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Summary - A shattered soul begins to heal.


Peaceful. That was the one word that Jason would you to describe what Tommy looked like while he slumbered. It had been three days since Tommy had came out of the operating room. Three days that Jason had stayed awake all night and day, hoping that Tommy will wake up. Three days worrying that Tommy will never wake up and he had lost his chance to apologize for everything and tell him how much he meant to him. Kim was staying with Jason for the day. The rest of the group decided to take turns staying with Jason and Tommy. Out of everyone, Kim was getting tired of seeing Jason looked like death warmed over. She was putting her foot down.

"Jason, you need to go home and go to bed or at least take a shower, but there is no way you are spending another minute sitting right there and have you smell like a bum who walked off the street." Kim argued.

"I'm not leaving him, Kim. Look what happened when I left him." Jason argued.

"I totally understand that Jason, but you can't be there all the time Jason. I mean look at you. You haven't slept for three days or have taken a shower. Plain and simple, you look like terrible. Would you want Tommy to see you like this when he wakes up?" Kim asked.

"No, but I'm still not leaving him, not till he wakes up." Jason spoke tiredly.

"I thought you would say that." Kim sighed. She picked up a bag beside her chair and threw it at Jason. He looked at it in question.

"What's this, Kim?" He asked.

"Your mom figured that you wouldn't leave or do anything till Tommy wakes up, so she called me and asked me to bring a bag of clothes for you to change as well as deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo." Kim said as she when back to her seat. "Now go take a shower. I'll be here if anything happens and besides the bathroom is only a few feet away."

"Thanks, Kim." Jason said as he got up from his chair. He was thinking that he shouldn't but Kim had a look on her face saying that if you don't do what I say, you'll be sorry. Walking slowly to the shared bathroom, he took a long look at Tommy hoping that whatever he was dreaming about was good and that the bad feeling rising in his stomach would go away.

Tommy's Dream

Tommy was walking to his locker after the school bell ring. It was very quiet, which was unusual for the school at this time of day. He quickly got to his locker and opened it, getting his stuff before Jeff and his group of idiots found him. He heard their laughter coming closer and closer as he gathered his books. He tried to shut his locker silently and leave, but to no avail. Jeff had turned the corner and spotted him. Tommy went into a mad dash to get away.

"Hey there he is!" Jeff shouted as the large group began to run after Tommy. Running as fast as he could, he exited behind the school. Out of the corner of his eye, Tommy noticed that a few of his things fell from his bag. He groaned and tried to run back through the door, so he could get them before Jeff, and the others caught up to him.

Too late!

The group of jocks busted through the door and they were on him, pushing him, shoving him brutally into the brick wall. They laughed at him, jeering as he fell to the harsh unforgiving cement surface with a stifled cry of pain from a heavy shove. Tommy tried not to cry out as he felt the skin on his cheek scrape painfully against the ground.

He tried to get up and felt a foot come down hard on his behind, shoving him back down with a whoosh of escaping air. Gritting his teeth and ignoring the mocking, sneering faces surrounding him he tried again to escape. Then, to his horror, hands were fumbling at his pants, clawing at skin, pulling them down and he tried even more frantically to escape….

"Hey Oliver, is that why you wear baggy pants? Makes it easier for you to take it up the ass, huh?" chortled one of the large boys encircling him, holding him down as he begged them to let him go.

Tommy flailed about desperately, trying to get away as he felt his pants tugged to his knees and in numb disbelief, he tried to deny what he knew the laughing crowd were going to do...

Never in his life was he happier to see Jason's trying to stop everyone.

Sobbing for breath, he got shakily to his knees…only to meet Jason's disgusted eyes as he turned and walked away.

"Jason!" Tommy shout to him as the mob of jocks began to resume their torture to him.

Real world

Kim jumped out of her seat as Tommy screamed and thrashed about on his bed. Fearing that he will hurt himself more, she quickly called for the nurse for help. Jason, just finished his shower heard the screams and quickly put his clothes on and rushed out of the bathroom. He pulled Tommy into his arms and tried to comfort him.

"Tommy calm down. No one's is hurting you. They can't get to you. You're safe." Jason spoke, repeating it again and again to Tommy. Opening his eyes for the first time in three days, Tommy saw Jason looking at him with caring eyes. Tommy, not knowing what else to do, pulled Jason into a tight hug, buried his head into his chest and cried. Jason, shocked to see Tommy cry for the first time, continued to hold him and stroke Tommy's hair.

"Its okay, Tommy. You're safe. No one is going to hurt you anymore, not as long as I'm around." Jason whispered. Neither one noticed, Kim come in with a nurse until she tapped Jason on the shoulder.

"Hey guys, I don't mean to intrude on what you were doing, but now that you woke up the nurse needs to do a quick check up. Then if you don't mind Tommy, Jason promised his mom that he would come home when you woke up and actually sleep." Kim said as she moves so the nurse could do her job. Jason, reluctant to let go of Tommy, did as Kim said and moved away. After just walking a few steps away, Kim took a hold of Jason's arm and dragged him to the hall.

"Well, at least he's now awake and hopefully better and, also, that means you can go home and someone to come fill your place." Kim said as she took a seat in the hall.

"What do you mean I can go home? I'm not leaving." Jason argued.

"Oh yes you are!" Kim shouted while crossing her arms. "You promised your mom that you would come home when he woke up. Besides you need to, you've been up for three days straight. I already called Zack to come get you cause you don't need to be driving without any sleep. You can come back after you got sleep. Trust me, Jase. Me and Kat have will take good care of him while you're gone." Kim winked. Jason was contemplating wither he should chain himself to Tommy's bed, but he saw the look of pure resolution on Kim's face. He knew that he didn't have a choice in the matter. Giving a final sigh, he took a seat in the hall.

"Knew you would see it my way." Kim smiled as they waited for the nurse to finish and Zack to come.

15 minutes later

Kim had finally shut the door to Zack's car. Fighting Jason to get in the car was tougher than she thought. Watching the car pull away from the hospital with a pouting Jason, Kim made her way back to Tommy's room and fulfill her promise to Jason and wait for Kat to come. She barely made it into Tommy's room before he bombarded her with questions.

"Where am I? What happened? Did Rita attack again? How long have I been asleep? Where's Jason? Why was he here?" Tommy asked all in one breathe. Giving another sigh, Kim knew this was the one talk that she really didn't want to be the one to talk to about.

"Tommy, calm down. You're in the Hospital. Kat found you covered in blood in front of her front door while me and Trini were at her house. We drove you to the ER as fast as we could. They took you in immediately and we had to wait over four hours while they took you into the OR. Mrs. Scott was the one who did all the operating. She brought Jason with her because we called him and told him what happened. You had several of your ribs broken, several deep cuts and bruising all over your body, and internal bleeding in certain areas." Kim said while the memories rushed to her and her eyes began to tear. She didn't notice that Tommy's eyes were filling with tears as memories of the rape began to replay in his mind.

"You've been asleep for three days straight. While you were sleeping me, Kat, Zack, Trini, and Billy took turns watching you. Jason was with you every single day and night, well in spirit at night. They wouldn't let us stay over night. Not ever Jason's mom could change that, but he's been awake all the time. Hoping that you would wake up soon." Kim continued. Tommy was shocked to hear that Jason had been staying with him for three days and nights.

"Don't be so shocked. He's your best friend, even if you hadn't been talking for a while. It was so cute seeing him give you a sponge bath and dressing you." Kim noticing that Tommy's shock turned into a full blown blush made her laugh. "Ok, I was just joking about the baths and all, but he would if he could. Now I don't know all the details about why Jason stayed awake all the time, but Kat probably does, so when she gets here you can ask her when she gets here. Until then just eat your Jell-O and watch TV or take a nap." Kim commanded. Tommy barely laughed as he started to eat the Jell-O wondering what Jason was doing.

Jason's house

Jason had just walked through the door and felt all the stress from the past days consume him. He didn't have the strength to climb the stairs. He decided that instead of passing out beside the door or on the stairs he would go sleep on the couch. He slowly made his way to the couch and laid down onto it and fell fast asleep. Minutes after he was asleep, Allison Scott looked into the living room and saw Jason fast asleep on the couch. She quietly made her way to the room, draped a quilt on him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She hoped that after everything that happened that the two teens would talk soon and with that final thought, she gave a quick prayer for her son and Tommy and went back to her office, while Jason slept and dreamed of Tommy.

To Be Continued ….

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