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A Few Weeks Later…

John had just dropped CJ off at the sitters and was now on a search for his girlfriend's best friend. He had already checked the sound booth, catering and the ringside area. That left only one other place he thought he would be able to find her.

"Let's hope I'm not interrupting anything." He mumbled as he knocked on the door that read 'HARDY.' He waited a few moments till the door opened to reveal a shirtless Jeff Hardy.

"John. Hey man, what's up?" Jeff asked.

"Well I'm looking for Jenny. I've been all over this arena and my hunt has led me here."

"Come on in Cena!" Jenny yelled from behind Jeff. Jeff smiled as he opened the door and let John in. John smiled as he saw Jenny sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine. "What's up Cena? Why are you looking for me?"

"Well I needed you opinion on something and I figured you were the best one to ask." He said taking a seat on a chair.

"Sure, I'll do my best. You want to change your entrance or something?"

"No, actually it has to do with Kiera." He said, looking at the floor.

Jenny looked up at him. "What did you do Cena? I'll kick your ass."

John held up his hands. "I did nothing, yet."

"Yet? Out with it Cena." Jenny said throwing her magazine to the side. Jeff sat down beside her, giving John a quizzical look.

John fished around in his pocket and pulled out a box, setting it on the table beside Jenny. Jenny looked at Jeff before picking it up and opening it. She gasped seeing an inset 2 carat diamond ring with accent stones.

"Damn John. This is Kiera's dream ring. Please tell me it's for her." Jenny asked setting the ring back down.

"Of course it's for Kiera. Do you really think she will like it?"

"I can't imagine a better ring for her. She will love it? When are you going to ask her?"

"Well that's the thing. I've had this ring for a while now…"

"Out of curiosity John, how long have you had this ring?" Jeff asked, picking up the ring to examine it himself.

"Well I got it when Kiera was about 8 months pregnant." John said, a small hint of blush coming to his cheeks.

Jeff and Jenny both looked up at the man, their jaws dropping slightly. "WHAT?" They both exclaimed.

"Wait a minute man, you've had this ring almost a year and you still haven't asked her to marry you?" Jeff asked.

"Why?" Jenny asked.

"Well, what if she says no? I mean we have a kid together, it would crush me if she said no to me."

"Why the hell would she say no?" Jenny asked. "You guys have a kid together and live together. You guys are already a family and it's obvious you two love each other. Plus you obviously know her if you can pick this ring out for her. There is no way she would say no. She loves you John, just as much as you love her. So when are you going to ask her?"

"I don't know yet. I mean, I want to ask before we have our CJ's pictures taken since we are getting family pictures taken at that time too. I figured I would rather have her have the ring at that time so we could maybe get a few engagement pictures too. I already called the place and they have us scheduled for those too. That gives me a few weeks to actually ask her. I just don't know how to do it yet."

"Well John, I think you came to the right place." Jeff said looking at Jenny. "Kiera was such a big help with me when I was planning on asking you to marry me. This will be a great opportunity to pay her back."

The next week…

John peeked around the corner to see Kiera sitting in her office going over paperwork. John smirked to himself, today was the day. He had been planning this day for the past week with Jenny and Jeff and hoped that everything went off without a hitch.

Walking back down the hallway, he stopped in CJ's room after hearing a "daddy" called to him as he passed, signaling his son was awake from his nap.

"Hey there Champ, you ready for today?" He asked picking him up out of his crib. "Let's hope everything goes well. Now we just gotta get her out of this house for a few hours. Time to call Jenny."

About a half hour later Jenny and Jeff showed up at the house.

"Kiera!" Jenny yelled after getting in the house, causing all 3 males to cringe. "Get your butt down here, we got work to do!"

"Jenny, what are you doing here?"

"I have my final fitting today for my dress and there is no way I am taking Jeff with me. Plus I have other errands to run and I have decided that you are the perfect one to drag along with me."

"Jenny, I have lots of paperwork to finish before hitting the road again, I don't know if I can."

"Babe, why don't you go? You have been working on that paperwork all morning. Give yourself a break for a while." John said setting CJ down. "You will get it done. We still have a few days."

Kiera looked at John and then at Jenny before sighing. "Ok, let me go change and we will go." She said turning around to go back up the stairs.

"I will keep her gone for as long as I can but I don't guarantee anything over 4 hours." Jenny whispered.

"Plenty of time." John said as Kiera came back down the stairs. She picked up CJ and gave him a kiss.

"Be good for Daddy." She said turning to look at John and Jeff. "Make sure you keep an eye on him and Jeff, I want his hair to still be blonde when I get back."

"Blue was such a good look on him though." Jeff said. "It really brought out his eyes."

"I think the blonde suits him just fine. If you want to dye children's hair, have you own." She smirked, laughing as Jenny's face paled. "I will see you guys later."

She gave CJ another kiss before handing him to John, giving him a kiss also. "See you in a few hours."

"Have fun, I love you." John smiled.

"Love you too." Kiera then grabbed Jenny's hand to drag her away from Jeff. The 3 men stood in the doorway waving as the girls pulled out.

"She has no idea." John smirked as he waved.


Jeff pulled out his phone and looked at the text he had just gotten from Jenny.

Just left our final store. Be back in about a half hour.

"You got about 30 minutes Cena. Everything ready?"

John surveyed around the backyard. Everything was as good as it was going to get. "Everything is good to go Jeff. Thanks so much for all of your help."

"Not a problem, it was really the least I could do. Are you sure you are ready for this?"

"I have never been more ready for anything in my life."

A few minutes later they heard the front door open, followed by Kiera's voice. "John! We're home!"

"In the back yard babe!" John called back, smiling at Jeff.

Kiera and Jenny walked onto the patio in the back yard. "John Cena, what have you been doing out here?" Kiera asked. Jenny and Jeff went to have a seat on the porch swing.

The backyard had been turned into what looked like a photo gallery. As Kiera looked around, she saw all sorts of photos scattered into little sections all over the yard. It was dark outside and the only light was coming from the multitude of candles that littered the lawn. She turned to look at John.

"I decided to do a trip down memory lane for the night. Come on." He said taking her hand and leading her to the first booth titled The Meeting.

Kiera looked at the photos that had been taken by someone from the first night they met at the bar, the day before John's surgery. She smiled. "You had no idea who I was that night."

"I know. I still can't believe you sat there and let me bitch about how miserable my life was at that point in time."

"Well I knew who you were so I figured I might as well get to know your thoughts going into your procedure so I knew what I had coming my way. Who would have thought that we would be here today."

John smiled at her before guiding her and CJ to the next booth titled The Journey. Here there were pictures of Landon along with pictures from the time that John was going through rehab and from their first few dates.

"I really owe Landon a car or something for helping me the way he did. I love that kid." John said, wrapping his arm around Kiera's waist.

"Well he was the one who talked me into a date with you, not to mention gave you the courage to actually ask me out."

"Like I said, I love that kid. He can still kick my ass at any video game."

They continued on to the next section titled Carter John which was decorated with pictures from Kiera's pregnancy, the birth of CJ and present. CJ squealed at seeing pictures of himself.

"That's right little man, that was from when you were still in Mommy's belly. And to think she thought I wasn't going to want anything to do with you." John said.

"I wasn't thinking straight. I was so worried that I was going to ruin your career."

"Well it didn't. This little man has only made my life better. I am blessed to have you and him in it." John said and leant down to give her a small kiss. "I have one final booth for you." John said and led her to the next area entitled The Cena Family.

Kiera smiled as she looked at all the pictures that had been posted here, from the early days of their relationship to where they were today. She noticed that there was a large opening in the center of this section. "What's the large hole for?" She asked still looking at the pictures.

"Well you see, that's where our family picture is supposed to go. But I couldn't put a picture of us there yet because we haven't gotten them done yet and well…you're not a Cena."

Kiera turned to look at John to see him on one knee with CJ sitting on his knee holding a box.

"Kiera, I love you so much and you have given me everything I could have ever asked for including a wonderful son. I can't picture my life without you and I can't see my future without you in it. Will you do me the honor of finally becoming a Cena and marry me?"

Kiera smiled as the tears streamed down her face. She looked at the ring that her son was holding as she shook her head yes.

John took the ring that his son was holding as he stood up to place it on her finger and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The couple soon separated as CJ screeched from the ground, upset that he wasn't getting any attention. Smiling John bent down to pick him up and placed a kiss on his cheek. "You momma's finally going to be a Cena like the rest of us son!"

"It's about damn time!" Jenny yelled from the patio swing where she sat with Jeff.

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