What happens when bordom gets the best of Zelda characters you ask?

The answer; something stupid of course : )

Narrator: "Our story takes place on the outskirts of Hyrule in a serene little patch of woods called Kokiri forest. In addition to being the dwelling place of the charming Kokiri children, these woods were known for there beatiful scenic views and relaxing places to sit and reflect on the peaceful serenity of life."

Link: "I'M SO BORED!"

Narrator: "Until a certain green hat-wearing-little-"

(frog in the pond croaks really loudly)

Saria: GASP

Narrator: "What? I said boy. You couldn't hear me over that frog in the pond."

Saria: "Oh, that's OK then. Wait a minute, who are you?"

Link: "Yeah you just kind of appeared out of nowhere."

Narrator: "Huh? Wait a minute, there not suppossed to see me. Um, who am I?"

Link: "Yeah who are you?"

Saria: "Are you someone interesting that will reduce this terrible bordom?"

Narrator: "Me? Oh no, I'm just another Kokiri."

Link: "Oh..."

Narrator: "Link, Saria, and the narrator are sitting on the sand by the stream with the water fall, but there hasn't been much rain for a while so it's just a trickle. Link and Saria are in a bored daze except for the narrator cause she knows what's about to happen."

Link/Saria: "Huh?"

Narrator: "Oh nothing."

Link/Saria: "Whatever..."

Narrator: "Meanwhile, Mido is at his house watching the grass grow, therefore equally bored, and in a moment, just a few secounds before he reaches the brink of insanity, he will try his last resort, which is to see what Saria and Link are up to even though he doesn't like Link, not many kokiri do."

Link: "Why do you keep talking to yoursel-Hey!"

Narrator: "What?"

Link: "..."

Narrator: "Link is too bored to respond."

Link: "Stop doing that."

Narrator: "What?"

Link: "That thing where you talk about us like we're not here. It's weird."

Narrator: "Speaking of weird..."

Link: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Mido: "Hi Saria."

Narrator: "Right on time."

Link: "Ughh!"

Narrator: "Saria is barely concious, so Link taps her shoulder."

Saria: "uhn...Mido...oh...hi"

Link: "hey"

Narrator: "Hi Mido."

Mido: "Hey, I've never seen you here before. Are you someone interesting who will reduce this terrible bordom?"

Link: "No. She's just some normal, average, and boring kid. She's kind of mean too."

Narrator: "Hey!"

Link: (sticks tongue out.)

Narrator: (makes face)

Narrator: "Oh! Now I get it!"

Mido: "Get What?"

Narrator: "I figured out why- " (The narrator disapears)

(I figured out why they could see me. I was using quotation marks and that put me in the story. Ha Ha Ok I get it now.)

Meanwhile Link, Saria, and Mido are staring at the spot where the narrator used to be.

Saria: "What?"

Mido: "Where'd she...?"

Link: "Yeah. That was stupid..."

They all just kind of stare into space for a while until...

Saria: "You know guys, I'm usually one to look on the bright, cheery side of things, but I can't take it any more. I AM SO BOOOOOORED!"

Link: "That's ok Saria."

Mido jumps up onto his feet. "Guys! I just had an awesome idea!"

Link: "What?"

Mido: "I don't know..."

Saria: "What is it? What is it?"

Mido: "It's just..."

Link: "Spit it out already!"

Mido: "I'm not sure..."

Saria: "C'mon Mido! Just tell us!"

Mido: "My idea is..."

Mido pauses for a really long time. Link and Saria get fed up and start to walk away.

Mido: "Okay Okay! Come back I'll tell you!"

They exchange questioning looks and then walk back.

Mido: "Lets go ding-dong-ditching!"

Ha Ha. What a rotten place to stop. Don't worry, more chapters will come. Unless you don't care, in that case, whatever... : ) Thanx 4 Reading. Reviewers rock!