Rose pulled her jacket tightly around herself as the cool night air swept past her. She looked up to the sky in wonder. Maybe one day she would be as lucky as her mother, and the Doctor will find his way back to her. But what if he had already given up on her? What if he had moved on? What if he didn't love her? So many questions and she'd never get the answers. What if he did come back? What would happen then? Would they get together? just seemed wrong in her mind. She and the Doctor ever doing anything concrete with their relationship, it seemed alien. She looked down at her feet. Why was it that the past year and a half all she could think abotu was the what ifs and the buts. She looked up towards the sky.

"I miss you"She whispered to herself. "So terribly"

She took a seat on a park bench and cried for a moment. "It hurts to hate you Doctor. I love you so much it's killing me"

she wiped her eyes gently and looked across the park. So many happy people their at dusk with their lvoed ones. She'd never have that, not again. "Why can't I let go?"

She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "I just need to hear you say it"

"What?" A voice said slyly. "That I love you, really Rose, do you need to hear the three most cliche words in the world to feel like I do?"

Rose didn't looked back. "you're not real"

He took a seat next to her and took her hand. "Tell me how my touch couldn't be real?"

Rose looked up to him. "Doctor?"

"Hello" He said sweetly.

"Please say it" Rose said. "Once more"

"I love you" The Doctor said loudly. "but Rose, Actions speak louder than words" He took her face in his hands and kissed her.

As he did Rose reeled over all she had thought that night. She was lucky, like mother like daughter, she supposed.

Really ended now...

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