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Sasuke's thoughts

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Sweetest Sin

5 Years after the Hospital Incident

Sasuke backed him up into a wall, kissing his neck roughly. Naruto moaned loudly, grabbing at Sasuke's hair. Sasuke smirked into the kiss as he bit down on the patch of skin, but lapping it up with his tongue right after.

"Nn… Sasuke," Naruto moaned lowly in his throat.

"Yes Naruto?"

"We… we have to stop!"

"Do we really?" Sasuke questioned nuzzling into Naruto's neck.

"Come on… we're gonna be late if we continue this!" Naruto said straightening his clothes again.

"Because if we don't show up, Temari is gonna be mad and might come and want to kill us BOTH!" Naruto said as he fixed his tie in the mirror.

"I still can't believe I agreed to this," Sasuke said to himself as he saw himself in the mirror.

"Come on… you look adorable. Like an Uchiha penguin," Naruto said kissing Sasuke's cheek as Sasuke tried to pinch his butt. Naruto ran out the room as he walked to the nearby church, trying his best not to wrinkle his new suit.

Sasuke caught up to him, walking alongside Naruto as they walked into the church and took their places. They saw how packed the church was and smirked to themselves. Everything grew quite as they saw Shikamaru stand on the current position, waiting for the doors open. Sasuke and Naruto shot him thumbs up as he smiled to himself.

Suddenly the doors opened and you could see a girl dressed all in white with a veil over her face with Gaara on her side as they commenced the walk down the aisle. Gaara smirked to himself as he looked to the side and saw Neji looking up at him. He shook his head slightly and then took the girl's hand and gave it to Shikamaru. Shikamaru nodded once as Gaara returned the gesture and took his place.

Shikamaru lifted the veil and revealed to everyone Temari who was smiling brightly and biting her lip at the same time. Shikamaru smiled to himself as he looked at Jiraiya, who smiled at them all.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…."


"You may now kiss the bride," Jiraiya said to them both as Shikamaru leaned forward and captured Temari's lips in a soft kiss. Temari deepened the kiss by pulling him closer and wrapping her arms around his neck. Everyone continued clapping as Naruto cried silently to himself as Sasuke looked over at him.

"You're not crying are you?" Sasuke questioned him.

"Weddings. They make me so emotional sometimes," Naruto sobbed. Sasuke rolled his eyes as he saw Temari and Shikamaru get off the spot that they were standing on and towards another building. Sasuke went over to Naruto, taking his arm and pulling him out the church as his cries turned to quiet sniffles.

Everyone walked towards there were tables and of course the infamous wedding cake. Shikamaru and Temari sat down in their seats as the looked at everyone. Shikamaru stayed standing and saw everyone before him. He cleared his throat and signaled everyone to look at him as they all did. He looked down at Temari and then at everyone else.

"This is probably the most troublesome thing I've ever done," Shikamaru started as everyone laughed, "In the beginning when I met Temari, I didn't know what to think of her. She was different from every other girl I've met, but it wasn't weird. It was almost like she was meant for me. She's been the person that's held my heart since I first met her. She has that fiery passion in her that's hard to ignore no matter how hard you try,"

"She amazing. In and out and I couldn't choose anybody different. She knows when I'm being a total jerk off and knows how to put me in my place. And even when things get troublesome, she's the one that makes me work," Shikamaru raised his glass then as everyone mimicked him, "So this toast is for you Temari. Because you mean everything to me and I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my life with," he said finally as Temari looked up at him in shock at the beauty of his words and then smiled at him.

Everyone toasted to her as Shikamaru lent down and gave Temari a kiss. Sasuke looked over at Naruto and saw that he was on the verge of tears once again and gave him a playful nudge on the shoulder. Naruto looked up at Sasuke who winked in his direction.

Sasuke looked up and saw that Temari was getting ready to cut the cake. When Shikamaru gave her a knife she shoved it away as he looked at her weirdly. She looked towards Kankuro who threw her sword at her as she unsheathed it and cut the cake straight down the middle. Sasuke and Naruto cringed, by the memory of the sword but both started laughing because it was simply a regular Temari moment.

Shikamaru took the first piece and then took his finger, taking some of the frosting and putting it on Temari's nose as she looked at him in awe. She took some of the frosting off of the cake and did the same to him as he smiled to himself kissing her.

Sasuke and Naruto grabbed their piece of cake and went to sit down with the rest of people while Temari and Shikamaru were still chucking cake everywhere.

"Can't believe me, you, Temari and Shikamaru have been together this long," Naruto said to Sasuke, with a mouth full of cake.

"I can… there been a few rough patches, but it's been good," Sasuke said to him.

"Yeah, that's definitely true," Naruto said smirking. Sasuke looked over at him, smiling as Naruto looked over him with a mouthful of cake, so much that his cheeks were poking out.

"What?" Naruto said to him.

"Nothing," Sasuke answered him. Naruto smiled as did Sasuke. I've never smiled so much since I've been with him…it feels like yesterday that I just met him.

"Hey guys," Temari said as she walked over to Naruto and Sasuke.

"Hey Temari… this cake is REALLY good," Naruto said to her. Temari rolled her eyes laughing as she looked over at Sasuke. He nodded at her; she returned the gesture and then looked back over at Naruto.

"How'd you guys like the service?" Temari questioned them both.

"It was funny. Especially since Jiraiya was the one doing it!" Naruto screamed in excitement.

"I figured you would say that,"

"What else can I say?" Naruto said smiling again. Temari laughed as Shikamaru came to her side and whispered something in her ear that made her smile. She looked at Naruto and Sasuke and grabbed her bouquet as she was getting ready to meet up with Shikamaru.

"He wants to leave early for a little 'down time'" Temari said to them. Sasuke and Naruto exchanged glances as they looked at her while she glared at them, "I'm gonna go throw the bouquet,"

She walked away and Naruto laughed, getting up with Sasuke as they made their way to where Temari was standing. She turned around and had her back to all the bridesmaids. Naruto glared at Sasuke for a comment he made and opened his hands to protest and that's when the bouquet landed in his hands. He looked down at himself and noticed it there as he looked over at Sasuke whom at that moment started laughing. All the women sucked their teeth in sadness as he looked around and then at Temari.

"Is this some kind of sick twisted joke?" Naruto questioned, pointing to the bouquet.

"Nope, you caught it. We better be invited to the wedding Naruto," she said to him laughing. Naruto blushed bright red as Sasuke grabbed his arm and walked towards the exit towards his car.

"This has to be some kind of joke!" Naruto said angrily.

"Why? What would be wrong with it?" Sasuke questioned almost sounding hurt.

"We're like WAY too young. It so wouldn't be the right time or ANYTHING!" Naruto said to Sasuke. Sasuke said nothing more as he tried not to look a bit hurt.

"Let's get home," Sasuke said to him as he put the car in drive. Naruto noticed that now Sasuke seemed to be acting weirder than usual. Wonder what's the matter with Sasuke. He hasn't been the same since the wedding. When they finally got home to the house Sasuke parked the car and went to make sure that Itachi wasn't home. He realized that Itachi was probably at the jail cell making fun of Hitaka and Sai since they were now imprisoned.

Sasuke turned around and saw that Naruto was currently taking his tie off. Naruto looked over at Sasuke who was currently looking at him, his eyes full of lust.

"Sas… Sasuke?" Naruto said a bit worried.

"Yes Naruto?"

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You just look so damn sexy like that and I bet you don't even know what you're doing to me," Sasuke said to him. Naruto blushed furiously as Sasuke told him this.

"Why do you always do this to me?" Naruto mumbled to him. Sasuke placed a hand on his cheek coaxing him to look into his eyes.

"Why don't we continue where we left off?" Sasuke questioned as he kissed Naruto softly. Naruto deepened the kiss, pushing into him, lacing his arms around Sasuke's neck as Sasuke requested access into Naruto's mouth who happily granted it. Naruto battled Sasuke for dominance, their tongues wrestling constantly. Sasuke separated from Naruto sucking on his neck as Naruto moaned out loud.

"Bedroom," Naruto rasped out, grabbing Sasuke's hand trying to get to the bedroom without tripping on the stairs. Sasuke smirked seeing how the dress pants Naruto was wearing defined his ass so well. He couldn't help it and grabbed at Naruto's ass who squeaked slightly.

When they finally got the top of the stairs Naruto looked over at Sasuke who shoved him into the room, closing the door behind him. Naruto shoved Sasuke against the closed door attacking his mouth then, while Sasuke kissed him ruthlessly. Sasuke moved away from the door, taking Naruto with him as Naruto jumped up, wrapping his legs around Sasuke's waist whilst Sasuke carried him over to the bed, never breaking the kiss.

Sasuke lowered him down onto the bed while Naruto looked up at him with half-lidded eyes and then saw the tie that was getting in his way. Sasuke noticed that was what Naruto was looking at and took it off right away.

"Thank you," Naruto said, pulling Sasuke down by the collar, crushing his lips onto Sasuke's. Sasuke trailed his hands to Naruto's buttons, unbuttoning them slowly. Naruto pulled away from him, unbuttoning his own buttons, while Sasuke focused on his own shirt. They both took it off, throwing it to the floor. Sasuke lent down smirking as he attached his mouth to Naruto's neck.

Naruto moaned out loud while Sasuke put his hands on Naruto's slim waist. He moved his hands down lower cupping Naruto's ass in between his hands. Naruto arched into him as he did that, looking at him with lust filled eyes.

"Do you want me to just come right now?" Naruto questioned sexily.

"Depends. Would you be able to get back up if you did?" Sasuke said to him, rubbing his hands in small circles on Naruto's rear end.

"These… need to come off… now," Naruto said trying to unbutton Sasuke's pants. Sasuke smirked; pushing Naruto's down by his shoulders as he took Naruto's hands off of his pants and started to unbutton them very slowly. Naruto writhed under him, which is exactly what he wanted. Sasuke unzipped his pants slowly, sliding from them, leaning back down onto Naruto.

"No fair… you're still clothed," Sasuke said, rubbing at Naruto's clothed member. Naruto moaned loudly, looking at Sasuke through half-lidded eyes, which just smirked, unbuttoning Naruto's pants slowly as he did with his own. He unzipped them as Naruto lifted his hips slightly, to aid in the process.

Sasuke took the pants off smirking, seeing that Naruto wasn't wearing any underwear. He leaned down to Naruto's exposed stomach, kissing it softly. He went down lower, sticking his tongue into Naruto's navel, who moaned loudly. Sasuke went lower; neglecting the part that Naruto wanted his mouth to go to so badly. He kissed the inside of Naruto's thighs as Naruto parted his legs freely.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?" Sasuke said to Naruto. Naruto moaned as Sasuke played with the tight sack that was before him. Naruto gasped, widening his eyes to the maximum as he felt Sasuke sucking on it roughly.

"Sas…Sasuke," Naruto moaned incoherently. Sasuke smirked taking his mouth away as he licked up the stiff shaft that was standing upright. He trailed his tongue along the vein that was on the underside of Naruto's member. Sasuke moved all the way up to the tip as he sucked it lightly, encasing his whole mouth around the tip.

Naruto arched into his mouth, while Sasuke smirked around him, not bothering to hold his hips down and let Naruto stick his entire member down Sasuke's throat. Sasuke hummed around Naruto's member as Naruto writhed at the vibrations being sent up his spine.

Sasuke took his mouth away from Naruto's length, who whimpered at the loss. Naruto tried to grab Sasuke's shoulders who looked at him, smirking at how flushed he had made Naruto. He leaned down, sucking on Naruto's neck lightly. Naruto moved Sasuke's lips to his own, sucking on the bottom one as Sasuke pulled away. Naruto smirked up at him as Sasuke bit his lip, looking down at him.

"You look so damn fuckable, looking up at me like that,"

"Then why don't you put meaning into those words and take these damn things off," Naruto said, motioning to Sasuke's black silk boxers. Sasuke smirked, putting his thumbs through them, taking his time to pull them down. He pulled them down all the way, tossing them to the side as Naruto looked up at him, pulling him down flush against his chest. Sasuke grit his teeth moaning as their members brushed up against each other.

"Do you really want me to just come right now?" Naruto questioned him through grit teeth.

"I already gave you my answer," Sasuke said to him.

"Lube," Sasuke said getting up slightly as Naruto grabbed his wrist while Sasuke looked down at him.

"Forget it,"

"But I don't want it to hurt you,"

"Don worry about it," Naruto said to him. Sasuke shook his head, positioning three of his fingers at Naruto's mouth saying just one word.


Naruto took Sasuke's fingers into his mouth, sucking on them slowly. Sasuke tried to hold back a moan as Naruto's tongue worked at his fingers, making them as wet as possible. Sasuke took his fingers out of Naruto's mouth and positioned them at his entrance. Sasuke pushed one in slowly while Naruto writhed beneath him. Sasuke paused, not wanting to hurt Naruto but Naruto just pushed back on Sasuke's fingers telling him to go forward. Sasuke pulled it out slowly, shoving it back inside. He took a second finger and pushed it in as Naruto moaned even louder beneath him. Sasuke stuck in the last and final finger as Naruto bit into his fist lightly. Sasuke scissored the fingers inside of him.

Sasuke found that Naruto was stretched enough and positioned himself at Naruto's entrance. Naruto looked at him pulling him down into a kiss as he breathed on his ear.

"I expect to hear you scream my name,"

"Give me something worth screaming about…and then we'll talk," Naruto said to him. Sasuke smirked as he grabbed Naruto's legs, putting them over his shoulder. Naruto looked up at Sasuke and then shut his eyes tightly as he felt Sasuke penetrate him.

"It's been to long," Sasuke grunted, staying in the position, letting Naruto get accustomed to him. Naruto stayed still, panting, his face flushed. It was taking all of Sasuke's will power not to just slam into Naruto repeatedly. Naruto pushed back onto Sasuke, who took that as a cue to pull out and push all the way back in. Naruto moaned, as Sasuke pushed in and out of him. Naruto wrapped his legs tighter around Sasuke, pushing him in deeper.


"Almost had ya," Sasuke grunted. He switched his angle slightly as it erupted inside of Naruto, making his eyes go wide with pleasure.


"There we go,"

Sasuke continued to push into Naruto and he felt himself coming close to an end. He could see Naruto was close, seeing as how he was trying to find something to grip onto and not slip. Currently he was trying to keep his hold on the headboard. With one more push, Naruto came all over Sasuke and his stomachs as he tightened around Sasuke, who came deep inside of Naruto.

Sasuke let Naruto ride his high as he fell on top of him in a sweaty, tired heap. Naruto pulled Sasuke's face to his, kissing him lightly. Sasuke smiled down at him, brushing some of his hair out of his face as a spark struck in his mind and he got up from the bed, pulling out of Naruto so suddenly.

"Sasuke?" Naruto questioned as he saw how weird his boyfriend was acting. Sasuke went over to the drawer and rummaged through it as he looked over at Naruto, who was sitting on the bed dumbfounded. Sasuke went over to Naruto, with something clutched in his hands as he walked over to the bed and saw Naruto looking at him as if he were a nut job.


"Yes Sasuke?"

"I know earlier today what you said. How you claim us to be to young, how you say you'd rather wait. But I don't think I can. You are everything that I love. My light in my dark, my sun in my shine. You're my entire world, and after all… you did catch the bouquet," Sasuke got down on one knee then as Naruto's eyes widened.

"Uzumaki Naruto… Will you marry me?"

Can you imagine us,

Making love...

The way you would feel the first time that we touched,

Can you think of it...

The way I dream of it,

I want you to see like im seeing you...

It's a picture of perfection,

The vision of you and me...

Your lips upon my lips,

Can you just picture this...

Your finger tips on my finger tips,

Your skin upon my skin...

Would be the Sweetest Sin


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Would be the Sweetest Sin...