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Chapter 2: Field trips and Fangirls

Konoha Academy...

"Alright everyone today's a field trip!" calls out their white-haired instructor, plastering a beaming smile across his face.

Most of the class minus the few quiet and/or depressed souls all yip with glee at the prospect of learning something new (and I'm a pink monkey. Learn, HA! more like get out of the stuffy classroom).

As everyone starts filing out the door one of the students turns to her friend. "At this rate, Naruto's gonna get held back again,"* she said, shaking her head.

"I know, I don't think he's shown up at all this week," the blonde replied. Then turning back to her pink haired friend and asked, "What's the deal? Is he sick or something? I mean sure he skips a lot, but not like this. He usually at least shows up to turn in homework."

"I don't know," she sighed, shaking her head. "I went by his apartment to drop off his homework and the manager said he wasn't living there anymore."

'She actually went to his house?' her blonde friend wondered. "That is odd, maybe-"

Meanwhile a few feet away...

'NO MORE! PLEASE, NO MORE!' thought a raven-haired kid who seemed to be attempting (and failing) to drown out the gossips by upping the volume of his music. 'C'`mon there has to be something I put on here… ' He looked around desperately, fangirls he could take, gossips he could take, but gossiping fangirls were something else entirely. Then, 'I'M SAVED!' and with that thought in mind, he made a beeline for one of the other students.

"Shino I need a hand."

"Yes, what with?" Sasuke shows him his MP3 player, "Ah Sakura and Ino at it again?" he nods understandingly spotting the girls several feet away. "What shall it be, soft rock, hard rock, metal, rap, classical, techno, hymns, bongo, " he asked flipping a CD out of nowhere with each genre he listed.

"What ya got that's loud?"

A moment later and "I CAN'T ESCAPE THIS HELL!" blasting in his ears and Sasuke slipped off into the screaming bliss of Three Days Grace, little did he know just how appropriate his selection was.*

Several minutes pass as the class moves through the streets toward there destination when one of the young kunoichi, a rather shy creature with indigo hair, pupiless lavender eyes, and wearing a rather bulky jacket, in a fit of curiosity asks, "Mizuki-sensei where is Iruka-sensei?"

"He's sick today, Hinata-chan," replied. Now normally this would be no big deal, everyone gets sick, right? But Iruka, as far as anyone knew, had never been out sick (even if he should have been) so our little gossips were having a field day.

"I'll bet it's exhaustion! He hasn't had an off day in years!" Was Ino's first theory.

"Are you kidding? He's a chunnin. Just teaching and the occasional mission would never be enough to exhaust Iruka-sensei."

"Yeah, you're right… maybe someone poisoned him?"

"Alright you two that's enough," came Mizuki's voice from the front or the group as he got ready to address the class as a whole (or he just doesn't want them to continue that theory, hm... how suspicious). Apparently, they had reached their destination.

For a moment it seemed that Sakura at least was going to protest then she paused staring at something a short distance in front of the group. 'Odd, I don't remember that cage being here before,' she thought, staring bewilderedly at the oversized cage.

And indeed there was a rather nondescript cage that looked like it had been plucked from a zoo now situated away from the major portion of the village on the edge of one of the training grounds.

Her curiosity getting the better of her Sakura went to investigate, but as she got close enough to see past the bars to what was inside she froze her mouth hanging open in speechless horror.

"Eh? What's with you?" came Ino's voice. Then as her friend followed her gaze she heard her gasp, "Naruto?"

It was Naruto, or at least what was left of him. Perched on a rock in the middle of the cage was a boy in black canvas pants staring up at the now gathered class through the dark slits in his crimson eyes. Sticking up out of his hair, which was now rusty red, were two pointed furry ears of a similar shade and flowing behind him nine white tipped tails of the same color.

"S-Sakura-san look at this," said a teary-eyed Hinata as Sakura went over to look at what the girl had found.

"Well now why all the long faces?" Mizuki called to the class in a voice that left no doubts that he was very much enjoying this. "Serves the little monster right. He deserved what he go-" but he never got the chance to finish as a little pink haired girl rounded on him with a kind of fury that hadn't been seen since Tsunade had left the village.



The hit that Haruno Sakura delivered to her teacher's skull drove him into the ground like a stake achieving an effect similar to that of Doton: Shinjuu Zanshuu no jutsu.

"Sakura wha-" came Ino's startle voice but she was interrupted before she could finish.

"READ THIS!" she bellowed jabbing her finger at a small plaque on the cage.

During the attack on Konohagakure by the Kyuubi no Kitsune on this village the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, gave his life to seal it away in the body of a newborn child who would henceforth act as its jailer. It had been the hope of the Yondaime that the child would be received as a hero by the people of Konoha. Sadly, this was not the case and I was powerless to prevent it. Nine years after the attack the seal malfunctioned for reasons related to damage caused by his fellow citizens. As the youkai bleeding through the seal warped his body, Naruto was able to control himself long enough for me to take ample countermeasures to ensure the continued protection of the village. Now, here he will stay for the rest of his days having given everything for this ungrateful village.

-Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage

As she finished reading Ino stared at the boy she had long considered an annoyance, awed. Naruto had done that? For them? Then she turned to comfort Sakura who was now sitting against a tree-hugging her knees crying her eyes out.

"I didn't think you even liked him all that much."

"I don't!" she said giving a choked laugh. "He drove me nuts. Always going asking me to... and talking about, you know. Still, he didn't deserve this."

"Sakura shut up," said Sasuke as he turned away from the scene. 'Whining won't bring him back,' he thought as images of that night flashed through his mind.


In another display of inhuman strength, Sakura sent her (now former) crush sailing through the air with a right hook to the jaw.

'Was it something I said?' wondered the now tumbling prodigy.


Edited: 06/25/19

* My Naruto was admitted to the academy early hence, why his classmates are his age even though he's been held back multiple times.

* Song: Animal I've Become by Three Days Grace

Doton: Shinjuu Zanshuu no jutsu = Inner Decapitation- ends up with victim buried up to their neck.

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