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Guiding Sprit

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Redemption

Sasuke was falling into a dark pit… he knew that it was over… the snake took over his body… and he was going strait to hell… if he knew what he did now he wouldn't have done a lot of things… like join Orochimaru for starters… not let his hate consume him… maybe even going out with Sakura… now that he thought about it… he should have gone out with Sakura… hell… he wouldn't have tired to kill Naruto… in fact if he knew back then what he knew now then he wouldn't be dead… now that snake bastard was in control of his body… but there was something he wished could happen… a chance to redeem himself… of course the moment he thought this there was a flash of light… and he was ingrown of strange council… comprised of people in cloaks…

"Uchiha Sasuke… you have a choice whether or not to redeem yourself" said the one of the cloaked figures which Sasuke guessed was the head.

"That was lucky…" thought Sasuke with a sweat drop.

"Because of the circumstances of your death you will be given a choice if you should redeem yourself or not…" said another cloaked figure.

"Depends… what do I have to do?" asked Sasuke.

"You see there are many worlds… including your own... now… in order to redeem yourself you must be sealed into a new born child and help this child in his life like a Guardian Angel…" said another cloak figure.

"Wait sealed… like Kyubi?" asked Sasuke.

"Kind of… you be asleep until the child reaches a certain age… then you be able to guide him life… as well at teach him jutsus… including a special summoning jutsu that will be able to summon you into a living body…" said another of the cloaked figures.

"I'll do it…" said Sasuke.

"Fine then…" said the head cloaked figure, "The boy we have chosen is a kindred sprit of a friend of yours… the boy will be named Monkey D. Luffy… you will be awakened when he is 7…"

Sasuke only nodded then realized something by the phrase kindred sprit "He's a lot like Naruto… isn't he?" asked Sasuke.

The cloak figures laughed…

"When he grows up he will be a lot like Naruto… but replace ramen with meat for his food addiction… however Sasuke… you won't be able to alter his personality one bit…" said the head cloaked figure.

Sasuke sweatdroped…

"Also Sasuke… you can change your outfit at will…" said a cloaked figure that sounded female, "Why not try it out… like maybe try on a Speedo…"

All the other cloaked figures stared at the female

"Who's idea what it to have Destiny on this council…" said an other cloaked figure.

"Especially after that last debacle when she got drunk and caused those pirates to die…" said another of the cloaked figures.

"That's out of context… we're fixing it right now and we all know it's was Loki and Eris' fault…" said the cloak figure named Destiny.

Sasuke sighed and ignored that cloaked figures… he decided to wear to what he wore in his Genin days (though still had the sword strapped to his back)… but bigger to fit his size… wearing what he wore before reminded him way to much of the snake bastard…

"So… what exactly am I going to do?" asked Sasuke.

"Now you are a Guiding Sprit from this day forward… a sort of guardian angel that shares the body… since you are a ninja you teach him to the Summoning Jutsu: Guiding Soul Summon to help if he need your psychical instead of mentally… you if you really need to take over the body… but do it sparingly…" said the head cloaked figure.

Sasuke only nodded… this was going to be an interesting after life…

"Good bye… and see again in the future…" said the head cloaked figure.

There was another bright flash of light…

7 years later…

One 7 year old Monkey D Luffy huffed as he went to bed… today was a so-so day… sure the rubber powers were cool… but Shanks acting like a coward wasn't cool… not only that but he now he could never learn to swim… Hopefully he would have some pretty cool dreams…

(Dream Sequence)

Luffy was in a dark place… he didn't know he was… he felt some thing touch his back.

"Hey!" said a voice.

Luffy jumped up… he turned around and saw a boy who looked around 15 dressed blue shirt with a high collar and white shorts with a sword strapped to his back.

"Who are?" asked Luffy.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke…" said Sasuke.

"Hi!" said Luffy, "You seem familiar…"

"Well it's a long story…" said Sasuke.

"Oh… can you make it quick…" said Luffy not wanting to hear a long story.

"I'm your Guiding Spirit…" said Sasuke.

"Is that like a Guardian Angel?" asked Luffy.

"Sort of…" said Sasuke with a sigh, "You see… I'm a part of you…"

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"You see… when you were born I was placed inside your body…" said Sasuke with a sigh.

"Your in my body?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah… I am…" said Sasuke, "But I can teach some really cool attacks…"

"Really?" asked Luffy.

"I hate talking like a 10 year old…" thought Sasuke, "Yeah…" he said.

"Cool!" said Luffy, "But why are you in my body?"

"It's a long story and I'll tell you when you're old enough…" said Sasuke.

"Okay… does that mean you'll be my new idol?" asked Luffy.

"Um… maybe…" sauid Sasuke with a sweat drop.

"Cool!" said Luffy.

"Great… I can't believe I'm stuck with him…" thought Sasuke.

"So are you some sort of pirate?" asked Luffy.

"No I'm a ninja!" said Sasuke.

"What's a ninja?" asked Luffy.

Sasuke's eyes were wide, "Are you saying you don't know what a ninja is?" asked Sasuke.

"Nope!" said Luffy.

Sasuke was surprised but then remember that he was sent to another world…

"What's wrong?" asked Luffy.

"Well I've never met someone who doesn't know what a ninja is… where I come from… well…" said Sasuke.

"Oh… okay…" said Luffy with a sweat drop, "Hey mister… are we both confused?"

"I hope so… and call me Sasuke…" said Sasuke.

"Okay Sasuke!" said Luffy.

"Well I think it's time you should be waking up…" said Sasuke.

Luffy woke up to find it was morning…

"I guess it was just a dream…" said Luffy.

"No… it wasn't…" came a voice.

"Who there!" said Luffy looking around.

"Sasuke… I'm in your head…" said Sasuke.

"Oh…" said Luffy, "So that mean you're going to teach me really cool attacks?"

"Um… yeah…" said Sasuke… had he had a psychical body he would be sweat dropping.

And so Sasuke taught Luffy the hand seals and began the tree climbing exercise. While Sasuke learned that Luffy recently became a rubber boy after eating the Gum Gum Fruit and recently lost his idol because he didn't fight a mountain bandit…

A few days after Sasuke's awakening so to speak Luffy was drinking juice in the local bar run by a nice woman name Makino...

"So you miss him?" asked Makino.

"Not at all…" said Luffy, "I have a new idol..."

"Really?" asked Mariko, "who is it?"

"His name is Sasuke and he lives in my head" said Luffy.

Makino sweatdroped… "Um… okay…" she said, "At least it's not an invisible giraffe or something…" she thought.

"Um… Luffy…" said Sasuke.

"What?" thought Luffy.

"Please don't tell any more people about me… unless you have to…" said Sasuke.

"Um… sure…" thought Luffy.

That's when the door to the tavern opened with a bang… Luffy glared at the man who entered… his name was Higuma the Bear…

Later Higuma was beating up Luffy outside the bar.

"This boy's a freak… no matter how many times I hit him he doesn't get hurt…" said Higuma, "Let's sell him to the circus…"

"If you were old I'd yell at you Luffy… but right now who blame you your only 7…" said Sasuke, "So you need my help…"

"How…" said Luffy still on the ground.

"Bite your thumb so it will bleed…" said Sasuke.

Luffy did so… causing Higuma and his bandits to stare at him.

"You think he's gone crazy?" asked Higuma with a laugh.

"Perform the hand signs that I taught you, then slam the hand on ground while saying "Summoning Jutsu! Guiding Sprit!"" said Sasuke.

Luffy only nodded and said "Summoning Jutsu! Guiding Sprit!"

In a puff of smoke Sasuke appeared…

"Cool!" yelled Luffy.

"He just made some kid appear out of thin air!" yelled one of Higuma's bandits in shock.

"Hey… don't think I'm just some kid…" said Sasuke, he unleashed the Sharingan and produced some killer intent… all the bandits but Higuma didn't even feel a thing.

"I'm not scared of some punk kid…" said Higuma walking up to Luffy and kicked him in the face then he drew a sword.

"If you try anything… the kid gets it!" said Higuma.

Sasuke let out a small growl… he knew that if Luffy dies he'd die… and probably get sent to hell since he did a terrible job… what was worse was that he didn't have much Chakra a after using that killer intent Genjutsu... he was screwed…

"Stop this right now!" came a voice.

It was Makino with the mayor.

"I don't know what Luffy did but I'm sorry for anything he did…" said the mayor, "I'll give you anything if you spare him…"

Higuma gave an evil grin… "So that's the way… had he not made fun of me… I would have sparred him…"

Sasuke chuckled, "I can't think of a good word to call you… but your trying to kill a kid because he made fun of you… how old are you…" said Sasuke with a smirk, knowing that it might draw attention away from Luffy.

Before Higuma could do a thing someone said "I was wondering why no one welcomed us…"

Everyone turned around and saw a crew of pirates… including one with red hair, three scars over his eye and wearing an old straw hat… Sasuke knew who this man judging by Luffy's happiness that this man was Shanks...

"Hey Anchor I thought you said your punches were as strong a pistol…" said Shanks.

"Not… now…" said Luffy.

"You said that…" said Sasuke with a smirk… then he realized something "What's a pistol?" he said out loud.

Of course… everyone who heard this anime fell.

"How a teenager not know what a pistol is?" asked a member of Shanks' crew with blonde hair wearing a headband with "Yasopp" written on it.

Another possibly nameless member shrugged and hummed "I don't know…"

"Don't try anything…" said Sasuke smirking at the bandits… this time no killing intent involved but the smirked said "You don't' want to mess with me…"

The bandits ran away scared.

"Who is that kid…" thought Shanks.

"Hey…" said Sasuke to Shanks, "I'm leaving him to you… I'm sure you have something to say…"

Shanks knew what Sasuke was referring to…

"The kid's right… I do have something to say… now you can pour booze on me, you can make fun of me… you can even spit on me… but no one… absolutely nobody hurts my friends…" said Shanks.

Sasuke smirked… no owner the guys was Luffy's idol.

"Is that so…" said Higuma.

He took out a smoke and threw it… the smoke cover every… both him and Luffy were gone…

"He's gone! What are we going to do!" yelled Shanks.

"Clam down…" said Sasuke with his usual cool tone.

Shanks stared at the boy… he knew something familiar about him but couldn't put his finger on it…

"Your Shanks right?" asked Sasuke to the pirate captain.

"Yeah…" said Shanks staring at the 15 year old boy in front of him.

"Follow me… I know where Luffy is and I think we should hurry…" said Sasuke.

Sasuke ran off and Shanks followed… they got to the beach… where Sasuke collapsed to his knees.

"He's out in the ocean that's all I know…" said Sasuke, "If you need to know who I am just ask Luffy…"

With that he disappeared into a puff of smoke. After shanks got over the shock… he swam into the ocean.

Meanwhile Higuma was laughing over his victory in a small rowboat. He held Luffy by his collar.

"Those idiot pirates will think to look in the mountains… they probably would think to look in the ocean…" said Higuma.

"Let go!" yelled Luffy.

"I'm back…" said Sasuke.

"Can you help me…" thought Luffy.

"Sorry… I can't… but Shanks is coming… I lead him to the beach before I ran out of Chakra…" said Sasuke.

"What's Chakra again?" thought Luffy.

"Great…" thought Sasuke.

"I don't need you anymore…" said Higuma.

He tossed Luffy (And Sasuke) into the water… Luffy tired it best to keep his head above water that's when the local Sea King chomped onto Higuma… and swallowed him. Then turned its attention towards Luffy. When it was about to eat him something grabbed onto Luffy and held him back… it was Shanks. Shanks glared at the Sea King who swam away scared.

"What was that?" thought Sasuke, "Did I deceit some killing intent from him?"

Luffy on the other hand was crying…

"Now, Luffy… everything's okay…" said Shanks.

"But your arm…" said Luffy.

Shanks' arm was ripped right off… the Sea King ate it.

"Don't worry… it's just a small price to pay knowing that your safe…" said Shanks.

A few hours later Makino was cleaning Shanks' wound…

"Luffy who was that boy that helped you?" asked Shanks.

"Oh that was Sasuke! He lives inside my head!" said Luffy, "I can make him come out if I need to!"

"You should do it now to prove it them…" said Sasuke.

Luffy once again performed Summoning Jutsu: Guiding Sprit. Both Makino and Shanks stared at Luffy… then at Sasuke.

"What… the… hell…" said Shanks.

"It's a long story but to shorten out: I'm dead… I come form another world where Pistols don't exist and it's my duty to help Luffy like a Guardian Angel… except I'm not exactly an angel and I live inside Luffy's body…" said Sasuke.

"Sasuke told me he was there since I was born but didn't awaken until a few days ago…" said Luffy.

"What?" said both Shanks and Makino in disbelief.

"Maybe you two should keep it a secret so no one thinks Luffy's crazy…" said Sasuke with a sweat drop.

Both still stood there… in shock.

"I don't think will be able to move for a while…" said Luffy wit ha sweat drop.

A few days later Shanks' crew were leaving the island once and for all.

"So Anchor still want to join?" asked Shanks with a smirk.

"No I know I'm too young…" said Luffy, "But when I'm older I plan to straw my own crew…"

"Like anyone will join you… you can't swim and you have two souls in your body…" said Shanks sticking his tongue out.

"Hey! I'll show you! I'll come up with a better crew… and I'm going to become King of the pirates! You'll see!" yelled Luffy.

"And it begins…" sighed Sasuke.

"What begins?" asked Luffy.

"I'll tell you when you're older…" said Sasuke.

"Is that so…" said Shanks… he took off his hat and put it on Luffy's head, "Give it back it when you become a great pirate…"

And so the Red Haired Pirates as they were known sailed away… Luffy now inspired to be come King of the Pirates… and Sasuke more freaked out by Luffy's personality being extremely similar to Naruto's…

10 Years Later…

A now 17 Year Old Luffy sailed away on a cheap raft… he was now tall and lanky, Shanks' hat was on top of his head. He wore a vest like a shirt and jean shorts as well as sandals.

"Looks like we're going on an adventure!" said Luffy.

"Will you shut up…" said Sasuke inside of Luffy's head.

"Why do you have to be a party pooper?" asked Luffy out loud.

"Mainly because you're talking out loud… you want to look crazy?" said Sasuke.

"But there's no one around…" said Luffy.

Sasuke sighed… "Fine… you win… for now…" said Sasuke.

In the 10 years the two developed a relationship similar to the one Sasuke had with Naruto… but also had one with what he guess Naruto had with Kyubi.

That when the Sea King that bit of Shanks' arm came out from underwater.

"All right!" cheered Luffy, "I've been waiting to do this forever!"

"Go ahead…" said Sasuke.

Luffy socked the Sea King in the face while shouting "Gum Gum Pistol!" and the Sea King was knocked out. And so the two that shared the same body started their adventure…

Next Time: After Luffy (and Sasuke) ironically get them sucked into a whirlpool (don't ask) they manage to get to an island owned by the lady Pirate Alvida... what will happen? Find out next time...