By justicar347

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, or anything else important.

Azula was trying to read a book on military theory when the noise started. Her ears perked at the sound and realized that it was a child crying. Most likely one of the servant's children had wandered away while their parent worked. At first she tried to ignore it, but that proved ineffective. She put her book down and made her way out into the hall.

Azula made her way around the corner and found a small girl sitting with her back against the wall. The girl could not have been more then seven years old. She was wearing simple cloths and had her hair in a braid. It was definitely one of the servants' children. Azula frowned as she looked at the little girl. The sound of the child's crying was grating the princess.

Azula kneeled down in front of the girl and in a calm voice asked, "What are you doing here crying?"

The small girl kept crying as she held up a small doll. The head was badly damaged; most likely it had been stepped on. The child continued to look at the floor and weep as she pulled her toy back.

Azula realized her aggravation would not end until the child ceased its infernal noise. Summoning the powerful heat within her, Azula raised her palm in front of the girls face. Blue flames began to dance in her open hand.

The girl looked up when she felt the heat on her face. Her eyes opened wide and she moved her head back as she saw the deadly fire dance inches from her face. She watched as the princess began to mover her fingers and the flames began to take the form of a dragon. The dragon began to fly in circles and loops.

The child's face lit up even more as Azula brought her other hand up and formed a second dragon. The two dragons began an elaborated dance. Flying in circles and diving beneath each other, they sped about. The princess made them go faster as they swirled about. They began to swirl around each other as they started to rise into the air. They came closer and closer together as they neared the ceiling. Before reaching the ceiling they merged together and burst into a shower of cerulean sparks.

The girl smiled and laughed as she watched the finish of the small show. "Do you feel better now?" Azula asked. The girl nodded vigorously as she looked up at the princess for the first time. Azula gave as small smile as she looked down at the child then said, "Good, you had better go now before the palace guards catch you up hear."

Azula watched as the girl smiled then ran down the corridor. Quiet now restored the princess grinned and turned to go back to her room. The smile on her lips disappeared as she saw that her audience was larger than she though. Before her stood Mai. The normally stoic girl had a thin smile across her lips.

Quickly regaining her focus, Azula put on her usual cold face. She walked forward as though she intended to walk past Mai, but stopped next to her. "Tell anyone about this, especially Ty Lee, and there won't even be any ashes left of you", Azula stated in a calm voice that left no room to doubt the validity of the threat. Azula continued her way back to her room smiling. She knew Mai had the good since to keep this a secret. After all, what would happen to Azula's reputation if anyone ever found out about this little moment?