The Underworld at Twilight

Anya Masters is your normal teenager…well sort of. Will Sky High ruin her secret? And will her attending endanger the lives of our favorite heroes and sidekicks? And will she find love in the midst? Warren/OC.

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Chapter 1: Anya Kristine Masters

Today is going to be a nightmare. However, before I get into that, you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Anya Kristine Masters and I just moved to Maxville from Transylvania. I was born in Salem, Mass to Sebastian and Chloe Masters. We're not your normal family though. My mother is the daughter of Edward Penn; most knew him by his hero name….Rain Man, and Willow Jennings, a faerie. Before you say anything….yes….faeries exist. My father is a different story. We don't know much about his parents but is brother is very well known. My father is the younger brother of Vladimir Dragulia, more commonly known as Dracula. My father changed his name when he moved to the States to avoid all suspicion. I take after both parents and inherited my grandfather's power, controlling rain and storms. I have my mother's body type: average height, long legs, okay size chest. Nothing special…but being part vampire…makes your looks ten times more beautiful. I inherited my dad's blood red hair (go figure…a vampire with blood red hair), bright green eyes, skin so pale that it glows in sunlight….IF I go out in it, and the trait that makes our kind stand out….my fangs (A/N: To see what she looks like…click on the link on my profile). Aside from the weird combination that makes up my heritage, I'm a normal 17-year-old.

Back to what I previously said….today is going to be a nightmare. Today marks my first day of my junior year at Sky High. The nightmare is going to be keeping my secret. The Counsel isn't to keen on "humans" knowing our secret. The exception was my mother, for faeries have Counsels of their own. That's the problem with the Counsel….they think anyone who isn't a vampire or a creature from mythology is a human. They don't understand that. Whatever. Today was a day like any other day. But I was pretty tired. Back in Transylvania, I slept during the day and was awake at night….like most vampires. Sun doesn't kill us but it makes us weak and our skin sparkles in the light, giving away that something is not normal with us. No, I don't sleep in a coffin….movies put some crazy shit theories in people's heads. So I'm still not used to being up when the sun is out. That was easily fixed. I got up at five in the morning, sighs no sun to deal with yet. I jumped in the shower and filled the bathroom with the smell of pumpkin (my shampoo, conditioner, and hair stuff is pumpkin scented). I did my usual morning (sort of) routine of getting dressing in my black and red Tripp pants and my red and black lace corset top with my black and red Converses. I did my usual makeup of black eyeliner, black eye-shadow, black mascara, and blood red lips…I like black and red….so what? I went downstairs, slapped a bag of blood on my now extended canines, and grabbed an apple. Before venturing out into the sun, I threw on my black hoodie and pulled the hood over my face then made it cloudy out…just to be safe.

The walk to the bus stop was a boring one. But I had my black Ipod nano to keep me company. I listened to My Chemical Romance's Vampires Will Never Hurt You (how ironic…but I love that song so it doesn't matter) as I waited for the bus to pull up. The bus ride was just as boring…thank god for my Ipod. Marilyn Manson played on the way to the high school in the sky. No one came up to talk to me (YES!) but I got a lot of weird stares. What?! Have you never seen a new student before?! I thought to myself as I walked into the building and out of the sun. Once in the safety of the school I removed my sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. Luckily, I didn't have to wander around the school or ask someone for directions because Principal Powers was waiting for me. "Welcome, Anya, to Sky High," she said welcomingly. "Now, if you will follow me, I will escort you to the gym."

The walk to the gym was silent, for the most part. She asked me simple questions about myself, and I answered them. We arrived at the gym a few minutes later and let me tell you, the gym is HUGE!…for a gym anyways. "Anya, that is Coach Boomer. He will be placing you as either Hero or Hero Support based on your powers. Good luck," and with that, she left. I looked at the group of kids staring at me. Poor kids….they must be scared shitless I thought to myself. I walked to the back of the group, all eyes still on me. As I walked, I surveyed the room. Big…very big. Scattered around the stands were some other students. Upperclassmen, I figured. Through Power Placement, I could feel eyes on me and whispers here and there. It didn't faze me though, I was used to it. The bell for lunch rang and there were ten freshmen, plus me, still nervously waiting to get past judgment (Well…that's what it felt like, anyways).

I followed the remaining freshies to the lunchroom, being the last to enter. Again, all eyes were on me. Am I THAT much of a freak of nature that everyone has to stare at me? Or is it not everyday that they get junior transfers here? I'll take the latter option, thank you very much! I spotted an empty table in the far corner of the café…of course it had to be the FAR corner…now I have to walk in front of all these people. Sure, walking into the gym wasn't a problem. But this was the whole fucking school. Suck it up, An. You can do this. It's nothing, you idiot! I chastised and reassured myself. Taking a deep breath and standing tall with confidence, I made my way to the empty table. After what seemed like an eternity, I reached the table and was not able to shake off the feeling of being watched and the whispers never left my ears. Tough parts over…I think…I hope.

I sat there reading the book I had brought, The Complete Workings of Edgar Allen Poe. He's one of my favorite authors. I've loved his works since I was a kid…I know…kinda weird that a small child likes to read Poe. Then again, I'm not your normal person. As I read, I could still feel every eye on me. Yeah, not a pleasant feeling. Not taking my eyes off the book, which I've read numerous times…probably enough to have memorized every word of every story, I felt someone sit across from me. I looked up from my book and met the gaze of the first human I came to trust.

"Hi! I'm Layla," she said smiling.

"Anya," was all I could say. It usually took three days for people to get up the nerve to talk to me after I transferred into the school. I guess there's a first for everything.

"I couldn't help but notice that you were sitting alone and I was wondering if you would like to join my friends and I for lunch?" she asked, with the same smile but sheepishly. I was stunned. It usually took a WEEK for THAT to happen. I simply shook my head in response and gathered up my stuff. She smiled even brighter when I accepted her offer. As we walked to her table, which was halfway to the opposite side of the lunchroom, more whispers broke out. What can I say? I'm used to it. When we got to her table, I was pleasantly surprised. She has a very diverse group of friends. From a nerd, to a wannabe gangsta, to two punk/goths, to the all-American kid. These people would soon become the people I trusted and confided in most. As we approached, all but one looked up at us.

"Anya, that's Ethan, Magenta, Zach, my boyfriend Will, and the one behind the book is Warren. Guys, this is Anya. She's gunna sit with us." As she introduced them, I took note of who was who. Ethan was the nerd and wore a lot of orange. Zach was the wannabe gangsta that wore a lot of neon yellow and almost white hair. Normally I avoid people like that because they scare me a little, but Zach was different. From the second I met him, he was a goofball. So I could look past the wannabe gangsta-thing. Magenta was one of two punk/goths covered in purple from head to toe. Then came Will, the all-American guy. Seeing as how Warren was still hiding behind his book, I looked at Layla for the first time almost. She was a redhead, like me, and wore a lot of green. She always had the same smile on her face and that smile was mirrored in her eyes. We sat down and the interrogation had started.

"So, Anya. Where did you transfer in from?" Will asked.

"Transylvania. It's a small town, you wouldn't have heard of it." Well, it wasn't a complete lie. I WAS from Transylvania, just not a small town. When I moved to Transylvania at the age of ten, we moved into Uncle Vlad's castle.

"So, if you're from Transylvania, why don't you have an accent?" Zach asked. It sounded somewhat stupid at first, but then I remembered that they knew nothing about me, but then I answered. "I was born in Salem and then moved to Transylvania when I was ten". After the next question Zach asked me, I retracted my previous statement about him asking stupid questions…"Massachusetts?" Everyone groaned at his question and Warren looked up from his book (FINALLY!) and gave Zach the "what-the-hell?" look. "No. Salem, New Jersey" I said with sarcasm and then a laugh. As everyone (except Zach, who blushed in embarrassment) laughed at my retort, I took the time to look at Warren. He had shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair with a single red streak in it. Enchanting dark brown eyes that I found myself getting lost in. From what I could tell, he had muscles. The first thing that crossed my mind was FUCK HE'S HOT!

The rest of lunch went on the same as it began, with the exception of Warren who stopped reading his book and actually seemed interested in the conversation/interrogation. The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. The gang was nice enough to bring me to the gym for my judgment. When we walked in, I got the surprise of my life. Almost the whole school, plus staff, was seated in the stands watching the remaining students get placed. No doubt the reason they were there was to get a look at their new transfer's powers. If they want a show, I'll give them a show.

"You! Transfer student! Get up here!"

Shit. That was the only thought that crossed my brain. I looked through the crowd and spotted my new friends. I looked at each of them. All had the same encouraging look on their face, but Warren. His was different. He gave me a small smile and an encouraging nod. Now, I had only known him for less than a day and I already knew that the kind gestures were not a normal characteristic. But they helped. With a slight nod back, I turned and faced my judgment. I walked onto the stage looking like a deer in headlights.

"What's your name, and what's your power?"

"Anya Masters. I control rain, storms, and I can fly." That was the deal. I could show my wings, just don't say I'm part faerie. There are super heroes with wings. "Power up" was all he said. It's show time… I showed my weather powers first…darkening the clouds and making a bad storm. Great cover-up for when I fly. That way my skin won't sparkle if I get close to the windows. I turned around and walked to the edge of the stage. After a running start and a jump in the air, my blood red faerie wings extended raising me into the air as far as I could. A chorus of shocked and amazed noises reached my ears and I couldn't help but laugh. I turned around and flew down to hover at eye level with Coach Boomer. He had an impresses look on his face.


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