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"I get back from vacation and you freaking drag me off to try on dresses? What's wrong with you?" Kiera asked as she followed Jenny into a bridal shop with Maria and Beth.

"Oh stop complaining. I just want an idea of what I want to wear and what I want you guys to wear." Jenny said walking over to the wedding dresses.

"You're going to wear a white dress?" Maria asked smiling.

"Hell no! I aint no virgin! My mom would kill me if I wore white, so I have to go with Ivory. And Jeff is wearing a tux no matter how much he protests."

"He better, I got to wear a dress, he sure as hell is wearing a tux."

"Do you think they are really looking for tuxes?" Beth asked.

"Probably not, but they have my kid so they better be doing something productive."


"WOOO!" John yelled jumping up and grabbing CJ. "That is how you win a wrestling match my boy!"

"You got lucky Cena." Randy said putting his controller down and taking CJ. "Don't listen to your dad, Uncle Randy is the better actual wrestler."

"Oh please Orton, you couldn't wrestle your way out of a bag." Jeff said laughing. "But at least you're better than Matt here."

"Hey! I resent that comment!" Matt yelled throwing a skittle at his brother. "I'm not the one that Jenny is going to kill when she gets home, aren't we supposed to be looking for tuxes?"

"We have plenty of time for that; the wedding isn't for like 7 months anyway. Besides, I was thinking that I would just wear a really nice pair of black jeans and a white shirt…I'll even throw in a tie."

"Somehow I don't see that happening. Ki isn't too excited about wearing a dress as it is, I don't think she will let you get by without a tux as long as she's in a dress."

"It'll be fine." Jeff said reaching for his phone. "Hey babe."

"Hey, how's the tux hunt going?" Jenny asked.

"Uhm…great. Although I was thinking. What's the use of wearing a tux? I was thinking I would just wear a pair of black pants and a white shirt."

"Dream on Rainbow. My mother would have a fit. You're wearing a tux."

"But I'm really not the tux type of person…"

"Jeff, if you think you are getting out of this tux thing think again." Kiera said taking Jenny's phone. "If I have to stand up there in a freaking dress, your ass is going to in a tux if I have to put it on you myself. Are you guys even tux shopping?"

"Yes…why wouldn't we be?" Jeff said.

"Really? What store are you guys in?" She asked.

"Uhm...a tux…one?" Jeff said.

"Jeff, you never were good at lying. Let me guess. You guys are still at the house playing video games." Kiera said smiling.

"Now why would you think that?" Jeff asked as the guys looked at him.

"Because I'm standing behind you." Kiera said. Jeff and the rest of the guys slowly turned to see the girls standing in the doorway, arms crossed.

"Care to explain Hardy?" Jenny said walking up to him.

"Uhm…well, you see." Jeff said looking around at the guys trying to hold in their laughter. "CJ had a bad morning, really cranky you see and uhm… we didn't want to take him out in case he started crying."

"Really? He looks ok to me." Kiera said taking her son in her arms and turning to John.

"Well he's ok now, but we just didn't want to take the chance." John said smiling.

"Honey, you never were very good at lying either. Come on boys. We are going tux shopping." Kiera said walking to the door. She turned around looking at the disgruntled faces of the men in her living room. "Do I look like I am kidding? Move along." She held the door open as the men filed out to the cars. "Girls, we'll be back in a few hours. Make yourselves at home."


"Jeff how long does it take you to put on a tux?" Kiera asked from the other side of the dressing room.

"Long enough. I can't believe you are doing this to me Kiera, I thought we were friends." Jeff said coming out.

"Jeff, we are friends. But Jenny comes before you. A tux is not going to kill you. Don't you want to look nice for one of the biggest days in your life?"

"Well yeah, but wearing this is so not me." He said pouting.

"Jeff, there are plenty of ways that you can make this tux into your own. You guys haven't completely decided on colors yet and there are plenty of small quirks that you can make to put yourself into a tux. This is going to be one of the most important days of your life and Jenny's, I'm humoring her by wearing a dress, couldn't you do this for her?" Kiera asked, turning Jeff around to look at himself in the mirror.

"I would do anything for her." Jeff said looking at himself. "And if that means wearing one of these for a day, then so be it."

Kiera smiled as she gave Jeff a hug.

"Hey Hardy!" Jeff and Kiera turned around to see Matt and Randy walking towards her, dressed in matching tuxes.

"Those look very nice guys. But, where's the other two?"

"You don't want to know." Randy said shaking his head.

"Hey honey! Doesn't this tux look great?" John said walking over to Kiera.

"John what are you wearing?" Kiera asked.

"A tux, baby. Don't you like it?"

Kiera raised her eyebrows as she slowly walked towards her boyfriend and took in the outfit he was calling a tux. The white tux had an extra long coat with a gold trim and gold lining to match the pants. On the back of the coat were the words 'Pimp Getting Hitched' in sparkly gold lettering. To top it off he was wearing a matching hat and carrying a white cane.

"John, honey. That thing is hideous." She said giving him the nicest smile possible.

"But babe…"

"Mama!" Kiera looked down to see her son smiling up at her, wearing a very similar tux. She leant down and picked him up.

"You put our son in the same hideous thing? John, go take that off and please put CJ back into some normal clothing also."

"You don't like it? I thought we could wear them for our wedding."

"First of all, we aren't engaged. Second of all, there is no way I would marry you if you were wearing that at the end of the aisle."

"I'm hurt ma. I thought I made a good choice. I thought I looked sexy."

"Honey, you are sexy. But you are not a pimp and that tux needs to be burnt if anything. So would you please take our son and go change?"

Pouting, John took CJ and went back to the dressing rooms to change. Kiera just rolled her eyes while the others were still laughing.