It isn't the fact that he is dead that makes me scared it's that he begged. In the last six years that I had known the man I never thought he would beg for anything. After that I don't think I can actually blame Snape for what he did. I think using Legelimency Dumbledore told Snape to kill him and I think Snape refused. Dumbledore begging him was the only way he would have possibly done it. He would have given up his life to keep that man alive. I don't think he is a natural killer. I think he doesn't like to kill and try's not to at every turn. He could have killed many more than just Dumbledore. It's strange the thoughts I have on this, I don't think any of my friends would understand.

Of course then again I could be wrong, he could be exactly what I have been told and led to believe. He could be a sly bantered who murdered a man I considered family just for the soul rezone that his master told him to. It could be that all that has been said by me and countless other could be true, that he should not have been trusted.

The thing is I don't believe a word of that except that he is a sly bastered 'cause though he may have been going by Dumbledore's orders, he is still a cunning son-of-a-bitch. Until I see him again, I will not believe he betrayed Dumbledore but rather that he followed orders to the 't'.

I know for a fact that should I tell anyone of my thoughts they would go against me, again. So I will not tell them what I feel is true. Maybe I will some day but for now I won't. I don't think I could, I will be what the Magical World wants me to be till I find the truth, but when I do I will surprise them. If what I personally think is true I will welcome Snape back with open arms. Well figuratively speaking at any rate. I stand by my words till they are proven correct or until they are proven wrong. Dumbledore trusted the man and as a result so do I.