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Broken in the Way of Love

Chapter10: Waking Up To You

The sun was just about to raise, Naruto as in accordance with his training, stirred beginning to awaken.

"Ughhh." He moaned awakening, noticing that he wouldn't need a cold shower today. "Well, better get started." He moved to get out of be – or at least he would have if an arm had not decided that now would be the perfect time to wrap around him.

'Oh Kami-sama please have MERCY! Please not Kakashi, please not Kakashi, PLEASE NOT KAKASHI!'

"Oh, crap." Naruto intoned, after noting that the arm was WAY too slender to be a males' arm (and thanking every god he could think of), thus he came to the startling conclusion that he had shared his bed with a woman.

'And you didn't even get any action out of it!' The Nine tails complained as the mysterious woman cuddled against his back.

'Shut it Kyuubi, if this is any of the women in our group- I'm about to get my ass kick.' Naruto retorted.

'How'd you figure that, Kit?' The Nine tails continued questioning, his kitsune curiosity getting the better of him.

'Well, this girl is either Kimi and Kakashi-sensei's gonna kick my ass; Kiki and Iruka-sensei's gonna kick my ass; Sakura, and Sasuke's gonna kick my ass-' Naruto was cut off before he cut continue.

'So what if she's our mate – drawn to our smexi selves by the overwhelming power of our love for-,' the fox begun haughtily.

'Call me crazy, but I think she'd kick our ass herself.' He said, feeling more aroused, as the mysterious woman pressed up against him – now full out cuddling.

'Your probably right, Kit. Our mate's always been a little spit-fire! It's absolutely, intoxicatingly arousing – its drives me-' the fox said dreamily, completely dismissing the comment.

'I'm getting out of bed now, before she awakens,' he carefully removed her hand from around him and gently scooted out of bed – before she felt the…ahem…effects of Kyuubi's dreams and her warm body against his. He chanced a glance over to his bed partner and saw, Kiari.

'Told you it was our woman! She was called by our love for her-' The Nine-tails begun.

'Zip it, Fox, it's too early for your ramblings.' Naruto interrupted as he climbed into the shower for a cold shower. He changed into proper training clothes, packing his pack with his pajamas, and went back into the room.

He left the room to begin his morning training, locking the door at Kyuubi's lecture about "keeping their mate safe." He began jogging, half listening to Kyuubi's lecture on a mate's responsibility to his female. All his responsibilities.

A Little Later

"Ughhh." Said the groggy Kiari, unknowing repeating Naruto's own words when he first awoke. "Mmm, I haven't slept so well in a while – I'm so warm." She mumbled to herself in a sleep-laced voice.

Kiari looked around the room and noticed it was empty. "Strange, I could have sworn someone was with me…" She glanced over at the clock – "better head into the shower, breakfast will be ready soon"

Walking into the bathroom. She turned the water on, shed her clothes, and then stepped in moaning. "MMmmmmh, I'm in heaven that feels sooooo good!" Taking her time she washed up, brushed her teeth – the normal A.M. routine. She dried off – and figuring no one was in the room – stepped out with her towel in hand.

Back with Naruto

He had finished his workout and upon returning realized he had left his sleeping cap in the hotel room. Entering the room he immediately noticed, a bed that appeared undisturbed three feet from the bed he had shared with Kiari. 'How ironic.' Taking a quick glance he saw that Kiari was no longer in the bed.

'Where is she?' he wondered

'Well, if you'd listen, you realize she in the shower. Hey! Let's sneak a quick peak!'

'No, if she catches us-'

'IF she catches us-' Kyuubi repeated

"MMmmmmh, I'm in heaven that feels sooooo good!"

"Oh God…" murmured Naruto as he once again felt parts of him reacting rather strongly to the throaty moan of his "mate." Deciding it would be better To leave before "Kyuubi" got any funny idea's, he got up to leave went the shower turned of and the door to the bathroom opened, and out came Kiari – once again clad in just her towel.

Kiari jump startled at the second presence in her room, before asking Naruto sarcastically, "How do you always manage to get me without my clothes on?"

Confuzzled, Naruto just started and started and, just cause it seemed like the right thing to do, stared some more.

"Hey! Quit staring or I'm chagrin'!" Kiari squealed, blushing for the scrutiny she was getting from Naruto. Naruto who, she realized, was very MALE.

Taking advantage of his hosts shocked state, Kyuubi quickly asked, "Oh? And how much would I have to pay? And by the way, my sweet – I will ALWAYS catch you without clothes on – but I can always take my clothes off is it makes you feel 'awkward,' my love."

"HENTAI! OUT! GET OUT YOU HENTAI!" Kiari said, after what 'Naruto' said sunk in. Secretly glad he found her form pleasing, not to mention the sinfully seductive voice and equally sinful offer – she blushed a darker shade of crimson.

Snapping out of his shock, Naruto quickly made to un-do Kyuubi's damage. "I'm so sorry Kiari-chan! I didn't mean it! Any of it! I'm sorry! I-"

"You mean you think I'm ugly!?" Screamed Kiari, wondering silently why that thought made her so upset, 'I mean, yeah he's gorgeous and so sexy and…maybe I have a little-tiny crush but-'

'Fix it! Hurry, up Kit – before you screw EVERYTHING UP!'

"God NO, Kiari-chan! You're beautiful – but I…I mean you're…" Naruto tried to amend his previous statement, but was at a loss.

"Y-you really think I'm beautiful, Naruto-san? Y-you're no lying right? Cause if you are-" She started, getting angry once more.

'Tell her you're not lying! Quick! But not to quick otherwise it's to fake – not to slow either or she'll think you had to think about it. What are y-'

"No, honestly I do think you're gorgeous – it's just that's no reason to make an ass outta my self just because you're in front of me half naked." Naruto said falling back into his old way of speech (nervous habit); then realizing what he said bushed remembering why they were fighting in the first place, match Kiari's own scarlet cheeks.

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"Ah…well, I-um…th-thanks, I mean thank you Naruto-kun-'

"Naruto." He admonished softly.

"Pardon?" She asked confused as to why he would say his own name.

"You can call me Naruto, just Naruto – no need for formalities – I have seen you half naked two times now." He said jokingly to lighten her mood and was rewarded with a bright blush.

"Okay, well then Naruto – could you leave so I can get dressed? We do need to leave soon right?" She questioned.

"Actually, I need a quick shower after training but, yea, we're leaving soon." He spun on his heal, grabbed his clothes and headed to the bathroom. Hearing the click from the lock – Kiari decided it was safe enough for her to get ready too. 'He thinks I'm GORGEOUS! YEAH! WOOT! Go me!'

After All are Dressed and Ready to Leave (Kiari's POV)

It was a simple thing right?! I mean, how hard is it to check out of a hotel room? People do it all the time, but can we? 'Oh, noooo, not without making it a BIG show that I was in the same room as Naruto…They don't even care that Sakura and Sasuke shared a room AND a bed!' (AN: Remember she doesn't know she shared a bed with Naru-chan, she only knows they shared a room)

"-AND after you made it such a big deal that me and Kiki seeing other people! I can't believe you! You hypocrite!" came the enraged voice of her sister.

"That's seriously not COOL, Kiari-chan! I mean Kimi and I are all for you finding love, but-" My other sister continued where Kiki-onee-san left of…wait, did she say LOVE!?

"Woah, woah, WOAH! Hold the PHONE! No one said anything about LOVE!" 'I mean sure I'm in lust, perhaps even in like – but there's no way I'm in LOVE…yet'

"You wound me, Kiari-san, I mean I thought we had a beautiful moment back there – after you got out of the shower…" Naruto way smirking at me 'and is it just me or are his eyes like REALLY pink and slitted?'

"YOU TOOK A SHOWER TOGETHER!?" yelled…well everyone (but Naruto – who looked practically gleeful) 'Where did that conclusion come from!?'

One Catfight Later

The merry band of travelers (please note the sarcasm) continued on their way, in a tense silence which no one dared to break. Naruto was afraid to speak, why? Well, because of what happened right before checking out of their hotel rooms…

After a few hours of walking in less than "comfortable silence," Kakashi opened his mouth to break the silence – with what was sure to be a perverted comment (as for the last few minutes he had been rather intrigued at studying the differences in the three sisters' bottoms in front of him).

Either way a loud and, almost, frighteningly cheery voice of "We're Heeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!" brought everyone out of the thoughts (which was good for one blonde ninja, who had been torn between Kyuubi's death threats and Kyuubi's own comparison of his "mate's" bottom)

"Damned short attention spanned demons," he mumbled under his breathe as a startled gasp and a quiet "wow" came form his left. Curious, he looked up and was somewhat surprised to see what seemed to be a deluxe version of the gate which surrounded Konaha – except as far a he knew Konaha's didn't had lookout towers or guards brandishing flaming arrows.

'Someone should do something before they shoot the incoming visitors…wait I AM the incoming visitor,' came the thought of everyone's favorite pink haired ninja. "Umm, could you put those down? Pretty please?" Said Sakura from behind Sasuke.

"Nice Sakura – use me as a human shield," came Sasuke's annoyed voice

"Love you honey?" She attempted, as they approached closer – the guards puling the bow string's back further.

"Lower your weapons, idiot." Came the voice – no command- from Kimi. The guard brought his attention to Kimi then her twin and youngest sister and…immediately dropped down to his feet apologizing.

"Please excuse me my lady for threatening you and your sisters – might I say that we are all relieve that you are-"

"Yeah, yeah – I know, grovel later go back to your post now." Kiki said dismissively as she and her sisters walked on but now before motioning for their guest to follow. To shocked to do anything else, for practiced shinobi they were used to sneaking in everywhere, they did as they were instructed to do.

The sisters guided their shocked shinobi escorts to a deeper and deeper into what appeared to be a modern village (AN: imagine a slightly less modern but waaaaay bigger version of Konoha). They passed stores and shops, but no houses which lead to a curious Sakura asking, "Where are all the houses?"

Kiki chuckled at the innocent question forgetting, for a moment, how different the shinobi villages were before she answered – "Oh, the living facilities are separated each taking a corner."

"A corner of what?" Sakura continue, turning back and looking at all their guest, the sisters saw questioning gazes looking, signaling they were listening intently so they explained. As was obvious the village was walled in but that it was also divided between, Kiki paused to think before she continued cautiously, head clans – whom each ran and interacted accordingly with subordinate families and other head clans. Thus all the houses were around the edges and perimeter of the village.

"Oh, thanks for the explanation," Sakura said thought still rather curious why Kiki seemed to stop when she describe the village heads.

"Yes, well, the say the shortest path is a straight line so that what we're doing going straight through the village to our home," Kiari explained with a smile. "Oh, and all of the clans are very…territorial – so don't wander." They walked at a steady pace for the next fifteen minutes – all the shinobi tense ready to attack - suddenly aware at how dark it was as they reached smaller homes which appeared to make a path for a very large house in the back.

"Our father is a clan leader, the big house is ours," Kimi said as the arrived at the large house, while answering the unanswered question. Suddenly they all tense and the ninja we're surrounded and tied up faster than they could react. The sister relaxed and Kiki exclaimed, "Father! Don't treat your guest so!" The largest man in the group paused and turned.

"My girls! You're home, safe and sound once again!" Exclaimed a manly voice belonging to a male, around 6'1, whose body was bulging with muscle, underneath his dark green yukata. He encased them in a fierce hug – their faces quickly gaining a purple color at the lack of that ever important oxygen.

"Dear, I think that's quite enough," A woman behind him admonished.

"Yes dear." The sister's father said promptly letting got – and one thought went through all the ninja's head 'Somebody's Whipped…' The petite female hugged each girl before turning and bowing a greeting to her guests.

"Welcome to Gakure no Youkai. Please come inside"

'The Demons' Hidden within the Village? What the hell?' Naruto questioned to himself

'It is good to be home.' Kyuubi intoned happily

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