Hello. This is a new Fic that I've had my mind on. I've always wondered how the Beast Wars characters would be if they had Pokemon Beast Forms. Now I haven't seen Pokemon in a while so forgive me if I'm a bit off. This is basically the Beast Wars series if it took Place in the Pokemon-verse, so they'll be a lot of the same lines from the show. Now the disclaimer: I don't own Either Pokemon or Beast Wars: Transformers, but that's not going to stop me.

Our Story begins in a clearing where we see a dirt road. On the road, walking, was none other then Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon trainer, with his Pokemon, Pikachu, on his shoulders. With him are his companions: Brock, the Pewter City gym leader, and May and her little brother Max from Petalburg.

Narrator: As our adventure continues, we see Ash and his friends on their way to Ash's hometown of Pallet. After all the battles, the matches and the Pokemon contests, our heroes have earned a well-deserved break, and decided to spend their vacation time at Pallet.

As the Narrator talks, we see Ash and co. making their way to a little house by the road, this is Ash's house.

Ash: Alright, here we are again. Boy is mom gonna be surprised seeing us again.

Ash rushes to the front door and opens it, leaving it open for the others to come in.

Ash: Mom! It's me, Ash. I'm home.

He here a voice in the house, it's his mom, Delia Ketchum.

Delia: Ash? Come in, I'm in the kitchen.

Ash rushes into the kitchen and almost runs into someone. As first glance, we think its Delia, but when we take a closer look, we see that it's someone else: a girl with red hair in a side pony tail, Ash's old traveling friend; Misty, the Cerulean City gym leader.

Ash: Whoa, sorry, I- wait, Misty?

Misty: Hey Ash. Welcome back.

Delia appears behind Misty and she begins to hug Ash.

Delia: Oh Ash, I'm so glad your home.

Ash: (struggling to talk) Great to see you too, mom.

Coming from the other room, Delia's Pokemon, Mr. Mime, came in.

Mr. Mime: Mime? (Sees Ash) Mr. Mime!

He sees Ash and he then comes to hug him as well. Soon, Brock, May and Max enter the kitchen and sees Ash's mom as well.

Brock, May and Max: Hello Mrs. Ketchum.

Delia: Oh, hello Brock, May, Max. Welcome back. It's great that you're all here again.

May: It's great to be here too- (sees Misty) Wait. Misty?

Misty: Hi guys.

Max: What are you doing back here?

Ash: I was about to ask that as well.

Misty: Well, I came by Pallet to visit Prof. Oak so I figured "why not visit Ash's mom while I'm here?" What are you guys doing here?

Ash: Well we came to spend some time off. After all the battles, the matches and the Pokemon contests, we've earned a well-deserved break. (To himself) Hmm, strange, I've heard that somewhere before.

Brock: Well anyway, we were gonna come here, set up our stuff and then go see Prof. Oak and Tracey before the day is done.

May: Why don't you join us on our little vacation?

Misty: Well, I suppose I could spend some time off from the gym. Ok, I'm with you.

Delia: Great. Why don't we all go to Prof. Oak's laboratory? And afterwards, we'll all have big dinner to start off this little vacation.

Ash: Sounds great mom. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Pikachu: Pika-Pi!

After setting up all their things at Ash's place, Ash, Misty, Brock and all the rest began to make their way to Prof. Oak's laboratory.

Narrator: Yes, it seems like our heroes are starting to enjoy their vacation. But as luck would have it, they may not enjoy it very long. Because they are about to get into the biggest adventure they will ever experience.

We now focus upwards into the sky, all the way up, up into space. Everything seems calm and peaceful, as calm and peaceful as it ever gets in space, but then, suddenly, a humming noise is heard, and then, an area gets distorted, causing a worm Hole to open out of nowhere. Coming out of the worm hole is a spaceship; it's long, with two wing-like attachments and laser beams hitting it, the lasers are coming from a second ship, shaped more roundly, shooting at the first one, both ships are shooting at each other. Inside the bridge of the second ship, most of the lights are out and alarms are going off. We see a pair of yellow eyes and blue metal hands working a console.

Ship crewmember 1: Uh! Hull breach in sectors 7 and 8! Guidance systems are failing!

We now see another console being controlled, but we only see a set of brown metal hands.

Ship crewmember 2: Oh man! This is ridiculous! We're an exploration ship, not a battle cruiser!

In the center of the bridge, a pair of glowing red eyes are seen sitting in the commander's chair.

Ship 1's commander: (grunts) We hand no choice. Our ship was the only one that can lock on to Megatron's transwarp Signature.

The screen in front of the first crewmember shows an image of the ship they are in; it blinks red due to the damage it's taking.

Ship crewmember 1: The shields are taking damage, more sectors are being breached. At this rate, the shields will fade big time!

Ship 1's commander: Charge all plasma cannons to full power!

We see a green metallic hand pulling on a lever as a humming noise is heard.

Ship crewmember 4: plasma cannons are charging, Optimus. Let's just pray we can hold out long enough to use them.

Meanwhile, inside the other ship, one of the Ship's crewmembers is arguing with the commander, who is identified as Megatron. A small part of the blue/purple-ish face of the commander was facing the crewmember.

Ship2 crewmember 1: Their shields are down! We can end it now! Destroy them!

Megatron: (smug) Now where's the fun in that? A little torment I think first. Yes… Prepare side guns to fire.

Another crewmember, with a yellow visor for eyes, enters a command in his consol.

Ship2 crewmember 2: Yes, Megatron.

Outside the two ships end up side to side as they both get near to earth. Suddenly, guns to the side of the ship, commanded by Megatron, revealed themselves and fire at the ship commanded by Optimus. Each gun hits the ship, which in turn caused it to lose control and begin spiraling towards earth.

Optimus: AAHHH!

Ship crewmember 1: Rupture! The stasis hold is failing!

Ship crewmember 4: (Grunts) We're going down.

Optimus: Quick! Launch all Pods! Get them into safe orbit!

At the rear of the ship, small pods begin launching out, one by one. The gravitational pull of the planet causes orbit among the pods, keeping them from reaching the atmosphere. The ship begins to make its entry into Earth's atmosphere, but before it enters, the front of the ship faces the enemy ship, and the guns on it start to glow. Intending that if it goes down, it's taking the other ship with it.


The ship's guns blast energy bolts at the first ship. Making direct contact, the enemy ship loses control and begins to fall as well; the force of the fall causes one of the wings to chip off. We hear Megatron Yelling in anger and annoyance as both ships start to heat up from the speed they are entering.

Meanwhile, back in Pallet; Ash and co. have reached to Prof. Oak's laboratory and house. They came to the front door and ringed the doorbell, the door opened and on the other side answering it is Tracey.

Tracey: Yes? Oh, Ash, Brock, Misty, everyone. What brings you guys all the way here?

Ash: We came to visit, Tracey. We're gonna be here in Pallet for a while.

Tracey: Well come on in, we were just about to have tea. Another guest is here, but we have room for more.

Ash: "Another guest?" Who is it?

As Ash enters the house, his question is instantly answered as he sees their guest: Ash's old rival, Gary Oak, grandson of Prof. Oak. He was wearing what looked like a white lab coat.

Gary: Ash. Long time no see.

Ash: (uneasy) Oh. Hello Gary… It's been awhile.

Even though His rivalry with Gary has been put aside for about a year, Ash still felt a bit uneasy around the guy who always seemed to have a "1-up" against him and was once always smug about it.

Gary: So what brings you and your friends to my grandfather's laboratory?

Ash: Well, we came to see how everyone is doing.

May: Ash, aren't you gonna introduce use to your friend?

Ash: Oh, that's right, you never met him. Gary, these are my friends that I met while in Hoenn: May and her little brother, Max. May, Max, this is-

Max: (interrupts) I know you. I saw you on TV during the Johto League championship match. (To May) May, this is Gary Oak, one of Ash's toughest rivals. He grew up here just like Ash and they've been rivals ever since.

Ash: Well, technically, Max, we gave up that whole nonsense after the Johto League.

Gary: Ash's right. I'm now learning to be a Pokemon Researcher, just like my grandpa.

Voice: Did someone mention me?

Everyone turns to see Prof. Oak coming in the room with a few cups and a tea-pot.

Prof. Oak: Ash? Well this sure is a surprise.

Ash: Hey there, Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak: Good day, Ash, Everyone. What brings you to my lab?

Brock: We decided to have a little vacation here in Pallet and we came by to see what you and Tracey have been up to recently.

Prof. Oak: Well, things are going great. We were just about to sit down for some tea, would you all care to join us?

May: Sounds great.

Prof. Oak: Great. Tracey, why don't you go outside for a moment? See how the Pokemon are doing.

Tracey: Got it, Professor.

Tracey walks over to a glass door and walks out. Outside of Prof. Oak's backyard were wide open ranches, mountain areas, all sorts of different plains and habitats, and there were hundreds of Pokemon, far as the eyes can see. Since a Pokemon trainer can only carry six Pokemon with them at a time, any other Pokemon they capture are transported and end up near the hometown of where the trainer lives. And since a few of trainers are from Pallet, their Pokemon end up at Prof. Oak's lab, where he either holds them in the Pokeballs they carry or lets them run wild in his backyard. As Tracey begins his routine examination of the entire backyard, he notices something in the sky. From the looks of it, it looks like two shooting stars.

Tracey: Hey guy! There's something out here you'd better to see!

Everyone rushes to the backyard to where Tracey was standing.

Delia: What is it, Tracey?

Tracey: Look up there!

He points upwards and everyone sees what looks like the shooting starts.

May: Ohh… how pretty, A shooting star.

Misty: Two shooting stars.

Pikachu: (in awe) Pika…

Prof. Oak: Hmm… That's weird. I don't recall the new ever mentioning a meteor shower or anything.

Gary: They're not shooting stars. They're too big.

Ash: How can you tell?

Gary: If they were shooting stars, they would have faded away by now, but they're still there.

Everyone looked on in suspense as the two shooting stars continue to fall until finally they hit the ground. A flash is seen from where they landed and a thundering noise is heard, followed by the ground shaking a little.

Max: Whoa! Did anyone else feel that?

Brock: Amazing. We just witnessed two meteors collide with earth.

Gary: What an amazing discovery.

Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime! Mime! (Hides behind Delia)

Delia: I don't think Mr. Mime shares your thoughts. Look how scared he is.

Pikachu jumps off from Ash's head and into his jacket, shaking in fear.

Ash: Pikachu is acting the same way.

Prof. Oak: They must sense something bad coming from what crashed out there.

May: How can they tell?

Tracey: The Pokemon are more in tune with nature then us humans. They have a "sixth sense" like ability when something is going to happen. And I'm guessing that something is what crashed out there.

Ash: Well, then I guess it's time we found out.

He puts his hat on backwards and he begins running.

Misty: Ash, where are you going?

Ash: (turns back to them) Come on! We have to check it out!

Misty: (sighs) First of all: it's too dangerous, and second of all: There's no telling how far that crash site is.

Gary: Well, judging by the how long the tremor and the thunder of the crash took to get from there to here, I'd say it's about 10 to 15 miles.

Tracey: We better call Officer Jenny. She should have a jeep or two that can take us up there.

Gary: You might want to call for Nurse Joy too; there might be Pokemon that got hurt if they didn't make it out in time.

Tracey rushes back inside to call Jenny and Joy.

Ash: Well, in the meantime, I think we should send someone ahead. And I know just the one.

Ash reaches for his belt and pulls out a small marble-sized Pokeball, he pushes the button in the center and it grows into the size of a baseball.

Ash: Swellow! I choose you!

Ash throws the Pokeball into the air and it opens, releasing a white light, which formed into the bird Pokemon, Swellow. The bird Pokemon lets out a short chirping sound.

Ash: Swellow, I need you to fly towards that direction. (Points to said direction) Something crashed over there and we need you to check it out.

Swellow chirped in response. Just then, from one of the trees came Ash's Noctowl. The Owl-like Pokemon flew near Swellow.

Ash: Hey Noctowl. You go with Swellow as well, watch each other's back.

The two birds nodded and few off to the crash.

Tracey: Ok, they are on their way.

Ash: Noctowl and Swellow are on their way to check out the crash. I just hope nothing goes wrong.

We now turn our attention to the spot where the crash took place: a rocky region with a cliff side and a small creek and waterfall. The crash was none other then one of the ships that were battling in space, the ship controlled by the commander called Optimus. The ship has scorched marks due to the re-entry, and blast marks where it got shot, but besides that, it looked like it was still intact. The Exhaust is pushing air out to equal the atmosphere from outside so the inside wouldn't cause decompression. Inside the ship, voices are heard.

Optimus: Ugh… damage report.

Ship crewmember 1: Believe me, you don't want to know.

Optimus: (sighs) That's what I though.

The second ship, the one commanded by Megatron, was in much worst shape: it also landed in rocky regions with water and some vegetation, but it was also near volcanic areas. The ship landed front first, exposing the belly and the rear of it upwards. It too begins to even the air inside to outside to prevent decompression. Inside, the commander, Megatron, gets back on his chair, although it was still dark, we can see slight parts of his blue and purple-ish body, along with his purple eyes.

Megatron: Navigation! Is this the right planet?

In front of him, a small 3-D sphere projector glows and moves in front of him as the computer talks in a female robotic voice.

Computer: Unknown. Course settings were accurate, but readings are inconsistent with those expected for intended destination.

Megatron: Ugh, never mind that. Tell me there is Energon here.

The projector shows the image of earth and it being scanned by two rings.

Computer: … confirmed.

Megatron: Ha-ha! Yes! The planet has Energon!

Computer: Too much Energon.

Megatron: What?

Suddenly, the projector begins to show different atoms connecting and growing, then it explodes, and then it shows a 3-D model of a robot looking like Megatron

Computer: Field readings are off the scale. Continued expose to robotic forms will result in permanent damage.

Megatron slammed his fist on the chair armrest. He thinks for a moment: the damper shields in their ship would protect him and his crew from the Energon fields, but if they were outside, they'd slowly build up from the radiation. It was then that he though of an idea.

Megatron: Then we will create alternate forms to protect us. Forms based on the most powerful local creatures. Yes…

Another of Megatron's crew hears him and begins typing commands on a keyboard.

Ship2 crewmember 3: (laughs manically) I'm on it. Scanners: activated.

Outside of the ship, a small probe is launched in the air and it spins, producing two purple flat lasers. The Probe moves from the ship as it begin scanning any and all living life forms. In the ground, the laser scanner finds the fossils of an Aerodactyl. The computer screen shows the crewmember rebuilding the Pokemon fossil into its original form. The probe also finds in a few trees an Ariados, a Beedrill and a Scyther, the computer shows Scyther and the crewmember checks its DNA and it turns to its evolved form: Scizor. The Probe also scans a body of water and finds a Feraligatr, and as it returns to the Volcano, it scans a wild Charizard passing by.

Meanwhile, back with the other crashed ship, the crew in there came to a similar conclusion as Megatron's crew. From the top of their ship came a similar probe which produced golden laser scanners. The probe searches underground and it scans an Aron, the computer screen shows the scanned Pokemon and by going through its DNA, changes it to its most evolved form: Aggron. The scanner also scans a Blastoise underwater and it also scans a pack of Houndoom. Finally, it scans a Pichu, and the computer screen goes through its DNA and it becomes its evolved form: Raichu. The laser scanners turn off and then from in the ship, a humming noise is heard and then it stops all of a sudden.

Ship crewmember 4: Scanning and replication of local life forms: complete. You may emerge.

Inside the ship were four different cambers. One of them opens and inside was a Houndoom; it jumps out and looks allover itself. It then begins to speak; its voice is of the first crewmember.

Ship crewmember 1: (growling) Whoa, look at me. I look like some sort of wolf.

He looks at the reflection of himself coming from one of the other chambers.

Ship crewmember 1: Hmm... Not bad. (Laughs a bit) Those Predacons better watch their backs, because they'll be messing with this blazing hound. (Thinks for a moment) That's it. My codename shall be Blaze-Hound.

Inside the chamber, the one that Blaze-Hound was looking at, we see nothing but darkness and a set of brown eyes. Inside, we hear Optimus's voice coming out of it.

Optimus: Hmm… interesting.

Blaze-Hound: "Interesting"? (Howls a bit) Optimus, I think the word you're looking for is "Smooth." Smooth like the burning flames.

He looks at his reflection again and growls in a suave-like manner.

Blaze-Hound: (laughs a bit) It's a crime.

Coming from behind is a Raichu and it began to speak as well, with its voice showing that it's the second crewmember.

Ship crewmember 2: Amp it down, Tacky. Heh, you wouldn't know class if it bit you in the servos. (Gestures himself) now this… Heh, this is a body with style all on its own. (Looks a reflection) I think the codename "Shockrat" fits well, don't you?

Blaze-Hound: Well, I suppose it does… for someone like you.

Shockrat: Hey! Why I ought a-

As Shockrat began charging at Blaze-Hound, he was stopped by a hand in front of him, an Aggron, and it began to speak just like the fourth crewmember.

Ship crewmember 4: Ease back, you two. Besides, you're both wrong. Living large is the way to go, and that's the style for forms like me: Call me "Aggronix."

Shockrat: Yeah? Well, consider yourself lucky I didn't get rough on either of youse.

Suddenly, the chamber holding Optimus finally opens, revealing that he now has the form of a Blastoise.

Optimus: Moderate your conflict circuits, Maximals. Remember, these Beast Forms are not only to help us blend in with the natural environment, but to also protect us from the long-term effects of the Energon fields out there. (Climbs out of chamber) We may need Energon for power, but this is too much of a good thing. Our Robot Forms will only last so much as a few minutes of exposure before they begin to short-out due to Energon build-up.

Aggronix: Yeah. That's the weird thing; I've never seen so much Energon readings before. This planet is flooded with it, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the habitats of this world.

Shockrat: Heh, maybe it did. I mean, would you look at these Beast Forms, I've never seen any animal like this before. And I've come across all sorts of freaks.

Optimus: I'll agree with you on that, Shockrat. (Looks out a window) This is one unusual planet… whatever it is.

Aggronix: … or whenever

Blaze-Hound: What do you mean?

Aggronix: You forget; the transwarp drive can go through both space and time. We were locked on to Megatron's Signature, so we could be anyplace… at anytime.

Optimus: Yes. And there's another problem. The rest of our crew is orbiting the planet in those Stasis Pods we launched during the battle. Sure, they are protected from the Energon fields out there, but… this means that Megatron and the rest of his Predacons have us outnumbered.

Meanwhile, near the second ship crash, the crew of Predacons is outside, in their Pokemon Beast forms as well, but one of them, with the form of a Charizard, looked unhappy. As he looked around, exiting the ship, he was holding in his hands a large golden disk. He soon spoke; his voice identified him as the one crewmember that was arguing with Megatron.

Ship2 crewmember 1: Grrr… No, no, NO! It's all wrong! This cannot be Earth!

He then turns to the entrance of the ship and sees Megatron in the shadows.

Ship2 crewmember 1: Megatron, you failed! Not only did you fail to destroy the Maximals when you had the chance! You failed to bring us to the right planet! We stole the Golden Disk for nothing! YOU IDIOT!

He throws the disk towards the entrance and it collides with the floor, luckily, it didn't break. Megatron then came out of the shadows of the entrance, revealing himself in the form of a Feraligatr, and he looked pretty angry, but also, a bit amused.

Megatron: I beg your pardon. What did you call me?

Ship2 crewmember 1: You heard! You are an idiot and an incompetent leader, and I am taking over. Chari-Tron: Terrorize!

Suddenly, his body begins to transform: the Charizard head attaches to his torso; his wings come together and fold onto his back. On the lower body, Compartments start to open, attached to the Charizard legs are his Robot arms and hands, the charizard legs act as shoulders. When the arms are released, his robot legs come out, Then his Pokemon arms attach to the top of the torso by folding behind. out from the torso, pop his head. In appearance, the robotic form of Chari-tron is blue with flame details on the base of his ankles and on his forearms and peices of the Charizard's scales act as armor. His face was blue with a golden helmet-like thing, his eyes dark red and his mouth has sharp teeth in it, a result of taken the properties of the Charizard Beast Form he has. And finally, The Charizard tail, still with its tip flamed, detached itself and landed in Chari-tron's right hand, it open in half, revealing a long sword.

Chari-Tron: I challenge you to battle, Megatron. The winner shall lead the Predacons, and the loser shall be destroyed.

Megatron looks at him, and is unimpressed.

Megatron: Oh, you're so impulsive, Chari-Tron. (Turns around and walks) Brave… but misguided.

Chari-Tron: Do you accept my challenge or are you a coward?

Megatron: (Laughs a bit) Oh, Chari-Tron. You should know that there's more to being a great leader than simple courage. There's... cleverness, and cunning as well. Isn't that right…Scizornex?

Megatron turns slightly, revealing another one of the Predacon crew, the one with the visor eyes. He's fully transformed, showing that his Pokemon Beast Form is a Scizor. Chari-Tron looked surprised, and then shocked as he sees Scizornex's claws produce two missiles. Scizornex launch the two missiles and they make contact with Chari-Tron, they explode and launch him off into the distance.

Megatron: (To himself) Loser. (Aloud, starts to walk out) What does it matter which planet we're on? We came looking for Energon and this planet is rich with the element. Enough Energon to power the Predacon's entire galactic conquest! Only the Maximals can give us trouble now. That is of course, if they survived the crash. Scizornex!

Scizornex appears next to Megatron, transforming back to his Beast Form of Scizor.

Megatron: Bee-Driller!

The Predacon with the Beedrill form appears, hovering above the ground.

Megatron: Aerosaur!

The Predacon Aerodactyl lands next to Megatron.

Megatron: and Ariadox

The Predacon Ariados appears next to Scizornex.

Megatron: I want you to scout out and find the Maximals.

All Predacons: Yes sir.

Megatron: And if you find them… Destroy them. Yes…

He begins to laugh manically as all of the Predacons begin their search for Optimus and his Maximals.

Cliffhanger! Don't worry, they'll be more soon, then you'll be able to see them in action, but for now, Read and Review. And a big thanks to Cyber Commander for Beta-reading this for me.