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The Road

On the third day from Rivendell, we reached the site of Bilbo's first attempt at pick pocketing,the Center of the forest called Trollshaws. The forest was gorgeous; the noonday sunlight filtering through the foliage was a light green. The birds were singing, the little hobbits cantering around on little ponies that Elrond had found for them off in the distance. We were so content and really didn't want to move so we made camp inside the troll circle, and spent the rest of the day just enjoying the sun and each others company. Earendil, Elendil, Ester, and I went hunting and brought back two rabbits and a deer. We came back and split up the cooking and clean up jobs and who would watch the hobbits. It was a lovely little holiday. That night we all went to sleep as content as ever.

Sometime in the late watches of the night a terrible, high pitched, unearthly scream rent the once peace filled air. I woke with a start and clutched Eariy's hand. I saw everyone sitting up and the little hobbits hugging each other. The scream rang again and that startled Fastred and Elanor into running toward Eairy and me, and Goldilocks and Faramir to Aramorn and Ester. Just then I felt the urge to look through my bag and to put on the Cloak.

I clutched Earendil even closer and whispered, "Don't let me succumb to the call! Hold me until I don't want to put on the cloak. Help me meleth nin!" I wrapped the two hobbits in my embrace and Eairy held me and with another of those unearthly screams a gray shape stepped out from behind each of the trolls. At the appearance of these … things, we rushed to center where our fire was dying down. Boromir stoked it and then we made a circle around the fire with everyone facing outwards. We sat between the Hobbits with the bag containing the Cloak and the Nassgul.

"Give usss the Cloak," they hissed. "We won't harm you. In fact you will be well… rewarded by our massster. But only if you lissssten to usss and don't o resissssst."

"Why should I give it to you?! You would only take it for yourself not give it to the Shadow Lord-" At this the wraiths hissed loudly and charged. As one we raised our swords and prepared for attack. Granted none of us had any mail or enchanted swords… WHY GOD WHY… Then they reached us and there was no time to think. Just fight and if get a chance grab burning branches. Just as they were nearly upon us the five Hobbits struck with burning brands. I was so intent on the wraiths I didn't realize what they had done until the Nassgul charging were running away burning in flames.

Once I catch my breath I declare, "Once again Hobbits prove Mithrandir's saying," at this my siblings and Eairy join, "'there is always more to Hobbits then you guess.'"

On our eighteenth day from the center of the Trollshaws we arrived at the Prancing Pony, on a what would probably be a very busy evening for it was the end of the harvest judging by the empty fields that we passed and it was raining to boot, so many people would be relaxing with a drink and or trying to get warm in the Inn. By the time we tramped into the golden warmth of the Inn we were soaked to the skin and didn't look at all like ourselves

"Hello, and how might I help you on this fine, well the weather is terrible but business is booming as you can tell." Barliman Butterburr greeted us cheerfully. "Hi Nob! Come and get these cloaks you wooley-footed hobbit!"

"Yes sir! Coming sir!" As Nob, a cheerful little hobbit, scurried in from the common room, divested us of our sodden cloaks I said, "Master Butterbur, we'd like stabling for seven horses, a pony, and a pack horse. Also rooms as close to one another as possible."

Finally recognition dawned on the kind old wide man's face, "Why? Bless me if it isn't their Highnesses from Gondor! And young Hobbits from the Shire to boot. What brings you here? For Mr. Frodo's birthday has passed if my reckoning is right."

"I'm I afraid I can't tell you that Mr. Butterbur. But we would like to dine in a private parlor if you please."

"Right. Nob, bring their cloaks to Parlor Two. And tell Bob to find stabling for seven horses and pony and a pack horse."

"Yes sir!" Nob scurried off to tell Bob.

"Right this way if you please, ladies and gents." We followed Barliman to a very big and comfortable private parlor. There was a small fire burning in the fireplace a long table that was set with fine china.

"Well, Nob should be back soon and he'll get some cushions for you dear little Hobbits and take orders for food and drink," Butterbur said as he added some wood to the fire to send it merrily crackling. "And now I must be off for there's a wonderful crowd tonight."

Just before he could completely take off Aramorn called after him, "Are there any messages for any of us Mr. Butterbur?"

"Why no, Mr. Aramorn, I don't believe there is." And with that he made a hasty exit. Just then Nob scurried in hung up there cloaks near the fire. Then he stoked the fire so it was roaring and heating the whole room. Then he left and brought back many cushions for us to arrange on the chairs so the hobbits could eat.

"What would you be wanting to drink little masters and your Highnesses?"

"Mulled wine, mead, beer and ale for us and for the little Hobbits hot milk and water." I answered.

"Right, now I'll show you to your rooms so you can get cleaned up for supper." When everyone was clean and back in the parlor sitting down, Nob, Mr. Butterbur and a few other helpers brought in our drinks and supper. It was delicious; roast beef, salad, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, freshly baked rolls, chicken soup, butter, cheeses of all sorts, fresh fruit and for desert blueberry, apple and strawberry pies and crumbles and tarts all piping hot and freshly baked. After dinner we gathered around the fire sipping hot coco and told stories to amuse the hobbits. Just when they were nodding off to sleep, Eater and I put them to bed and then went back to talk about our next move.

"The way I see it we need to get the hobbits back home and warn as many hobbits not wander outside the shire unless they know how to defend themselves or with others who can." I said. "The only problem is I don't want to take the Cloak into the Shire and we cannot delay the Quest much longer."

"Well, why can't I go into Shire? I kind of want to catch up on a few things and I know where all their homes are. Also I know who I can tell that will continue to pass the word." Announced Cock Robin

"Well. That is a good point but if you do go we'd have to establish a meeting place and you don't know the lands of Arnor very well." I pointed out.

"I can go with him Kalle." Said Boromir.

"Are you both sure you want to go?"

"Well it's been a long while since I've been in the Shire. I want to see it and a few other Hobbits I haven't seen in many years. Friends I made when I was ten or eleven years old."

"Ok. I guess we'll meet up at Fornost then?" I said.

"Sure. We'll go as quickly as possible and if you continue the pace about what it has been we should be able to deliver the hobbits our messages and meet up hopefully on the road and if not, well wait two days or so and if we don't come by then go on ahead. Leave a message saying which pass through the North Downs you've taken and depending on how many days we get in after you we may or may not catch up. Is that satisfactory with everyone?"

"I guess." We said reluctantly.

This be how I calculated Days FSMP&A-7th from Bree-reach Weathertop…14 days from Weathertop reach Fords of Bruinen… total 21 days… Trollshaws about 2 or 3 days to Rivendell… About 10 or 11 days to Weathertop from center of Trollshaws… So from center of Trollshaws to Bree about 18 or 19 days…