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Saehara's eyes opened wide. He rubbed them to make sure what he was seeing was real. It was real. This was unbelievable. Saehara reached quickly for his camera and snapped a couple of pictures. All of his fear had vanished as he looked at the sight in front of him. He put a mental note to thank his savior later, whatever it was. Outside, Daisuke was picking himself off the ground. He looked into the classroom to find everyone staring at something. Daisuke looked at Riku, only to find her frozen in place, her eyes also staring at something.

Suddenly, all the girls began to scream and run around frantically. Some of the guys were freaking out as well. Daisuke hurried inside to see what everyone was staring at. There, on the floor next to the wannabe reporter, was largest rat he had ever seen. It had greyish brown fur all over his body. The eyes were a clouded dark brown shade, but there was no evil in them. The rat had large feet, but short claws. Small round ears stuck out from the fur on the top of the head and a few short whiskers protruded sideways beside its nose. Overall, the rat had a cute appearance, and looked as if it had been owned. It was probably just one of the other teacher's pets. Just then, Daisuke realized that Riku had stopped her assault because of cute little rat.

Shouts and cries were heard all over the classroom. "NANI?!" "Nanjasorya?!" "Aniwoiutennen?!" "AHHHHHHH"

Daisuke saw the rat, but he couldn't understand why everyone was freaking out. The poor critter was scared stiff at all the commotion. Calmly, he scooped up the large rat into his hands and made his way out, heading for the school's exit. He had no idea how the rat got up to the fifth floor of the school, but he was going to put him back outside. There was no collar or tag, so he assumed it was wild, although it was pretty clean. Daisuke had a soft spot for things that were cuddly and furry, probably from all those years with Wiz. He chuckled to himself while looking down at the confused rodent. He thought it was kind of cute, so he couldn't understand the others. As he remembered, even Satoshi had a bit of fear in his eyes, though his face was as apathetic as ever.

Daisuke didn't know, but someone was silently following him down the halls. At first, she had an evil spark in her eye to harm the poor creature. She wanted that little rat to pay for interrupting her when she was about to give that reporter what he deserved. However, seeing Daisuke so peaceful and calm with it made her rethink her intentions. She saw how gentle the red-haired boy was with the rodent and wondered how it would feel if she was the one he was cuddling. Riku blushed as this thought crept into her mind. She tried to shake it off, but it stuck. He was carrying her, bridal style, walking down a beautiful road with flowers along the sides. He smiled down at her and held her close. She snuggled into his chest and closed her eyes. She could feel his toned muscles and hear his heart beating. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead softly. She sighed in defeat and continued to daydream while following Daisuke to the front of the school.

Pathetically, back at the classroom, the teacher had abandoned the class when the rat appeared. He had been terrified of rats ever since he was 2 years old. At that age, the poor sensei had been attacked by a family of the rodents aiming for some snacks he had in his pockets. Needless to say, that incident left him traumatized, enough that he is still horrified by rodents to this day. Nobody would have understood him if he just explained it, so he ran away to the teachers lounge and stayed there. It would be a couple hours later before he gathers the courage to leave for home.

Meanwhile, Riku had finally caught up to Daisuke outside. She sighed happily at the wonderful end of her daydream. As he set the rat free, Riku walked up to him and gently tapped his shoulder. She thought that Daisuke was disappointed or something that she had been afraid of the rat. She thought she had to explain, or at least talk to him about it. He turned around to find a slightly embarrassed Riku looking at him with fiercely determined eyes.

"A-ano… I wasn't scared of the rat or anything!"

Daisuke widened his eyes, partly because that was the last thing on his mind, partly because she had half shouted the last part. Daisuke gave a small polite smile in response. Riku mentally slapped herself for yelling something so silly. Daisuke wouldn't care about something like that! Suddenly, the rat returned and squeaked a thanks to Daisuke before disappearing again. This scared Riku and made her cling onto Daisuke tightly. He blushed hard at the sudden contact and didn't know what to do. She regained herself and looked up at Daisuke. Realizing she was hugging him so tight, she began to blush too. She began to get a far away look in her eyes. He could tell she was thinking about what to say. In a hurry to fix the situation, he spoke the first thing that came to his mind.

"Riku-san, h-how about we just skip school for today and go o-out t-to have f-fun somewhere? I don't think I can continue anyway, especially after all that has happened already…"

Daisuke looked at Riku with hope in his eyes. He wanted to be with her, but didn't want to make it sound like he was asking her out. Continuing school would be foolish now anyway. He prayed she'd go with him. Riku thought about this for a while, and then nodded her head. She smiled up to him. Suddenly, a thought smacked her across the face. She is going to be with Daisuke for a day! This would be like a date! She suddenly blushed, which made Daisuke look down at her puzzled. She giggled, but then she blushed harder, realizing she still had not let go of Daisuke. Letting go quickly, she turned around and walked toward the school entrance.

"Come on, lets go! But first, can we stop by my house so I can change?"

Daisuke nodded, walking faster to catch up to her.

"Okay, but I'll have to stop by my house too. I need to change and get some stuff."

Riku nodded and smiled at him, blushing slightly. She finally gets to go on a "date" with Daisuke! She was really excited. They continued to walk together to the school gate. Riku picked up her bike and made Daisuke sit on the back like only about an hour before. This time, she wasn't going as fast and Daisuke didn't have to squeeze her. The feeling of his arms wrapped around her still made her blush deeply, though. Today was going to be an interesting day.

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Satoshi hates rats, and rats hate Satoshi. He blames Krad for it, stupid white feathers.