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Chapter 25: The New Members

Sighed as the chefs got the other members of the crew and tied them up. He really wasn't sure what he should do.

And they put them up in a boat.

Which looked like it was going to sink any second.

However Gin was watching this.

"Are you going to join them?" asked Sanji.

"No.,.." said Gin, "I can't stay with him."

Sanji nodded.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked.

"I have to think about it." Said Gin.

"I have a feeling…" Haku told him.

Sanji nodded at the voice in his head.

"By the way are you okay?" asked Gin.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Said Sanji.

Gin shrugged.

"You can you always tell him." Pointed out Haku.

Sanji sweat dropped at that.

""You know… I'll just show you later." He muttered.

Gin nodded.

After setting the Krieg pirates adrift. Everyone headed inside to rest.

Sanji knew he should summon Haku to help with Zoro. Who was still recovering from his fight.

Gin was just staring at Haku as he treated Zoro.

"How?" asked Gin.

"He like a guardian angel but is inside my body." Explained Sanji.

"I have one too." Laughed Luffy.

"Seriously?" asked Gin.

Luffy just laughed and then summoned Sasuke who looked at Gin.

Sanji sighed and decided to go outside for some air.

Luffy at him and decided to follow him.

"Hey!" yelled Luffy.

Sanji rolled his eyes at the guy.

The tow ended up getting into a conversation. Especially about Sanji's dream.

He wanted to find a place called the All Blue, a place where fish from every blue lived.

As they talked Zeff watched the two.

He knew what he had to do.

After their talk Sanji went to cook lunch for all of the chefs.

While he did Luffy went to check up on Zoro.

But before he did Gin walked over to talk to him.

"Luffy…" he said.

"Hey! Do you need something?" asked Luffy.

"There's something I want to ask you…" said Gin, "You're still going to the Grand Line right?"

"Yeah…" responded Luffy with a big grin.

"All right… I have to think about it." Said Gin.

That was when he felt Sasuke returned as he was filled with Confusion.

"What's wrong?" asked Sasuke.

"I don't know he just said a bunch of weird stuff." Explained Luffy and repeated what Gin said.

"I think I get it." Said Sasuke, "I'll explain later…"

"Okay…" thought Luffy with a nod.

He then checked on Zoro.

"How are you doing?" asked Luffy.

He was conscious.

"I'm fine…" he muttered.

"Are you sure?" asked Luffy.

"He nearly got sliced in half." pointed out Sasuke.

"Yeah…" thought Luffy with a nod.

"I don't know what you're thinking buy I'm fine…" muttered Zoro with a glare.

"It's probably not a good idea to make him angry right now…" pointed Sasuke.

Luffy just nodded.

Sometime later it was time for lunch.

Thankfully Zoro was given the okay to eat with everyone.

However for some reason there was nowhere to sit with the chefs.

""Their up to something…" said Haku.

Sanji nodded.

"So…" Gin asked Zoro, "That's normal for people like them…"

"Reacting to things you can't see… yeah…" muttered Zoro, "it's worse with Luffy because Sasuke sometimes takes over his body if he's being an idiot."

"Are you serious?" asked Gin.

Zoro nodded.

However as they were eating all of the chefs began to complain how awful the soup is.

Zeff even scolded the chefs for refusing to eat it and eating all of his soul before tossing the bowl down in anger and disparaging the soup.

"Why are they acting this way…" thought Luffy, "This soup is really good?"

"Because their trying to get rid of Sanji by pretending their hate their cooking." Pointed out Sasuke.

A fight erupted between Sanji and Zeff due to this, with Zeff even punching Sanji and Sanji leaving the room in a huff.

However he noticed that Haku was strangely silent during this.

"Haku…" thought Sanji.

"You still want to stay…" sighed Haku.

"What does that mean!" mentally yelled Sanji.

"Summon me, because I think it's time I spell everything out for you." Pointed out Haku.

Sanji was confused but knew what it was gave enough charka to have a somewhat short conversation with his Spirit.

"Sanji… you know my story…" said Haku.

"Of course I do…" said Sanji, "But…"

"Look! Just because he sabed your life doesn't mean you should dedicate the rest of your life towards him and his dream…" said Haku.

Sanji didn't respond.

"I think this might be one reason why I chosen for you… because this would happen and I have to teach you how to live." Said Haku.

Sanji sighed at his spirit.

"Please Sanji… you have to follow your dream." Said Haku.

Sanji sighed and knew he had to confront Zeff.

Meanwhile in the room where they were eating, they were talking about what just happened.

That was when Sanji returned to confront them.

"You are all horrible actors. Fine you want to get rid of me so badly! Fine! Haku is telling to leave anyways." Muttered Sanji, "Luffy I'm joining your crew!"

Sanji then left causing. Everyone to sweat drop.

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

"And I'm joining too." Said Gin.

"Wait what?" asked Luffy.

"I need to go back to the Grand Line… only this time I don't want to run away." Said Gin.

"Oh! Awesome!" said Luffy.

"I thought so." Sighed Sasuke.

"Oh that's what you were talking about." Said Luffy out loud.

"I have to get used to that?" asked Gin.

"Yeah… but now there's two of them…" muttered Zoro.

"Where are we going to go next?" asked Gin.

"Probably a good idea to follow Nami." Said Luffy.

"She still has that business with him." Muttered Zoro.

Luffy nodded.

"You have to explain later." Said Gin.

Luffy nodded.

"Stupid question but how are we going to get there." Said Gin.

"Don't worry I have a way." Said Sanji.

Thankfully Sanji had his own boat they could use.

They filled the galley with food as they got ready.

All of the chefs went to say their good byes.

"Hey brat!" called out Zeff "Keep your nose dry."

Anji turned to face the man how raised him and realized what he had to do.

"Thank you! For everything!" he cried bowing to his mentor.

"Haku! I know you're listening but care of him! Even it's already your job to!" called out Zeff.

Sanji could feel his spirit nod at Zeff.

And so they left to follow Nami with Sanji, his Spirit Haku and surprisingly Gin joining them for the ride.

They weren't sure what was going to happen when they got to Nami's home island but hopefully nothing too bad would happen… after all her home town needed her and the safety she provided.

Next Time: Nami has to figure out what to do at her home island and hide her crew members from Arlong's crew. What will happen? Find out next time!