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Summary - Tommy meets a new friend and tells an old friend the truth

A/N - This is my second PR fic and I really like this couple and a friend gave me a kick in the right direction to write one. So here it is. Also if you don't like slash you better go read something else.

Truth and Dare

Your love is king,
crown you in my heart.
Your love is king,
never need to part.
Your kisses ring,
round and round and round my head

Touching the very part of me.
It's making my soul sing.

Tearing the very heart of me.
I'm crying out for more.

The music echoed off the walls of the small caramel colored room, practically unnoticed by its occupants who were thoroughly engaged in activities of their own. A tall, lightly tanned boy straddled his best friend as their hands were in a mad scramble and their tongues battled for dominance. Before practically falling on top of him, the slightly older of the two boys broke the fierce lip lock and released his companion, sitting up on the couch and cuddling next to him. Both gazed into each other's eyes and caught their breath before one of them spoke.

"Hmm… that was nice. Want to do that again? " He began, stroking the hair of his companion.

"Definitely Jase. Besides, I…"

(Alarm beeps loudly)

"Damn!" Tommy thought as he begrudgingly opened his eyes. The sun peered through his curtains like a spotlight on a prisoner attempting escape. He felt himself going back to sleep soon after though, his body still clinging to denial. 'It couldn't be Tuesday already, right?' He thought. Unfortunately, his greatest irritation was realized by the morning DJ.

"Morning tater tots, It's your favorite DJ Rene 'sweeter than candy' Shannon, And I'm in for the day all alone, at least for the moment. Rach X and Baby Kitty couldn't make it in today. The breeders had their own kids to wrangle."

Her voice was warmed up, as if she had been already awake for hours, oh wait, she had been. Her voice was clear as Tommy went along his morning routine.

"It is a lovely Tuesday morning, with an expected high of seventy five and an audible groan on the lips of all K- twelve children, as the school starts again today after the three day weekend. So, in honor of the beginning of the stay at home mom's new found free time, we'll be playing oldies as well as eighties favorites from now until two."

By the time the DJ finished, Tommy had finished his regimen of showering, drying his hair and finding clean clothes to wear. He ended up just wearing stuff from last week. It's not that the new stuff his uncle got him wasn't okay, but it wasn't what he would normally wear. In fact, the only new thing he took with him was a leather-bound drawing book that Trini and Kim gave him for his birthday.

As he walked down the street, he crept back into his thoughts, lingering from the shadows of his sub-conscious. The dream he had was exactly what he wanted to do to his best friends. He wanted to be kissing, hold, and tell his Jason that he loved him. He finally admitted to himself that he was in love with the Red Ranger some time ago, but admitting it to the other boy, now that was something he wasn't quite ready for. Quickly taking a look at his watch, he saw that he had only a few minutes and daydreaming wasn't going to get him where he needed to be on time.

"Looks like its detention again."

(5 minutes past 8:00a.m.)

When he finally got to school, he thought he could silently slip in and none would be the wiser. Boy, did he think wrong.

"Aaahh, Mr. Oliver, thank you for joining us today," A voice spoke from behind Tommy causing the boy to slowly turned around to see the disappointed face of one principle, Mr. Kaplin

"Good morning, Mr. Kaplin. I thought-" Tommy started to say.

"Just stop right there, Tommy. Please follow me to the office." Mr. Kaplin spoke as he started towards the office the groaning boy slinking behind him. "Now, Tommy, I know you are very good student, but you need to learn how to come to school on time. This is what; you're fifth time coming in late?"

"Well you see-"

"Save your excuses." Cutting the boy off with a dismissive gesture as they reached the office, the principle was apparently tired of his ever growing list of excuses. "I'm going to forego detention just this once though. I need a little favor you see we have a new student and I need someone to escort her around the school."

Opening the door and letting Tommy into the office he held his hand out towards the stunning blonde haired, blued eyed, and clearly bored girl. "This is Miss Katherine Hillard; she comes to us from Australia. Katherine, may I introduce Tommy Oliver."

"Nice to meet you Tommy," She said as she held out her hand, smiling as Tommy nervously shook it.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Well, I can see that this is a good start." Mr. Kaplin spoke as he wrote out two hall passes. "Tommy will show you where the library, the lunchroom, and all of your classes are. Now get going you two." He said as he turned his back to them and walked into his office.

The teens quickly left the office, not wanting to spend a whole lot of time with the secretary poorly singing a Brittney Spears song. Tommy quickly showed Kat the lunchroom and library before finally ready to end the grand tour with her classes.

"Okay now I need to see your schedule." Tommy said as he got close to Kat.

Kat handed her schedule to him as she thought more about the small time they had spent together. The boy was definitely cute, not too talkative it seemed, but perhaps he was just shy. Still though he was indeed definite boyfriend material. Just about to ask if perhaps he'd like to extend their tour a bit longer she was quickly brought out of her thoughts as one thing she hated to see was happening to Tommy.

"Aw, how sweet, the fag is trying to pretend he's straight." Making disgusting kissing noises, Jeff, a wide receiver on the football team, was asking for a black eye, Tommy thought.

"I don't know he looks like a girl, Jeff, a real ugly one. Maybe he's actually a dyke." Matt laughed with the group of jocks.

Fists clenched and currently torn between getting involved in a fight with the idiots or sparing Kat any of the drama by leading her away, Tommy's mind was quickly made up for him as the blonde girl moved closer to his side, rage clearly in her eyes.

"Hey babe, why don't you dump that fag and come hang out with us?" Jeff said while slinging his arm over Kat shoulder and flexing for her.

"First of all my name is not 'babe' and second why would I want to hang out with a bunch of meat heads like you?" Kat said as she quickly took Jeff's arm off her shoulder with a disgusted look.

"Oh firey little thing aren't you. That's okay I like a girl with a little spunk." Jeff leered, moving behind her to once more wrap his arm around her. "What's say me and you go find a nice little spot to sit and talk?"

Moving to end the matter himself, Tommy was halted as Kat quickly shot him a wink and mouthed 'no'. Reluctant, but nevertheless letting her be he waited on edge to see what the now fairly evil looking girl would do.

"How about instead of talking I sing." Kat emphasized the word sing as she quickly elbow Jeff in the ribs and stomped on his foot with her high heeled boots. Flipping her hair back over her shoulder she slowly walked back to Tommy.

"Shall we continue?" Kat asked as she wrapped her arms around Tommy's arm and led him away from the group of shocked boys and a cursing Jeff. Once they were around the corner, Kat released Tommy's arm.

"So, how long has that been going on?" Kat asked.

"Since about when I first came to Angel Grove. At first, I was getting into fights with them about every day. After awhile, I just got used to it." Tommy replied with no real emotion in his voice.

Placing her hand gently on his shoulder. A few questions flew through her mind, but one shouted the loudest. "So you came out when you first arrived here?" She asked curiously thinking that was rather bold of the boy as it really did seem to be a fairly small town.

Tommy upon hearing her question dropped his art book and all his loose drawings that had been carelessly stuck in it. Seeing his drawings scattered he quickly dropped down and started to quickly gathering them all the while shaking his head. "What? No, no, I'm not gay, I mean, no, they're just idiots, they don't like me because I don't fit in and whatever." He was about to pick up a drawing of Jason that was right after his karate class, when another hand reached it first. Looking up and finding Kat smiling doubtfully at him, any further excuses and protests died.

"Nice drawing. You really captured his essence. It's no wonder that you might like him, even if you want to deny it and all." Kat said pointing to Jason in the drawling while handing it back. "Before you say anything else though, I just want you to know that I don't have a problem with you being gay if you are. I had friends back in Australia that were gay and were tormented for it. That's why I did what I did to that jerk, well that and he touched me so you know he sort of had it coming."

Sighing and taking the picture back, he quickly put it and the others back in the book before putting the book safely back in his bag. "You really think I'm gay?" At the girl's small smile and nod, the Green Ranger seemed less then pleased. "Crap."

"I won't tell anyone. Though some people seem to already know."

"Yeah, thanks." Not really admitting or denying the fact he was or wasn't, he was sure the girl had already made her mind up in the matter anyways. "I'm not the only one they bother anyways. There are two other guys here that are openly gay and one girl. They usually stick together so they're not harassed too badly at school, when I catch it though I try to step in, so do my friends, but you know."

"Do your friends know you're-?"

"What? No!" Holding his hands out, Tommy shook his head. "No, and please don't say anything about Jeff or them to them okay. Especially not him." Gesturing to his bag where he'd stuck the drawing she'd seen, Tommy shuddered at the drama that might very well cause.

"Can't tell him if I don't know him. So, there shouldn't be a problem there. Even though we just met, I can tell you're going to be a great friends." Kat said while coming closer to Tommy. 'Though I'd originally hoped more along the lines of a couple, but oh well friends will do I suppose.'

(12:05 p.m., lunchroom)

Despite the oddness of their first encounter Tommy was surprised to see that Kat was in most of his classes and that in each class no matter whose desk it was she always sat beside him.

'Okay, I get that she doesn't know anybody, but she doesn't have to stick beside me all the time.' Tommy thought absently, not really minding her presence, but it really was making it a touch difficult to talk privately with the other Ranger about recent 'business'.

"Yes, I do." A voice spoke behind him. Tommy jumped out of his seat ending up throwing a Jell-O cup close to Zack's head. Tommy quickly turned to see a laughing Kat sit beside him. "Just because I don't know anyone doesn't mean I can't just stick to one person. Besides no one else is as funny or as good looking as you." Kat giggled while winking at Tommy. Tommy was about to say something before the same Jell-O cup came flying right back at him.

"Dude, next time warn someone when you are going to start a food fight." Zack shouted at Tommy, while the whole rest of Rangers at their table laughed at the few stray globs of Jell-O in Zack's hair.

"So who is your new friend, Tommy?" Trini asked, seeing that Kat just fitted in with them right at the get go.

"Oh, I'm Kat Hillard. I just transferred here from Sydney Australia." Introducing herself to the group. Kat recognized each person from Tommy's drawings and remembered that Tommy had a crush on the boy at the end dressed in red. The drawling was like the actual person, she thought.

"Nice to meet you. Well I'm Kim, that's Zack, Billy, Trini, Jason, and you already know Tommy." Kim said while pointing to each person. Kim saw that Kat had a sense of style that was different from hers, but saw that each item she was wearing, Kim wanted to borrow herself. "Where did you get those boots?" Kim asked as she saw Kats thigh high heeled boots. While Kim and Kat were busy talking about clothes and where to go shopping, Tommy was busy drawing his favorite subject, Jason while he laughed at the argument Zack and Billy were having about sports. Not really caring that much for it, Tommy just kept drawing and now and then he would shake his head and laugh. After a while, Tommy noticed that Jason got up and went outside.

Kat see that the boy in red left, carefully without drawing suspension onto herself whispered into Tommy's ear. "Why don't you follow him and tell him." She whispered through a smile.

Tommy shocked at her suggestion looked at her with wide eyes.

"Tell what?" Kim questioned absently, noting the odd exchange between Tommy and the new girl.

"Nothing, just something some nosey people think I should share with Jason." Tommy muttered, fixing the blonde with a glare.

"You're keeping something? That's not nice." Zack goated playfully.

"They're right, you know we don't keep things from each other, especially you and Jason. So whatever it is go outside and tell him. Get it off your chest and you'll feel better." Trini said calmly.

"Geez you all are worse then Ri-Rebecca." Catching himself before giving anything away to Kat where their identities were concerned, Tommy without a word got up and went outside. Letting them think that he was going to go out to talk to the Red Ranger. The real reason was he just wanted to get away from everyone.

Finding a tree around the back of the school, he sank under it grateful for a minute of peace and quiet. 'Why can't I tell him that I love him? Each time I have that dream, I'm always so close to telling him. So, why can't I tell him in real life?' Tommy thought wearily as he laid his head down on his knees.


'Oh crap just who I need.'

"Hey I leave to get some air and come back to find everyone talking about you and you gone." Looking worried, Jason sat down next his friend. "Said you went to find me, that you had something you were keeping. You know it's no good to keep things from your teammates."

"Yeah I know, this is something that sort of needs to be kept though." Tommy got out, not daring to look at his friend.

"I doubt that. Besides it doesn't really have anything to do with being a Ranger for once. It's more of a personal matter."

Chuckling and feeling more then a little relieved, Jason shook his head. "Ah okay, who is she bro?"

Sighing as Jason had instantly taken that the exact way he'd hoped he wouldn't, Tommy heard the words come out before he could stop them. "It's not a girl. Jase, I have to tell you something. I'm gay and the person I'm in love with is you. For once after weeks of hiding the truth from you and the rest of the group I'm ready to tell you I love you and if you don't love me back that's fine I don't really expect you to, it's probably just a stupid crush from you saving me, but it's there and I don't want you to think I expect anything from you because I don't, honest, I just wanted to tell you and hope that it doesn't make stuff weird between us, though it probably will."


To be continued…..