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Godric Hollow

Halloween Night 1981

In the remains of the Potter's residence a dimensional rift opened up and three people came out of it. The first was a man with brown hair with a red shirt, pants, and boots carrying a huge sword. Next was a woman with blonde hair wearing white clothes with a blue trim with chakrams on her waist. Last was a woman with white hair wearing orange clothes with a black trim carrying a staff. Finally the man spoke up and said "Colette you go find the baby"

"Alright" said Colette walking away

"Raine do you think you could revive them" asked Lloyd

"They just died, so I think I can revive them" said Raine

"Alright go ahead and do it and make so they don't wake up when you do" said Lloyd

"Alright" said Raine

With Colette, using her angelic hearing, she heard a baby crying in a crib that looked undamaged in the remains of the house. She walked over to the crib and picked up baby Harry who fell asleep in her arms and walked back to Lloyd and Raine.

Back with Lloyd and Raine, she was holding her staff perpendicular with her body chanting "Bring their souls back from purgatory, RESURRECTION"

Life came back into Lily and James's bodies but stayed asleep as Colette came back saying "I found him Lloyd"

"That's good; Raine was able to resurrect them as well. Let's head home" said Lloyd

"Alright" said Colette as she walked into the dimensional rift with baby Harry

Next was Raine carrying Lily and James. After they both left, Lloyd called out "Origin"

"Yes" said Origin when he appeared

"Can you get rid of all the evidence here" asked Lloyd

"Of course" said Origin

"Thanks" said Lloyd as he entered the dimension rift it closing behind him

After Lloyd left, Origin erased all the evidence about what happened on that fateful night and disappeared himself as Hagrid arrived.

"What happened here" asked Hagrid looking around


Some time later

Hagrid came busting into Professor Dumbledore with Dumbledore asking "What are you doing here Hagrid; I thought I sent you to get young Harry Potter? I was just about to leave to head to Privet Drive myself"

"When I got there was nothing there" exclaimed Hagrid

"What do you mean" asked Dumbledore

"It was like there was nothing ever there" said Hagrid

"It appears that the backlash was more powerful than I thought" said Dumbledore as he sank back into his chair

"What do you mean" asked Hagrid

"It means that the savior of the magical world, Harry Potter, is dead" he said grimly


Lily was the first to stir as she sleepily opened her eyes and sat up looking around saying "James"

Hearing his name called woke him up and said "Lily"

"Are we alive" he asked

"I see you finally woke up and yes you both are alive" said Lloyd

"Who are you" asked James

"And where's Harry" asked Lily

"My name is Lloyd" said Lloyd

"And Harry is right here" said Colette carrying Harry into the bedroom

"HARRY" screamed Lily who ran over and took Harry in her arms and started hugging and kissing him

"What is going on here" asked James who has joined Lily by her side

"Follow us to the living room and we will explain everything" said Lloyd

Once everyone was settled in the living room Lloyd spoke up saying "Let me introduce myself, my name is Lloyd Irving the Eternal Swordsman and this is my wife Colette"

"Hello" said Colette

"Now I'm sure you have a lot of questions so asked away" said Lloyd

"How are we alive" asked James

"I know there is no spell that can revive the dead" said Lily

"I know there is no spell in your world but there is in ours" said Lloyd

"You mean we are in a different world" exclaimed James

"Yes, you're in Symphonia" said Colette

"Why did you do this" asked Lily

"I think it would be better for Origin to explain why" said Lloyd

"Who's Origin" asked James

"I am" said Origin who just appeared

"Whoa" they both exclaimed

"I am Origin, King of the Summon Spirits and master of time and space" proclaimed Origin

"Summon Spirits" asked Lily

"There are beings that protect our world and keep it in order" said Colette

"What does that have to do with us" asked James

"I observed what would happened if I let fate take its course in your world. Your son would be sent to live with your sister and would be abused and not know of his heritage until his eleventh birthday" said Origin

"WHAT! My son was sent to live with my hateful sister" yelled Lily

"What happened to Sirius and Remus" asked James

"Well when Sirius found out what happened he went after Peter. But when he caught up with him he made the public believe that Sirius is the traitor and proceeded to blow up the street killing twelve muggles and blame that on him too. Because of this he was sent to Azkaban without a trial. Also they wouldn't trust the savior of the magical world to a werewolf" said Origin

"Damn you Peter. I still can't believe he betrayed us and then set up Sirius to take the fall. We have to go back and help him" said James

"You can't do that now. Right now you have to focus on raising Harry and training him for when you return when he is eleven. Everyone thinks all three of you are dead and that will work to your favor when you return" said Origin

"Alright" said Lily

"What is this training you are talking about" asked James

"Well that is the reason you are here in Symphonia. You will learn our way of magic and so will Harry when he is old enough. You will also learn swordsmanship, but you two will be taught by Lloyd's father to wield one sword and Harry will be taught by Lloyd to wield two" said Origin

"Sounds fun" said James

"I thought so. Now there is one more thing we have to discuss but it will be easier to show you than tell you" said Origin

Turning to Lloyd he said "Lloyd, I want you to show yours and Colette's memories of your journey"

"Alright" Lloyd sighed

Lloyd unsheathed Flamberge and Vorpal and formed the Eternal Sword. "What is that" exclaimed James

"You will understand shortly" said Origin

"Eternal Sword, show them our memories of our Journey of Reunification" chanted Lloyd

All of Lloyd's and Colette's memories of their journey were showed to Lily and James like a movie. From Colette receiving the Oracle, to the destruction Luin, to Kratos' betrayal, to their journey to Tethealla, to Colette's kidnapping, to the Giant Tree going out of control, to their trip up the Tower of Salvation, to the truth about Lloyd's father, to their confrontation with Mithos, to the release of Origin's seal, to the final battle with Mithos, and ending with the replanting of the Giant Tree.

"Wow you guys went though a lot" said James

"Why are you showing us these memories" asked Lily

"Well I am offering to give you Cruxis Crystals" said Origin

"WHAT" screamed Lloyd and Colette

"Calm down, these crystals are made by me at no cost to human life" said Origin

"Alright" said Lloyd calming back down

"It also applies to Harry as well" said Origin

"So you want us to become angels" asked James

"Yes, I believe it will help all of you when you return to your world" said Origin

"I don't know, we will have to think about it" said James

"Take as time as you need" said Origin

"Thank you" said Lily

Some time later they came to a decision. "Alright Origin we accept your offer" said James

"Excellent" said Origin

Origin made two orbs of light come out of his palms with one connected with James's wrist and the other with Lily's neck. They instantly felt a difference and James had to take his glasses off to see. "You know James, you look much cuter with them off" giggled Lily

"Now then tomorrow you will start training with Lloyd's father Kratos and when Harry turns six we will start his training" said Origin

Five years later

Harry was six years old today and it was the day to start his swordsman training. James and Lily had finished their training. When they finished, James was given Excalibur and Lily was given Last Fencer.

To surprise him they gave him wooden swords as his last birthday gift. "Here is your last gift Harry" said James

Harry tore though the wrapping paper and saw two wooden swords. "Wooden swords" asked Harry

"Yep" said James

"What are they for" asked Harry

"They are for you so we can start your training today" said Lloyd

"Really" asked Harry

Lloyd nodded

"Yippee" cheered Harry

Two years later

"Your swordsman training is complete and this is my gift to you for completing it" said Lloyd handing Harry the Kusanagi Blade

"Wow they are beautiful" said Harry accepting the blades

"They are yours now so take good care of them" said Lloyd

"I will" said Harry sheathing them

"Now that you are eight years old and completed your swordsman training, you are ready to accept your Cruxis Crystal" said Origin

"I'm ready" said Harry

An orb of light came out of Origin's hand and connected with Harry's wrist. "Now you will begin your magic training. You will learn elemental magic from Genis, angel magic from Colette, and healing magic from Raine" said Origin

Two years later

"As your final test you have to defeat each of the eight summon spirits one at a time before you return to your world" said Lloyd

"I accept this task" said Harry

"Alright then, first up is Efreet" said Lloyd

After Shadow falls Lloyd congratulates Harry "Congratulations Harry. You did it"

"Thank you" panted Harry

All eight summon spirits appear in front of Harry with Efreet saying "Harry Potter as a sign of your victories we offer our power to you as our new master"

"Thank you for this honor" said Harry

"With that your training is complete. Now your can return and face your destiny. You also have eight friends you can call upon anytime you need help" said Lloyd

A month before Harry's eleventh birthday

Lloyd with the Eternal Sword out made a dimension rift and said "Well it is time you went back home"

"Thank you for all your help" said James

"We are going to miss you" said Lily

"Anytime you want to talk to us you can just let Origin know and we can come" said Colette

"Now then before you go there is one thing I have to tell you. When you past though the rift your Cruxis Crystals will give each a disguise that no one and no thing can see though. To keep confusion down you can still use your first names but you will be using my father's last name, Aurion" said Lloyd

"Alright" said James

"Well then good luck and stay safe" said Lloyd

"Thank you" said Lily

With that James, Lily, and Harry walked though the rift and it closed behind them.