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Still Sisters

The rain fell down on my face, and I looked at the sky. It was cloudy, windy, gray, and raining, but I still loved this weather, it made me feel alive. It took me from this dreary world I lived in to a fanciful place. Plus, the rain felt good on my face, red and raw where I had been hit. The rain stung it, but it was cool and healing, so I kept it like that. I spun around, and suddenly felt one of my dizzy spells coming on, it was worse then most, so I lie down on the ground, even though it was wet and muddy, and tried to control my wheezing breath that was coming in gasps as my vision blurred before me, and a tunnel and black enclosed everything that I could see.

"Rose, Rose!" I felt someone shake my shoulder, but I didn't have the strength to get up. Then there was a warm, furry body pressing against my neck. I opened my eyes slowly and when all the colors went away I saw Vickie and Stella. They were both staring at me with wide, concerned eyes. Stella came up to me, and curled up into a ball and laid on my stomach, purring, as if trying to calm me.

"Aww, Rose!" Vickie said, touching the sore area on my face, I winced in pain. "He didn't. He wouldn't again!" I pushed myself up, and bowed my head. "Well he did." I tried to stop my tears, but they came anyway, I just couldn't believe that my own father would do that to me. Vickie gave me an awkward hug, because I was still halfway on the ground, but it was the thought that mattered.

"Thanks Vic, I don't know what I would do without you." From my stomach Stella meowed, and Vickie and I laughed, "Or you Stella." I said, picking up the black and white cat, who stared solemnly at me with her violet eyes.

"Why don't you stay at my house tonight?" she asked me, and before I could reject she said "Thomas Spencer is helping my father with something, and you know how handsome he is."

I sighed, sat up, and threw up my arms "How can I argue with Thomas Spencer? He is indeed not hurtful to the eyes." We giggled and talked about Thomas Spencer and his friends, until I got up and we walked to her house.

We focused on frivolous things such as Thomas Spencer to keep our minds from the more serious problem at hand. My beatings were getting worse and worse, and it frightened me so much that I would often not be able to handle the situation and black out from everything.

Vickie was my stronghold, she was my rock, without her I would have been locked in some place for crazy people. As you can see, my family wasn't the greatest, it was just me and my alcoholic father, we never had enough money, but it didn't matter because Vickie and her family were always there for me.

At least I thought that they always would have been.

The first thing that hit me was shock. It was overpowering, I hadn't been thinking about Vickie before because I was so concentrated on the task at hand. I just stared, taking in the wild flaming red hair that had to be combed repeatedly to keep it manageable, the hands that had so gently braided my hair many years ago, and last, the blood-red eyes, which reminded me that we weren't humans anymore, we were enemies.

Victoria seemed to be shocked too, and we both just stared, not sure what to do, not wanting to break this moment. I was sure this was my Vickie, from behind the blood-red eyes, I could see the same caring that she had all those years ago when I got beat, or a sick animal was found.

At last, after what seemed like forever, I moved forward, and touched her shoulder. "Vickie." I whispered, and she nodded "Rose." We stood still again, still not wanting to break this moment. Finally, she reached towards me and hugged me. The embrace was cold, just as an embrace that I would have with any other vampire, but it warmed me below the skin, in my non-existent heart.

I had found my best friend, my sister, my whole human family. She released me, and I stepped back, just to once again fling myself into a hug.

"Vickie! Vickie! I can't believe it's you!" I said, crying tearlessly.

"I know, I never thought I would find you, my sister." She said softly, showing her gentle side that I had known. I let go of her, and stepped back looking her over.

"My sister, we've finally been reunited." I said, feeling something that I hadn't felt for a long time. All the memories came back to me vividly.

We sat and Vickie braided my hair, I relished the feel of her hands on my head, moving quickly, as if she had been braiding hair all those years we had been separated, I highly doubted it though, considering the fact that she is a human blood drinking vampire.

But, I didn't want to think about that or any of the heavy things like what had happened to her. I was just happy to be with my sister, my best friend, my other half. There was so many bad things looming over me, casting a dark shadow on my thoughts. What will the others say? What will I do, she is hunting Bella? How will we work out being together? If I lose her again I won't be able to stable myself.

I pushed those things away, there would be time to plan this out later, now I would just enjoy Vickie's company. Vickie didn't want to think about dark things that would separate us either, so we just laughed, and shared memories, sometimes laughing or telling each other how much they were missed, and randomly hugging each other, and being taken over by tearless sobs.

We were together, the fact hadn't really sunken in yet, but I kept repeating it to myself.

I hadn't realized how much time had passed, and when I looked up I could tell by the darkness that it was pretty late. Vickie and I arranged to meet in the same place again tomorrow.

"Until tomorrow my sister." I said, and pulled away to look into Vickie's scarlet eyes, she met my golden ones.

"Until tomorrow, I'll wait my sister." I hug her once more, and squeezed her tightly as if I thought she would leave, and I was off. I ran home as fast as I could and I felt as though I was flying all the way, my whole spirit soared, and I felt better then ever. Before I entered the house, I remembered to take out my braid; I didn't think that the others would agree to my little meetings.

'Rose!" I stern voice said when I got in the house, and Carlisle stepped towards me with an angry look on his face.

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