Sam stood in front of her mirrored and sighed. She had always prided herself on not being overly girly or emotional, but today, she was a wreck. Cassie was in her bathroom, getting herself ready before she was going to help her. Sam looked in her mirror. Although the few days of rest in the infirmary had done her good, she still looked thin and tired.

"Sam? Are you ready?" Cassie comes out of the bathroom, her makeup applied and hair done. She looks beautiful and so grown up. Still in her jeans, she's waiting until later to change.

"Yes." Sam answers.

"Sam? Are you feeling alright?" Cassie asks, sounding concerned for her.

Sam looked at the young woman, knowing she couldn't lie to her. "I guess I'm just a little nervous… I mean… What if after eight years in the field together, and as friends, it's not what we expected? What if it's a disappointment? What if I'm a disappointment to him?"

Cassie took a deep breath and sighed, suddenly looking older than her twenty years. "If anything, the past eight years should have shown you both how perfect you are for eachother. Sure, it's a smooth road, but would have you wanted that? With Jack, you get the ups, the downs, everything of him. Sam, as a little girl, I saw you two together, I saw that spark. I knew not to ask my mother about it, as she would go off about Air Force regulations, but I knew she saw it too."

Sam smiled at her and took her into a hug. "Thank you Cassie, I just wish your mother was here, honey."

Cassie hugged Sam back. "Me too."

And with that, the two women held each other, crying for those lost in the past and for the happiness in the future.


A few hours later, Sam stood in a spare bedroom of General Hammonds. Although the retired general had insisted she call him George, old habits never died. He had offered, no, insisted that Jack and her hold their small wedding in his backyard. Before, they were planning on having a small affair at city hall, with a reception afterwards, but decided to take Hammond up on his offer.

For his previous soldiers under his command, as well as his best friend's daughter, Hammond was more than happy to provide a place for their wedding in his large and gorgeous backyard. Sam was happy, as it looked picturesque for such a small affair, with only Mark and his family attending, a few of Jack's family members, and a small portion of the SGC staff. Some off-worlders such as Rya'c and Bra'tac, were coaxed into Earth fashions for the affair, much to their disapproval.

Standing in her strapless gown, she remembered many conversations with Jack. She had wanted a simple affair, no frills, just the two of them, but he had talked her out of it, saying that she was only going to get married once if he had any say about it! Sam had then splurged on a beautiful strapless dress that she thought Jack would love.

Jack… she could hardly wait to see him standing there, looking oh so fine in his dress blues. Surely, his silver hair would be sticking up and she'd have to restrain herself from running her hands through it. For a two star general, Jack was looking good!

A knock at the door interrupted Sam's thoughts.

"Colonel Carter?" asked Teal'c.

"You can come in Teal'c." she answered.

Teal'c entered the modest bedroom, dressed in a suit for his friends' wedding. He had been eager to attend "a tau'ri mating ritual" especially considering it was for Sam and Jack. He had wondered in the past why the tau'ri had such odd rules regarding their people and marriage.

"Colonel Carter, you look most beautiful. O'Neill will be very happy to see you."

Sam blushed. "Thank you Teal'c."

Daniel rushed into the room. "Teal'c, is she ready?" he asked, without seeing Sam. As soon as the words left his mouth, he caught sight of his friend.

"Wooah, Sam. You look..fantastic! Jack's not going to let you out of his sight!"

Sam blushed again, her two friends lifting her spirits. She could do this. She could become Mrs. O'Neill. Mrs. Jack O'Neill. Mrs. Jonathan James O'Neill. Doctor of Astrophysics, Colonel Samantha Jean Carter-O'Neill.

Okay, maybe just Sam O'Neill.


Sam felt a lone tear fall as Cassie left to proceed down the aisle. The young woman, after losing two mothers, was so beautiful and independent, and she loved Sam and Jack like her own parents. She felt someone approach her from her left, General Hammond. He gently linked his arm with hers and escorted her down the aisle.

Although against her feminist views, Sam was happy to have her father's best friend, and a man she had known as an uncle escort her. And Hammond was happy to do a final favor for his late friend. With a peck on the cheek, he handed her over to Jack.

Jack! Standing there, at the alter, looking so devilishly handsome in his dress blues. Did he get those cleaned? Sam decided it was too bad, because right now all she wanted to do was rip them off and have her way with him. And judging by the silent looks he had been giving her, the feeling was mutual.

However, they were forced to go ahead with the formal ceremony of things, much to Sam's dismay.

The residing pastor interrupted her thoughts. As the vows were exchanged, along with the rings, the ceremony was brought to a close with a shared kiss. As they reluctantly broke the kiss, their small audience erupted into applause. Sam and Jack took each other's hands, and proceeded down the aisle to their future.



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