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Face to Face

Vickie's gentle hands parted my hair, and divided it into three strands. With a practiced ease, she began to French braid my hair. I felt a sense of calmness as her fingers danced through my golden hair. Before I knew it she was done, and she tied it with a ribbon at the end. "Here." she said, handing me a hand mirror. I laughed when I saw the difference between our braids, mine was nice and neat, and hers was all over the place. This was how it always was, but it still never failed to amuse me. She sighed, laughing with me, and pulled out the braid, braiding it again quickly. I giggled even more because the braid still looked one hundred times better then the one that I did. Amidst our laughter, a weak mew was heard from out the window. We looked at each other, and moved toward the window. Outside was a small black and white kitten scrabbling around on the ground blindly. As soon as Vickie saw the kitten, her eyes softened, and she raced out the door. Before I had the chance to get out of the house, she was back inside with the little kitten.

"Rose, look at it, it's so adorable, and so small, we have to take care of it!" I rolled my eyes; Vickie was so sensitive about animals.

"Sure, why not. Sarah just had her kittens, I'm sure she will take care of it." Vickie got a joyful look, on her face, and was about to say something, but stopped, because the kitten opened its eyes. And these eyes were unlike any eyes that either of us had seen on any cat. They were clear and bright, and they were violet, at that very moment, we both fell in love with this kitten, she stared at us with a gaze like a human's filled with unmistakable power. We both gasped, and Vickie snuggled the little cat closer, it didn't object.

"Let's name her Stella." She said, and I nodded, and scratched the little cat under the chin, that name sounded just fine to me.

This had happened when we where about ten years old. Stella stayed with us for as long as I was there. She was the perfect little cat, and she seemed so much like a human sometimes it was scary. She always knew when we were sad, and could always cheer us up. She became so close to us that she was almost a third member to our little sisterhood we had.

We were so oblivious to what could happen. We were so wrapped up in our little world that we didn't think of anything happening, and that's what made it worse. No one was prepared for anything to happen that would split us up, we were planning on running away before we had to get married, and we would live together, just me, Vickie, and Stella. We didn't expect that to not turn out perfectly.

But then, I was taken away from my little safe haven, and I was devastated, and Vickie and Stella must have been too, but they didn't know what happened to me, they never would, I couldn't tell them, and they were probably gone. And, I didn't know what had happened to them.

Sitting on the a bench outside of the house, I combed through my long, blonde hair, as Vickie had done so many years ago. I was beautiful, I knew that, but it was a false beauty, because inside me was a monster, grieving for the loss of a friend.

After all these years, I had learned to keep my thoughts about Vickie quiet around my vampire family. They would ask questions, and questions were painful. I caught my reflection in a pool of water below me. A beautiful face with long blonde hair, pale skin, and golden eyes stared back at me. I kicked the puddle with my foot. I didn't want to see myself today, I didn't want to think about it. All my thoughts would turn to Vickie, because today was the day that we had found Stella.

I really didn't want to be alone, so I walked down the path to the house. When I opened the door, I found the house in frenzy. Everyone was yelling and running around, and Edward was standing protectively over Bella, even more protectively then usual. I just stood, baffled, at the door, my jaw hanging wide open.

"Rose!" Emmet exclaimed when he saw me. He rushed over to me and hugged me. My jaw dropped even further. "You're ok!" he said, and I raised my eye brows.

"What happened when I was gone?" I asked suspiciously, and Carlisle came up to me and sighed.

"It seems that Alice scented Victoria when she was out hunting. Alice is going to stay and guard Bella, Emmet, Jasper, and Edward are going towards Bella's house, Esme is staying here, and I am going to patrol the area around La Push. You are going to patrol the immediate area, here's a phone," he handed me a little silver phone "If you need anything, call, but you aren't likely to see Victoria." I took the silver phone, and put it in my pocket. Then, I put on my game face, this would distract me from my other thoughts of Vickie, and I owed it to Bella, after all that time of hostility. This would be my chance to pay her back for taking me as a friend, even though I was cold towards her for the longest time.

"Let's do this!" I said, and the others cheered in enthusiasm, everyone except Bella, she was staring at Edward. I knew she was afraid for him, but, there really was only the slightest chance that he would even get a scratch. I thought about reassuring her, but decided against because love blinds reason for you. I was even feeling fearful for Emmet, and I know intimately how indestructible we are.

Edward turned around, and said something to Bella, and I know it was supposed to be private, so I turned around, into Emmet. He kissed me for a second, and said his goodbyes quickly, and was off. Carlisle left, and Alice and Bella were getting up. I went over to Bella.

"Don't worry, they'll be ok." I said, looking into Bella's eyes, they were filled with fear, and I smiled to help boost her confidence.

"I still worry though, you know something could always happen…" Bella trailed off, and looked down. I didn't want to think about it, I didn't want to think about life without Edward or Jasper, or Emmet. That would just tear my already broken body in half.

"Well, good luck." Alice said, and I nodded, and ran out the door. I ran a few laps around the house and property, not sensing anything unusual, until I got a little farther out in the woods.

It was the scent I recognized as Victoria, I hissed, a low sound that scared even myself. A rustling not too far ahead was heard, and I crept silently forward,

Springing forward at the same time, I met Victoria head on head, we were right next to each other. And, as I looked at her face, I knew, this was my Vickie.

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