Sunday opened his eyes, slowly gaining his bearings.

'Where am I?' he wondered. Oh yes… in Nothing.

'Greetings former Lord Sunday.'

A blindingly bright figure moved towards Sunday, and he had to shield his eyes.

'Who are you?'

'I was Arthur Penhaligon. Now, I am the New Architect of all Creation.'

Sunday laughed bitterly.

'I see. The extent of Mother's Will fulfilled. And you've come to gloat have you? Torment me in my eternal prison?'

The New Architect smiled.

'No. And this prison certainly isn't eternal. I've come to tell you that your stay here is to be limited to a thousand years.'

The former Lord of the Incomparable Gardens stared in wonderment at his former foe.

'Just like that?'

The New Architect smirked.

'Don't thank me too soon.'

With that, he disappeared, leaving Sunday to ponder.

'After all this, only a thousand years?'

'Strange isn't it?'

With a growing sense of dread, Sunday turned. There behind were the Morrow Days, waving at him and smiling pleasantly.

'Oh no… please…'

'A thousand years. We're going to have so much fun!'

Truly, this was a fate worse than death.