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They had a feast to celebrate Beauxbatons and Durmstrang coming to Hogwarts. They had French and Bulgarian food added to their normal food. During the feast he felt something he remembered feeling at the Quidditch World Cup. He saw a silver blonde hair girl approach them as all the boys got stupid looks on their faces.

"Can I have the bouillabaisse" asked Fleur

"Here you go" said Ron quickly giving it to her

Fleur took it and went to go sit back down. Once she was gone all the boys went back to normal.

"She must be a Veela" said Ron dreamily

Hermione hit him upside of the head for that.

"Why weren't you affected" she asked looking at Harry

"I already have the most beautiful girl in the world" said Harry putting arm around Ginny's shoulders

Ginny blushed as she laid her head on Harry shoulder.

Once everyone finished eating, the food disappeared. Mr. Filch brought out a casket and placed it on the head table in front of Dumbledore.

"Now that we have all eaten, let me introduce you to the judge that will select the Champion from each school" said Dumbledore

He tapped the casket with his wand causing it to open. He reached in and took out a goblet and placed it on the head table. Fire appeared in the goblet.

"Presenting the Goblet of Fire" proclaimed Dumbledore

"All students that wish to complete are to write their names on slips of paper and drop them in the Goblet" he explained

"It shall be set up in the Entrance Hall for everyone to put their names in" he continued

"To make sure only those of age put their names in, we will put an age line around the Goblet" he continued

"The Champions will be selected after dinner tomorrow night" he finished

As everyone left the Great Hall, Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and held her back.

"What are we doing" asked Ginny

"Making sure my name doesn't go in" said Harry

"You think this is how He attacks you" asked Ginny

"It may be" said Harry

"But I don't want to take any chances" he said

They both waited for the Goblet and the Age line to be set up and everyone to leave.

"I call upon the envoy from the dark abyss, come Shadow!" chanted Harry

Shadow appeared in front of them.

"Yes" rasped Shadow

"Guard the Goblet and capture any adult that tries to put a name in" ordered Harry

"Yes" rasped Shadow as it disappeared

"Now let's work on our cover story" said Harry

He started kissing Ginny passionately.

The next morning Shadow appeared in front of Harry.

"It happened" rasped Shadow

Harry grabbed onto Shadow as they disappeared. They appeared next to Ginny's bed and he woke her up. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Harry and Shadow standing there. She instantly woke up and grabbed onto Shadow as they all disappeared.

They appeared in an unused room with an unconscious guy on the floor.

"I don't recognize him" said Ginny

"Changed" rasped Shadow pointing at the eye and peg leg

"He must have been impersonating Mad Eye Moody with Polyjuice potion" said Ginny

"Why do you think that" asked Harry

"Mad Eye Moody is known for being extremely paranoid" explained Ginny

"So much so that he would only drink out of his personal flask" she said

"He kept it in the flask and drank it irregular intervals so no one would notice" said Harry

"Looks like you were right about Him using this to attack you" said Ginny

"This could be our chance" said Harry

"We could launch a preemptive strike and end this once and for all" he said

"But how to get the information out of him" he asked

"Maybe we could use Veritaserum" said Ginny

"Fred and George are always saying that Snape will use it on them one day to get them to admit about all their pranks" she explained

"Wouldn't they notice it" asked Harry

"It colorless and odorless" said Ginny

"Go find it" commanded Harry

Shadow disappeared and came back a few minutes later with a small bottle.

"Here" rasped Shadow holding it out

Harry took the bottle and opened the guy's mouth pouring it in. He then woke the guy up.

"Where is your master" asked Harry

"Riddle Manor in Little Hangleton" said Barty Jr.

He then started forming at the mouth and died.

"I think you gave him too much" said Ginny

"It doesn't really matter" said Harry

"We were going to have to get rid of him anyways" he added

He shot a fireball at the body destroying it.

"Verify the information" commanded Harry

Shadow nodded as it disappeared.

Harry and Ginny left the room and jumped out of a window and flew back to Gryffindor Tower.

After breakfast, Fred and George both took out vials as they approached the age line.

"What are you doing" asked Ginny

"This age potion will age us a few months making us of age and able to pass the age line" explained Fred

"You are going about this all wrong" said Harry

"No, we aren't" said Fred

"Just watch" said George

They both took the age potion and crossed the age line. For a moment it looked like it worked until there was a flash of light. Fred and George were sent hurling back with long beards.

"You over thought this too much" said Harry

"How would have you done it then" exclaimed Fred

"Observe" said Harry

He picked up the slips of paper with Fred's and George's names on them and balled them up. He then threw them into Goblet. They went right in and burnt up. Everyone's eyes widen at that.

"That's it" shouted George

"Yes" said Harry smirking

"Did you put your name in" asked Fred

"Of course, not" said Harry

"I am not suicidal" he said

After supper, Dumbledore brought the Goblet to the head table.

"It looks like the Goblet is about to make its decision" said Dumbledore

"After I call your name, please enter the chamber here" he said pointing at the door

Fire shot out of the Goblet as a singed piece of paper started fluttering down. Dumbledore grabbed it and read off the name.

"The champion from Durmstrang is Viktor Krum" proclaimed Dumbledore

Everyone started cheering as Krum got up and went into the chamber.

Dumbledore caught the next piece of paper and read out the name.

"The champion from Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour" proclaimed Dumbledore

The boys started cheering wilding while the girls glared at her while Fleur got up and went into the chamber.

Fire shot out of the Goblet one more time before it went out. Dumbledore caught piece of paper and read it out.

"The champion from Hogwarts is Cedric Diggory" proclaimed Dumbledore

The Hufflepuff table started cheering wildly as Cedric got up and went into the chamber.

"Now you are all free to go start your celebrations while I go talk to our champions" said Dumbledore

As everyone was leaving the Great Hall, Harry felt Shadow return. Harry grabbed Ginny and pulled her to the side. They went into a broom closet as Shadow appeared.

"True" rasped Shadow

"Thank you, Shadow," said Harry

Shadow disappeared as Harry and Ginny started kissing.

After everyone went to sleep, Harry summoned Shadow who took both Harry and Ginny to the Riddle house. They both went invisible as they went inside.

They explored the first floor and didn't find anyone. They snuck up the stairs and saw a light at the end of the hallway. As they walked down the hallway, they felt something come up behind them. They turned around and saw a giant snake slithering up to them. Harry tapped Ginny on the shoulder who nodded her head.

Ginny drew her swords as she exclaimed "Judgement"

Her swords started glowing white as she slashed them at the snake. There was a flash of white light killing the snake.

Harry shot into the room as Peter and a malformed baby looked at him. He took out his swords and shouted "Judgement"

His swords started glowing white as he stabbed the malformed baby and Peter. There was a flash of white light and a piecing scream as the malformed baby was destroyed and Peter was killed.

Ginny carefully walked into the room looking around.

"Is it over" asked Ginny

"It is" said Origin appearing in a flash of light

"You have done well young ones" he said

Harry and Ginny sagged in relief letting go of their swords that reappeared in their sheaths.

"You have exceeded my expectations doing it this early" said Origin

"I thought you would have done it at the end of the year" he said

"So, this was all a plan to kidnap me" asked Harry

"Correct" said Origin

"You would have been kidnapped at the end of the third task which would have led to his resurrection" he explained

"But it is now all over" he said

"This will be the last time we will meet" he said

"Farewell" he said disappearing in a flash of light

"We can have a normal school year now" said Ginny

"Last year was pretty normal" said Harry

"We regularly killed Dementors as practice" said Ginny

"We are angels that go to a magic school" said Harry

"We will never be normal" he said smiling

Harry summoned Shadow who took them back to Hogwarts.