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Summary: Daisuke and the rest, one day after the loss of Dark and Krad. DaixRiku

Notes: Based off anime, one day after the events of the last episode. The town is, surprisingly, unchanged. The only thing that is physically different with the town is that the fountain where Daisuke sketches is gone, having broken off and fallen into the sea. Everybody and everything is semi-back to normal.

Also, the Harada sisters live closer to Daisuke, just to make the story easier. So they all go to the same trolley station and walk the same way home

Daisuke woke up from his peaceful slumber. He blushed at his dream, remembering vaguely that it had something to do with going on a date with Riku. Then he was confused: usually Dark wakes him up in the morning, usually making fun of the dream he had that night. He searched his head to find the perverted thief. When he couldn't find him, he started to panic. The events from the day before slowly registers in the boy's head. Finally realizing what is going on, the redhead starts to feel depressed and empty, like there was a hole in his chest. He misses Dark, even though he doesn't like to admit it. The hole quickly filled with a sudden joy and happiness, however. He did not understand it at first.

One look at the alarm clock on the drawer next to his bed sent a jolt to his brain. It was 7:50! School starts at 8:15!

"Oh no, I'm going to be late for school!"

Daisuke ran rapidly through his morning routines, grabbed a piece of toast from Towa, and ran out into the street. He turned around to excuse himself to school.

"I'm leaving! Bye!" His mom and dad look at him running down the street and smile. Emiko feels a sadness from losing her other son, Dark, after only a couple months of knowing him. She doesn't mind too much, though, since she will see him again when Daisuke has a son. He WILL have a son, I don't care how many kids he has as long as there's a son.

Kosuke glances over at his wife and winces at the wild expression on her face. I feel sorry for Daisuke...

After running halfway across town, Daisuke finally arrived at the station. The trolley had just pulled out of the station. He tried desperately to make it stop by shouting at it, but to no avail. Finally giving up, he started to walk to school. He was definitely going to be late now, the school was about 5 miles away from where he was.

Suddenly, a bicycle's bell rings behind him. The older Harada twin pulls up beside Daisuke on her bike. She got off and walked along the road with him.

"Ohayou, Daisuke-kun, late for the trolley?" Riku put on a knowing smile.

Daisuke looked down, ashamed. "U-un…"

"Jeez, you should wake up earlier and get here on time." She faked an angry pout. "You are always so clumsy."

Daisuke looked up at her with a defeated look on his face. Riku's brown eyes gaze upon the crimson eyes of her love. A light blush creeps onto her face as she turns to look down the road.

"Y-you know, we're just going to be late if we keep walking on like this…" he mumbles to her, "You can go on ahead, I don't want you to be late too."

"Why don't I give u a ride on my bike so we can both make it on time?" Uh oh, I didn't mean to say that out loud… She blushes hard at her own words. Daisuke's eyes widen as a blush creeps across his face too.

"U-uh, oh-okay," he managed to stammer, "d-demo... how are we g-going to do that?" He looked at Riku and noticed the blush on her face. His heart fluttered at how cute it made her look. He was glad Dark wasn't there.

"A-anou, the seat is just big enough for both of us if you h-hold onto m-me…" Her blush deepened even more. Daisuke could barely manage to think straight after hearing that.

"C-come on! W-we're going to be l-late!" Riku managed a smile under her blush and looked at Daisuke.

Even though they had been getting close, and they had kissed the day before, they were still terribly shy towards one another. This actually helps them know that they still loved each other and is one of the reasons why they will probably never separate. Dark was no longer there to stop him, so he had no real reason to back down.

"O-okay, lets go…" Riku got onto the bike and let Daisuke climb on behind her. The seat was just barely big enough to fit both of them. Daisuke had to press against her to keep from falling off, which caused both of them to blush furiously. He put his hands awkwardly on her shoulders and tried to lean away from her.

"Y-you will f-fall off if you h-hold there! H-here…" She took his hands with hers, trembling, and put them loosely on her hips. Daisuke was starting to feel faint from blushing, but didn't let go.

"A-alright, let's hurry, we can still make it." She put her feet on the pedals and headed for school. She was really nervous and pedaled as fast as she could. The speed was causing Daisuke to slip from his seat. As he was slipping, he brought his arms across her stomach and hung on tighter, trying to edge back up the seat. He put his chin on her shoulder and closed his eyes. Unknowingly, he had put himself into a tight embrace with Riku.

"Da-Daisuke-kun!" Riku blushed even harder, if it was possible. Her face felt like a burning furnace. Daisuke didn't hear her, he didn't even know where he was at the moment. He became completely focused on not falling off. Riku tried to set her mind on getting to school. She was afraid that she was going to faint if she didn't focus on something besides the fact that Daisuke was hugging her tightly.

Finally, the embarrassed couple got to school. Amazingly, the trip only took 5 minutes and they still had 10 minutes before class starts. As they rode into the school gates, people start to turn their attention to the bike. Many were surprised, and unhappy, at the sight of the two. These people were the ones that had crushes on Riku and Daisuke. Others were simply amused and started whispering about how cute they look. These people were mostly the girls in Risa's group. Risa had arrived a couple minutes before them, having taken the trolley. She was not surprised since they had kissed right in front of her eyes the day before, and she really enjoyed that they were together.

She turned and jumped on Satoshi, who was smiling for once.

"Kawaii, ne?" She smiled up at Satoshi. Yesterday, he had helped her home and they got close. It's amazing what can happen to those that experience a trauma together. With Krad gone, Satoshi no longer has to worry about being taken over. It took a while to get used to, but it was a change that he really enjoyed. He really likes Risa and wants to be with her forever. The look in her eyes told him the same thing. He smiled back at her, then winced. He still wasn't used to doing this much. She laughed at his contorted face.

Daisuke got off, trying to steady his heart, although never realizing he had been hugging Riku tightly. He looked at her, confused at the flustered face in front of him. Riku was extremely embarrassed and exhausted. Even though, she enjoyed it. She'll have to do this at least one more time, although she silently promised to be ready the next time Daisuke hugged her.

While getting off the bike, her foot got caught. Soon, she was falling down backwards. Time seemed to pass extremely slowly as she closed her eyes and braced for impact. She let out a tiny yell.


Suddenly, she felt arms under her stopping her fall. Surprised, she opened her eyes to see Daisuke looking at her with a worried expression. She sighed happily, then winced. The adrenaline seeped out and she felt her energy draining out of her body. Feeling lightheaded, Riku let out a small smile to show Daisuke she was ok. Then, everything became black...

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Daisuke says she smelled like flowers and strawberries.