preparation for the ambushes. Riding with them is the Prince of Bruina, young Prince James; I do believe that he is your age Lily. Naralee is three days ride from Bruina, so that leaves us not much time to prepare ourself and warriors for the embankment ahead.' The old man concluded.

'Now as much as this pains me to say, I know that this is in the best interest of Naralee and to keep an eye on the young Prince. Lily I have decided that you will captain the Naralee riders on this expedition, I hope that you do us proud my daughter.' The king said with his head bowed in defeat, so long had he tried to protect his daughter that he loved so much, she was his flower, but no matter how much he tried she would never be a lady of the court. He had to let her go, and he knew that if anyone could resolve this problem, it would be Lily.

Lily was saddened by the fact that Xarks had intruded Naralee and Bruina so easily but she was also quite happy about leading the Naralee riders. 'Finally! I have been waiting for my own attack for years!' she thought to herself. Usually for a young woman to think this would be rather disturbing, but not in this case for it was true.

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