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As the crowds around the young man danced and sang he sat there head held in his hands not looking the slight bit happy, not the slight bit as if he had just killed the man who murdered his family. Ron, his fiery-headed best friend, came over. "Harry what's up? We just won the war!" people held up their mug and shouted, "We won mate, it's all over." Ron sat down across from the dark haired man. He showed no sign that he had heard a word his friend had said until he looked at him, eyes filled with sorrow. "We didn't win Ron." He said, almost to quietly to hear. "What are you talking about Harry? You defeated Voldemort yourself; a lot of people here killed a lot of the Death Eaters. Harry the light side won!" again people cheered. "Ron," Harry looked right into his eyes "the thing about war is you don't when, you never when." He paused "All you do is survive. It may have not sunk in yet but not many did on either side. People where killed today. Sentient beings died today. How many children will grow up not knowing their parents their brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts. You never win in war Ron, you just survive." That said Harry Potter the savior of the wizarding world got up and walked away.