Was heard all thru out the school as once again, Severus Obsidian Snape caught Harry James Potter. Surprisingly Severus was the only person that ever caught Harry creeping around in the middle of the night, but usually Snape was quiet about it, this time well not so much.



The entire school was now woken up and in some dorm room's students were exchanging galleons. (I told you it would be the end of his Seventh that he would finally get caught and yelled at)


This was also heard thru the school as Harry actually saw why his teacher was yelling at him. Well besides the obvious that he was in his rooms. (Don't ask)


People immediately shot up in their beds upon hearing the Headgirls voice. Figuring that they wouldn't be yelling any more people got up and started running to where they thought the three might be. Some people actually found it others just didn't. Those that did nearly passed out, some did, but mostly it was nearly. The reason for this was that they saw Potions Master and Professor Severus Snape clad in nothing but black silk boxers. Next to him was a taller than average brown haired woman with her arms crossed over her chest, which besides her arms was only covered in a bra that didn't exactly fit.

"Harry what are you doing down here? This is no were close to any of the dorms." Hermione Granger said tapping her bare foot on the ground.

"I…I… I was just looking for you on the map and then I come in and your, your, your in bed with…our teacher. (Faint, faint, faint).

AN: Oh what a shock!