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The Morrow Days Council 1 – After the Breaking of the Will

Lord Sunday sat down at the polished oak table. It was perfectly round, and their were places for the other six Morrow Days to sit around it, a glass of blood red wine and several plates of what lesser Denizens called 'nibbles' tucked amongst the cakes and fruit that Lord Sunday's cooks had meticulously prepared.

'Fellow Morrow Days…'

Lord Sunday did not finish the sentence, for whilst he was sitting bolt upright, the other Days were amusing themselves by waging war with the food and the cutlery. Tuesday was flinging food at the incredibly thin Lady Wednesday, who retaliated by sending several spoons in his direction. Sir Thursday had made an alliance with Friday and Saturday, and together they were assaulting the hyperactive Mister Monday with various blunt objects, laughing every time he squealed.

'Silence! Tuesday, clear up that mess! Friday put that apple corer back in its place. And Mister Monday please sit down!' shrieked Sunday.

At this, the Morrow Days sat down immediately, muttering apologies and returning to their seats, trying to avoid eye contact with Sunday, who appeared to have burst several blood vessels in his face.

'Now, I call to order the first meeting of the Morrow Days. I trust you are all happy with the demesnes you have received?' Sunday asked, not expecting a reply.

'Well, no not really.' replied Lady Wednesday. 'Me and Tuezie here were hoping to have realms a bit closer together, it's quite difficult rowing through the Border Sea all day long for a quick chat the only lasts half an hour.'

Sunday then repeated his statement, with a little more emphasis on the question at the end. Wednesday did not answer this time, all though she did appear to be making rude gestures whenever Sunday faced the other way, causing the other Days to giggle softly.

'Now, are there any questions or problems anyone wishes to bring to the meeting?'

At once, Sunday was bombarded by a tirade of protest, questions and general babble, which made him want to plug his ears. He let out almighty bellow, which made the Morrow Days go silent immediately.

'One at a time please! We'll go in order of precedence, starting with Monday, the least of us.'

Had Mister Monday been paying any attention, he would have been offended, but he was too busy swinging back and forth on his chair, singing a song that humans would later call 'Row, Row, Row your boat'.

'Good. Sir Thursday?' Sunday asked, ignoring the protests coming from Tuesday and Wednesday at the far end of the table.

'Well…I er…. think everything's fine L-lord Sunday sir.' Stuttered Thursday. 'Apart f-from the whole g-g-grid system that you s-set up.'

'What's wrong with the bloody grid? It took me a very long, back-breaking time to complete that system and you don't like it?' At this, Lady Saturday rolled her eyes. It was her who had completed the grid whilst Sunday at the top of the Star Fort on a folding chair, drinking glass after glass of Upper House vodka. But she chose not to say anything, or risk a spit-drenched tirade from Sunday.

'Well, it's h-highly impractical to have s-square 500/500 controlling the whole g-grid. It s-shuts down every time s-something sharp p-pokes into it.' Thursday did not mention that most of the time the grid system went on the blink; it was when Wednesday, Friday or Saturday were visiting. It had been and embarrassing moment when Noon found an enormous stash of brooches and sharp combs in the Overlord's bedchamber and refused to believe that they were for research purposes.

'Okay, maybe I should make 500/500 a tad stronger.' Sunday relented, pausing steady Monday, who had nearly done a backward roll of the back of his chair. 'Lady Friday?'

'Oh, well if I do have a complaint is that my Middle House is far too cold for my liking. '

'You're a Denizen, you don't feel cold. Anyway, you said the snow look pretty when we installed it.'

'Oh, and there seem to be a new form of poisonous plant growing in my summer retreat. Is there any particular reason for that?'

For once in the meeting, Sunday looked nervous. Last week, he and Friday's times had been rather, well, to put it frankly, plastered. They proceeded to stroll through several Secondary Realms, accidentally set a Neanderthal's tent on fire and sink a small Earth country called 'Atlantis'. They had then strewn several plants in Friday's retreat and laughed uproariously when bit her in the behind whilst the Lady was in the bath. He responded simply with and 'I shouldn't think so.' and moved onto Lady Saturday.

'Oh I'm fine Sunday, although are you sure you wouldn't like the Upper House as a domain, it's much too gothic for me and I would like a garden…

'Saturday, we keep the demesnes The Architect gave to us. We must respect her wishes.' What Sunday really meant was that the Incomparable Gardens was the only demesne free of Nothing, and had practically no paperwork to speak of.

'Well, we didn't keep any of her other wishes so I thought…'

'That's it! Meeting adjourned! I'll see you next millennium'. And with that, Lord Sunday strode out of the room, leaving the Days in silence.

'Hey guys'. Whispered Monday. 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'

The Morrow Days began to throw food at each other once more, as if Sunday had never been there.

'I forgot my K…' Sunday walked back into the room, dismayed at the site that greeted him.

'It had better not be like this next year…'