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Three years later

Lily stirred awake with the feeling of something brushing over her right shoulder, tracing what remained of the scar she had gained while on the quest for the golden goblet.

Moaning softly she rolled over towards the offender and opened her emerald eyes with a small smile on her face.

Her husband was lying next to her, while she was splayed out over his bare chest.

'Good morning Lily' he said with a smirk while kissing her nose with affection.

'Good morning James' she said back but without a kiss, smiling mischievously.

James growled and flipped them over so that he was lying on her chest, he nipped at her lips and pushed them firmly on hers biting and licking as if to show her what she had missed out on.

Suddenly the door burst open and a man in a neatly groomed uniform walked into the room.

'I am sorry to interrupt your majesties' at this Lily growled 'but you are needed in the throne room' And with that he left.

Groaning loudly James rolled off Lily and ran a hand through his already messy hair, 'What could they possibly want this early in the morning and on a Sunday for crying out loud!?'

Lily chuckled and shimmied over to James before straddling him and running her hands down his chest.

'Honey, we are the rulers of two large realms, of coarse there is going to be work to be done early on a Sunday morning'.

Swinging her legs off him she wrapped one of their maroon bed sheets around her and made her way to the adjoining ensuit.

'And besides, we need to organise another trip to Bruina and Naralee' her voice drifted out from the bathroom.

After they had used the golden goblet to destroy the dark lord riddle and it had saved Lily, James and Lily had gotten married. Because both Lily and James could not abandon their realms they decided that they would build an entirely knew city at the border of Bruina and Naralee called, ironically, The Border land.

Both kings of the realms had gone into retirement so James and Lily decided that they would each appoint a steward AN: steward: someone that looks after a city in the stead of royalty to look after the individual realms while they took the over all control of it.

Lily granted Franky the steward of Naralee while in Bruina, it was Sirius.

Sirius had recently gotten engaged to Lily's old maid, Jasmine. The two had met at a Lily and James' wedding and had hit it off from the start, Jasmine seemed to be able to take control Sirius' lecherous ways.

Nelly and Wilfred now lived at the border land castle with James and Lily and had recently had a foal together, it was half a Carmillia so it had wings, but it was the cutest thing. Nelly still held a grudge against James for whatever reason, but James learnt to live with it.

'Lils, do we have to ride!? Why can't we fly to Bruina and Naralee?' James' voice sounded through the room.

Lily snorted in frustration as she came out of the bathroom fully dressed in comfortable dress that was made especially for her. It was suitable for a royal, yet easy to move in for a warrior.

'James, I have told you a thousand times, Carmillia are still avidly hunted.' She told him with a scowl.

'Fine' James muttered as he pulled on his pants and did up the buckle.

'But I suppose that we might have to fly…' Lily said slowly, making her way over to James and sat on the bed in front of him.

James cast her curious look and scrutinized her; this was not like Lily she usually fought tooth and nail about this subject.

'And why is that?' James asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Because…' Lily took a breath and took James' hands 'I'm pregnant'

James looked shocked and then worried and then finally a large grin spread across his face.

'I'm going to be a dad!' he howled.

Lily chuckled as he was lifted up by James and spun around before being hugged tightly.

Placing her on the ground James gave her a long wet kiss.

'Wow!' he said 'How far along are you?'

'Three months' Lily replied with a cheeky grin on her face.

James flushed at the memory of that night.

'It's a boy' Lily randomly said.

'Huh?' James replied stupidly 'How do you know?'

'I just do' she said with a shrug.

'I like the name Harry' James said with a smile.

'Me too, I like it'

'Prince Harry' he whispered to no one in particular, savouring the name of his son.

Six months later Prince Harry was born, along with his twin sister Maya.

Both Harry and Maya became the best warriors the two realms had ever seen…. Apart from their parents that is.

Lily's mermaid escapade was still told for generations to come and the story of how James and her saved the realms and fell in love was forever written in stone.


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