Note: I'm sorry this is a little depressing. Let's just say the writing suits my mood of the past few weeks.

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Edward was restless. It had seemed like forever since he had left Bella - for her own good - even though it had been "only" 2 months, 17 days, 3 hours, and 2 minutes. Other vampires would scoff at the idea that a time period of that length - nothing seemed too long when you had forever - but to Edward, each second away from her was agony. The only thing keeping him from Bella was that he knew she'd be in danger if he stayed. Sometimes he hated himself. He wanted to go back to Bella, to put her in danger once again. But he had to keep his promise. He owed her at least that.

My world was over. I knew it when I woke up each morning and when I was finally able to close my eyes each night. I remembered when he laughed at Romeo and Juliet, saying that they were doomed from the start, that each little mistake they had made snowballed into what would be their downfall. I wondered if he thought that way about him and me. I wondered if he even thought of me at all.

No one talked about them at school anymore. Not that I was paying much attention to anything at school - just enough to get straight A's and keep Charlie from noticing that anything was wrong. But my ears were attuned to his name and my memories of him - the few things he couldn't take when he left. No. He was right. It was as if he had never existed.

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