Warning: This chapter makes no sense at all, lol. So if you were looking for a story that has an actually plot and character building, you've come to the wrong place:)

(((More absolute Randomness)))

The three friends walk out into Hyrule field. Mido wistles, "Wow, who knew? There is actually a world outside of the forest! Really the forest was only a part of this new world called Hyrule. Is'nt that amazing guys!? I mean if that's possible than what else are we missing? Is Hyrule really apart of something larger, like say, a giant spherical rock floating in a vast expanse of empiness. And what if that vast expanse of nothingness is really apart of something bigger?!

Link: "Whatever, Mido. Everyone knows that if you leave Hyrule, you fall into a great ab-ab- What was that word again Saria?"

Saria: "abyss."

Link: "Yeah, that's why anyone that's every left Hyrule has never came back. Duh."

Mido: "Oh... I guess..."

Author: Hi eveyone. Ready for the next random chapter of Kokiri Forest Adventures? I know I am!

Link: "Why? I mean what is the point of this story anyways? So the author can have an excuse to write a secound rate extension chapter just to get reviews? THAT'S A HOLLOW VICTORY AND YOU KNOW IT, KITYPRYDE! YOU SICKEN ME!"

Mido: "Whoa. Calm down Link."

Link: "Calm down? Calm DOWN?! In order to calm down you have to be upset! I'm not upset! I'm FURIOUS!"

(Link explodes)

Mido: "Yes!"

Saria: "Waaaah!"

((Somewhere in Hyrule Castle))

A random group of school kids walk up to Ganondorf for directions.

"Um. Hello Mr. Ganondorf, can you tell me where Ms. Agatha's school house is?"

"Certainly. It's right off Stupid Street, next to the Crash testdummy factory, and across from YO' MAMA!"

Link groans, "That was terrible."

Everyone: Link? We thought you exploded.

Link: No way. That was just an optical allusion.

Saria: Oh. Well in that case. (hugs Link) I'm so glad your okay!

Link: Aw, thanks Saria.

Saria: (...still hugging Link...)

Mido: "Ahem. Cough. Cough! Cough! Cough!"

Saria: (...Still hugging Link...)


Link: "Gee Mido. That cough sounds terrible. Are you okay?"

Mido: (glares at Link) "Yeah. Just fine."

Saira: (actually stops hugging Link) "Are you sure?"

Mido: "Well, now that you mention it. My head feels kind of hot..."

Link: "Pssh. What a surprise..."

Mido: "What was that?"

Link: "...Nothing."

Ganondorf: "Honestly. If this chapter gets any worse, I'm straight up leaving."

Author: Straight up?

Ganondorf: (causiously) Yeah. That's what I said.

Author: ...

Ganondorf: What?

Author: "I was just thinking, that's all. Yep. I've decided."

Ganondorf: "What?! You've decided what?!"

Author: "Um. Nothing."

Ganondorf: "Why can't you tell me, G? That's whack, yo. Homeskillet never said anything about... oh no! I'll destroy you for this, dawg!"