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Three years later

The sky was pale blue. The ground was sparkling with white glitter; the first snowfall of the season had just taken place last night. This caused three things.

The first thing the snow caused was the cold, crispy air, much clearer than usual. Jess liked this about the winter season. Being able to take deep breaths with air so cold that it almost hurt his lungs. It felt good. It made him feel alive.

The second thing it caused was Rory's small hand hiding in Jess's larger one. It still amazed her how his hands were always just warm enough to make her colder ones comfortable. She loved when he did this. It made her feel protected; the way his fingers surrounded hers completely, leaving nothing out in the open. She loved this so much that she refused to wear the gloves matching her cap (the cap that was her favourite, mostly because Jess in one weak moment had admitted he thought it looked kind of cute on her). Even though this meant leaving one hand free, freezing its ass off (figuratively speaking, of course), it was worth it.

The snow also caused a third thing; an ecstatic Shira. She loved the snow. She was a huge fan of snowmans, snowball fights, catching snowflakes on her tongue. In short, she was a big fan of the snow.

As the grownups walked hand-in-hand, Shira jumped along next to them; touching the snow, picking up the snow, kicking the snow and making it fly all over them. The whole time with a satisfied grin shining up her features.

They arrived at the park. Jess let go of Rory's hand. She wanted to protest, but held it back, knowing that the only reason he was allowed to let her go was this. She sat down on a bench, smilingly watching her little Shira happier than ever, playing with Jess. From afar, it looked like he was teaching her how to make real good snowballs, something she had always been a bit too impatient with to be good at. And even though Rory's hand missed Jess's; for getting to see him like this, it was worth just about everything.

Getting tired of just being the spectator, she took the few steps up to them, just in time to hear Shira squeak giddily as she finally managed to form a firm enough snowball that would stay in one piece while flying through the air; "You're sooo better than my Logan-dad at this!".

Jess didn't answer, but not knowing how closely he was watched, he allowed a pleased smile to escape at that comment.

Rory put her hand on Jess's shoulder, leaning her head against his back.

"She likes you," she whispered, close to his ear.

"Well, yeah, how could anyone not?" he tried to brush it off, a little embarrassed.

"I have no idea," she grinned, placing a soft kiss on the bare spot of his neck. "You should move in with me. With us."

The words escaped her throat before the thought was thoroughly formulated in her head. It was just a feeling that had to be set free, an impulse. And even though her words surprised herself as she listened to them suddenly blurting out, they sounded just right.

His mouth fell open a little, as he stopped deadly. She watched the steam coming from his lips at every breath, not daring to meet his eyes but not wanting to look away.

"Did you just say what I think I heard you say?" he asked, doubtingly, eyes very very serious, frowning.

He scared her, so serious, and she bit her lip nervously, almost feeling like crying. What if he didn't want to? She hesitated before answering, not wanting to repeat it, wishing deeply she could take it all back.

"Probably," she admitted, finally, eyes averting, teeth biting lip more than ever.

Waiting, waiting for words from his lips in reply, she got something else, something that took her completely by surprise. Suddenly his mouth was on hers, kissing her fiercely; passionately. She noticed that also his lips were warmer than hers, and he was more than willing to warm up her cold ones this time as well. His hands were on her back, protecting. Her hands tangled in his hair, on his neck. She could feel him smiling against her.

"You sure?" he whispered.

She nodded intensely, quickly, never having been more sure. They had waited so long, not wanting to risk making the same mistakes she had before; settling, moving too fast, getting stuck. No, they had dated; they had been boyfriend and girlfriend. They had told each other "I love you". They had spent more and more time together, by now practically every free minute. But not until now had they really been committed, because she had been scared. But now, she wasn't scared anymore. It was time.

"Okay then," he now replied, finally, and in a tone that wouldn't suggest this was a big deal at all.

However, his eyes spoke differently, glimmering with a serious smile. She knew this was right and she threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly. This time she kissed him; at first hardly and roughly, then soft, more gently – all in one kiss that never wanted to end.

Until something hit the place where their heads met. Something white, round, that as it hit them splattered into a million pieces of white, causing them to stop, wet and surprised.

They stayed still for a moment, blinking snowflakes out of their eyes in shock. Than their expression at the same time turned mischievous with small, evil smiles.

"On three?" she suggested.

"One… two… three!" he whispered, close.

And at the same time, they jumped up for revenge. Shira shrieked in delight as the two grown-ups gave her back their full attention, chasing her round and round the park, always letting her just get away, causing her to giggle even further.

Rory smiled to herself as they all fell in a exhausted pile a little later, completely out of breath. She looked over at Jess, who looked back, smirking at her as if to say "see, I totally can do this".

Before any of them had a chance to speak, however, Shira interrupted their moment impatiently.

"Come on, let's make snowangels!" she urged.

Not being able to reject her begging eyes, soon both Jess and Rory were waving their arms and legs in the snow, creating angels. Always making sure their arms and legs touched each other on the way out.

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