Summary…Brooke and Peyton are best friends and live in San Diego California; they just graduated from high school and are going on their senior trip to Cabo San Lucas. Nathan and Lucas are best friends that live in Tree Hill; they are brothers (same story as in the show) and are also going on their senior trip to Cabo San Lucas. The girls and guys have not met each other, and are all 18. MAJOR BRUCAS.

Chapter 1- Getting Ready For Cabo

"Alright, hot Pink…Check! Blue with white flowers…check! Little black one….check! Oooo and Red, how could I forget about you! CHECK!"

Peyton walks in the room dancing to the music on Brookes stereo.

"Brooke, are you talking to yourself again?" Peyton laughs as she climbs on Brooke's bed.

"Yeah P. Sawyer, you have a problem with that? So I'm guessing since you are laying on my bed being TOTALLY useless, you must be packed!" Brooke said rolling her eyes.

"Some of us don't have a list JUST for swimsuits, and yes I am packed, thank you very much!"

"How could I forget, my best friend…the responsible one!" Brooke said as she jumped on the bed making Peyton fall over.

Peyton helps Brooke finish packing.

15 minutes later….

"Brooke, honey, the cab is here!" her mom yelled from downstairs.

"Thanks mom! We'll be down in a second." Brooke yelled back.

"Alright P. Sawyer, help me out with my luggage, pwetty pwease." Brooke said with her all too familiar puppy dog face.

"You are lucky I love you Brooke!" Peyton giggled while helping Brooke down the stairs with her bags.

"Ummmm Brookie Cookie, you know that we are only going to Cabo for a week right?" Peyton said half joking.

"Yes I know, I just like to be prepared! I'm sure there will be a lot of guys to make nice with!" Brooke winked and gave her Brooke Davis original smile dimples and all, as she skipped to the cab.

The girls say their goodbyes with Brooke's mom and climb into the cab, both impatient to get to the airport and to Cabo.

Meanwhile in tree hill…

"Hey Nate, its Luke, we're almost to your house to get you…..Yes that means you need to have your scrawny butt outside waiting….haha okay see you in a second." Lucas shuts his phone and his mom Karen honks the horn as they arrive at Nathan's house.

Lucas' mom pops the trunk so that Nathan can put his suitcase in there, then he climbs in the backseat.

"So boys, are you excited about your trip?" Karen asks, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Of course we are, you know the dri..." Nathan starts, getting cut off by Luke.

Lucas interrupts while turning around giving Nathan a look as if to say shut your mouth "the drinking water is safe over there, no need to worry mom."

"I just worry about you boys, just please stay safe, don't get into trouble, and you know the buddy system? Well it works so stay together at all times!" Karen says as she gives Lucas a half smile.

Nathan starts to laugh under his breath the buddy system he thinks while smiling.

"Mom we will be fine! Seriously no need to worry! And we will stick together!" Lucas replies, knowing it's exactly what his worried mom wants, no needs to hear.

Lucas and Nathan arrive at the airport, say bye to Karen and get ready for their week away.

5 hours later…in Cabo San Lucas

"Peyton, its gorgeous here! Don't you think it's just gorgeous?" Brooke asks staring at the beach from the balcony of their hotel room.

"It really is, the palm trees and the beach and the ocean are amazing!" Peyton replies with a small smile on her face.

"I was talking about all those guys, don't you see them down there, half dressed, hot, aaaand wet from that water!" Brooke laughs as she hits Peyton and runs to the bathroom to finish curling her hair.

"You never seem to surprise me B. Davis!" Peyton laughs as she joins Brooke in the bathroom to get ready for dinner that night.

Meanwhile Lucas and Nathan are checking into the same hotel.

"Luke this is awesome! I seriously can not believe we are actually here! I mean come on, did you see all those hot girls out there! Bars, hot girls, and bikinis, what else could you ask for?" Nathan says while throwing his hands up in the air.

"I know what else I could ask for, a normal best friend!" Lucas laughs as he throws his luggage onto the bed.

"So dinner tonight, then I figured we could go to that club down the street, ya know, drink a little, dance a little…" Nathan says smiling at Lucas while ignoring his last comment.

"Yeah seriously, let's get this party started, we have no time to waste!" Lucas laughs.

Nathan and Lucas started getting ready for their first night in Cabo.