For Rachel. I hope you enjoy this! Sorry it's so incredibly late, but due to real life and lack of inspiration, along with my severe procrastination skills…sorry!

Special thanks to Jena, who told kept me motivated at 2 in the morning to keep writing!



She felt dirty. And she hurt.

Sam lay down face-down in a large patch of mud. She tried to move from her position, but immediately stopped herself as she felt pain arise from her back. Maybe it would be best to stay still for the time being, she decided. Just as comforting blackness was about to come, she heard leaves crinkling as several footsteps approached where she lay.

"Colonel Carter, are you all right?"

"I think I hurt my back, Teal'c." she replied weakly.

Daniel arrived soon after Teal'c and caught a glimpse of Sam's wound. There, on the right side of her lower back, was a staff blast burn.

"Sam, you got hit by a staff blast. I think we're going to have to call this mission short." Daniel said, looking through his pack for emergency medical supplies to aid in the pain. Unfortunately he was no doctor of medicine, so any serious matters would have to wait until they got Sam back to the SGC.

"Colonel Carter, I believe it would be best if we did indeed return to the SGC to seek medical attention." Teal'c agreed.

"No, really. I'm fine, it just grazed my side." As if to prove her point, she pulled herself up from the mud patch. Neither Daniel nor Teal'c missed the flashes of pain on her face, or her uneven breathing. "Uh, guys? Maybe it's a bit more than a scratch…" Sam suddenly collapsed, caught in time by Teal'c.


As Sam opened her eyes, the bright lights assaulted her senses. Quickly clamping her eyelids shut, she slowly tried opening again, this time the bright light was not present.

"Colonel Carter, it's good to see you awake." Came the cheery voice of Dr. Lam. "You've had a quite a steady stream of visitors since your arrival here yesterday."

"Yesterday?" Sam asked.

"Yes, Daniel and Teal'c returned from PX9-895 with you. You had been injured with a staff blast. It wasn't a major injury, but you will need to stay off of the mission rotation for a week or two, depending on your recovery rate."

"When can I leave, Dr. Lam?" Sam asked impatiently.

"So eager to leave, Colonel? Umm… let's see. Today is Wednesday, so you can leave Friday night if all goes well."

"Friday night? Is there any chance I could leave earlier?" Sam asked hopefully.

Dr. Lam eyed her patient. Truth be told, Sam had always healed faster with the naquada in her system, but as a doctor, she didn't take risks with her patients.

"We'll see, Colonel. Is there something I need to be informed about?" she asked.

Sam shifted uncomfortably in the infirmary bed. "Uhh, actually, Friday, you see, I'm getting married," she said in a hushed voice.

"Really? I had no idea, Colonel Carter! Congratulations!" The doctor exclaimed.

"Thanks. Daniel, Teal'c along with a few of the staff here are the only ones who know, other than my brother's family." Sam quickly explained.

"Well, I suppose if your injury has mostly healed by then, I can let you go, if you promise not to put too much strain on your back." Dr. Lam said, looking through Sam's lengthy medical records.

"Okay. Thanks." Sam didn't feel like protesting too much, as her back still ached, even as she was pumped with painkillers. She decided the best thing to do at the moment would be to simply close her eyes and rest.