Roxas POV

I had to do something, just to keep her here for a little longer.

I turned towards to Selphie, no luck,

Wakka no,

Tidus he would just make fun of me.

Then I looked over at Sora and his girlfriend Kairi, they went through a similar situation with the group, maybe I could get their help.

Well I hope you are not too confused, cause I sure as hell am, but that is not the point. The point is that I have this major problem. See Namine is leaving school early, in the middle of class might I add, and I have to keep her here for fifteen more minuets.

And this is why…


After lunch before forth period.

I was at my locker doing the usual, making some calls getting my books. I was actually talking to my mom seeing that she calls me every hour … she is so over protective.

"Yes mom"

Blah blah blah… don't forget to take out the trash.. blah blah blah

"Ok mom" I said into the mouth piece.

I really was not paying attention to what she was saying, I was too busy imagining how Namine would react when I give her the birthday present I got her. She was turning 15, and it had to be special.

Ok, so I know that like completely ignoring your mom when she is talking to you is completely rude seeing that she gave birth to me and stuff, but I was just not in the mood to listen to my mom's progress in her plate's class at the Y.

So I just added a couple of " Ahhh's" and " that's good", she never notices.

So I was dazing about how Namine's party would be tonight, it was Friday so you never know what could happen, wait evil thoughts, evil thoughts.

Then I was slapped, I was startled cause I didn't know my conscience could actually slap me. It hurt too.

I turned around only to find that Sora, my best friend since kindergarten, was standing next to me, and he had one of those I know you were thinking of Namine, and bad stuff like that kinda face.

I almost wanted to punch him for scaring me, but then I realized that I was still on the phone with my mom. I quickly ended the conversation.

"Sorry mom, I gotta go. 4th period is about to start, hope you have fun with your plates class. Love you, bye."

I clicked the phone shut and turned toward my locker to get my books.

Then I heard Sora say, "Was that Namine, cause I bet she love to hear you say you love her."

"No, Sora why would I say 'I love you' to Namine, she is just a friend." I half heartedly replied to his annoying comment. It had become a regular thing for everyone one to bug me about Namine. So I prepared a statement that would fit any sentence, and could fix any problem, 'No, Namine and I are just friends.' And to me honest the closer it got to Namine's fifteenth birthday the more often it happened.

If was finished with my locker and was about to joyfully trot off to math class, thankful that I was not going to hear another word about my secret relationship with Namine that I did not even know about.

I closed my locker door books in hand, and then I was bombarded.

Then Kairi, Riku, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka all jumped out of nowhere and started screaming in my face.

"Oh my gosh you told Namine you loved her, that is so great." Kairi squealed clapping her hands together. .

"I have to talk to everyone, NaminexxRoxas finally a couple!" Selphie yelped bringing her had to her heart.

"So you two gonna have fun at the party tonight." Replied Riku and Wakka, evil grins on their faces.

Then Tidus pulled me over and said, "Maybe now is a good time to have the talk about the birds and the bees, my young naive friend," and he handed me a card.

I slowly backed away "no thanks" I said.

"And I will not be doing anything at the party tonight, but someone else might get it on."

I pointed a finger over my shoulder motioning to the two love birds behind me.

"Sora! Kairi! You two are sooooooo cute!" yelled Selphie.

Thankful that I had gotten the unwanted attention off of me, I slowly tried to back away from the noisy group of friends.

I almost escaped the madness when I felt someone's presence behind me. I turned around and came face to face with Namine.

"Oh Hi Namine I thought you were someone else" I said lifting my hand to scratch the side of my head.

There was a long awkward silence, and Namine kept looking at the ground. So after a few moments of dying agony I bent down and titled my head so that I could see her face. And spoke the words, "Um Namine are you ok?"

And as if those were some magical words, Namine broke her trance and smiled up at me. She was acting really weird, but it would be mean to tell her that, so I just decided to smile back.

And then she walked away, leaving me standing in the hallway like a complete idiot. She turned around after taking a few steps, gave me a quick smile, saying "I will see you in math class." And then she continued walking in the general math class direction.

I took a deep breath in, and then sighed letting it out. Hmm, that was weird. I thought. But just then my thoughts were rudely disturbed, by a certain brown haired friend, and the rest of his little clan of match makers.

Namine's POV:

Gosh I was so close, all I had to do was tell him, just three simple little words, it's not that hard, but instead I made a huge fool of myself. Yeah I mean I said some words alright, 'See you in math class' gosh I am such a dork.

I thought as I entered my math class, only a few more minuets of school and your home free. I kept reassuring myself. And then I entered, the class room of numbers and long equations, in other words, Doom.

Roxas POV:

"What do want Sora?!..." I said "…And everyone else" I said looking over the rest of the group.

And then the squealing began, Kairi with her 'you guys make a great couple' and Selphie saying 'so how did it go?' and the usual from the guys.

They still think that Namine and I are secretly in love. I mean I admit that I thought she was cute when we first met, but that was over a year ago, in 8th grade, and I made the mistake of tell one person, Sora. But see if would be unfaithful to keep lies from Kairi, her being his girlfriend and all, so she found out, and then Kairi told Olette her being best friends, and it worked its way down the phone tree line, I am just surprised that Namine had not heard about it yet. Just goes to show ya that some things still amaze me in this world.

Anyway…Nothing happened between us, Namine and I just became good friends, but the group still thinks there is something more, so like now they constantly bug me about it.

Probably cause they have nothing better to do.

"You guys!" I screamed. Trying to silence their chatitive noise they call words. It worked, and they all stared at me like I had five heads, but I did not care I had to get this out.

"I was talking to my mom, when I said I love you." I screamed, my arms raised in the air. At first it felt good to scream, but then I could hear the faintest of giggles coming from behind me, and then it turned into roaring laughter.

I turned around and it was none other than my adoring fan Seifer up front leading the pack.

He said, "Aww, look Roxas is a little mamas boy."

Apparently I had screamed out of frustration, and the whole school heard me.

Lucky for me Hayner and Olette were walking hand in hand to their biology class, just in time. The entire group turned their attention to the latest couple of the grade.

They had officially been dating for a week now, and everyone could not give them enough attention.

I felt bad for Hayner though, he had never really had a girlfriend before. And he is not so happy about the attention they get so I like to bug him.

"Hey Hayner, so you should go talk to Tidus," and threw him Tidu's card.

He looked confused, but I could tell he wanted to kill me as the card Tidus gave me flew into his hands."

Then he yelled, "I'll get you at the party tonight."

I just walked away, leaving my friends and Sefier behind.

Great I thought now I get to go cheer myself up in math class.

That was supposed to be sarcastic.

See my plan to surprise Namine for her birthday was going to happen in math class.

I paid some sixth grader to come into math class, with some balloons saying happy birthday Namine, with a bouquet of roses. With a blank card saying, "happy birthday to a special girl, from a friend."

So I walk into class, to find Namine sitting at her desk reading Julius Caesar. A little gory, but whatever.

I walked up to her and just sat one her desk, she was leaning back in her chair so we did not touch.

She looked up from her book, and waved at me. I must have been in a daze or something cause she just kinda stared then asked if there was something on her face.

I did not get a chance to answer.

I jolted forward a little cause someone hit me on the back, and I fell forward.

My hands found support on the back of Namine's chair and I had practically landed on her lap, our faces only inches from each others.

I started into her eyes, gazing over every feature… ON HER FACE… jeeze I am not perverted or anything.

She must have noticed that I was staring, cause she blushed.

I noticed this and I could feel my face heat up as well.

- Pause-

No! I was not blushing because I liked her, I mean, who would not blush in this situation.

- Ok back to the story-

"Aww, look at the little love birds." Someone said.

I did not get a chance to see Namine's reaction cause I looked up, breaking the gaze, I turned away from Namine to look the person who had pushed me.

Tidus… He was going to die.

I lunged toward him, almost knocking him over.

The teacher walked in and we immediately stopped.

He whispered to me, "I still think a talk about you know what is needed, I will be available during fifth, and after school from three to four." He handed me a card, with his name and his home phone number, he still did not have a cell phone yet. It was the same one he handed me earlier, how did he know I gave mine to Hayner? I asked myself.

"Hayner approached me about the card you gave him, so I could tell you needed another one." He said, almost reading my mind.

I wanted to kill him all over again, but I restrained myself.

Then I noticed that Namine had left her seat and was talking to the teacher.

I looked at the clock, It read 1:00, and Namine's surprise was going to come at 1:20.

"Y'know if you really want help with the ladies, you should call my brother, he's great with stuff like that." Sora had approached me and just started talking about something random, I was not really listening.

"He gave me some lines and stuff, to finally help take the next step with Kairi, and I think he could help you and Namine hook up."

I was awake now, and listening intently.

Not that I wanted this advice, but that Sora of all people was actually talking about me and Namine together.

I noticed that my mouth, was hanging open, as I imagined Namine's hands clinging to my shirt her mouth grazing my neck.

Woah! I have never thought about that before, nor have I ever experienced it.

U unfortunately for me, I got the least amount of action out of the entire group, for guys. I did not really talk about that kind of stuff with the girls, so I would not really know.

I have actually never made it past first base, ever. And that was sad, for someone who is nearly a sophomore in high school.

"Dude, you mouth is hanging open, what are you thinking of?" Sora asked waving his hand in front of my face.

Then his face got all squished, "Your not thinking of you and Namine couf couf doing it, are you."

"What, WHAT! NO NEVER!" I screamed.

"Yeah sure you weren't" He smirked.

"Well because you weren't imaging things, then you won't care that she is coming to sit at her desk again."

"Yeah, or course I don't care." I replied.

"Hey Roxas." O crap it was Namine.

"Ahhh! Namine" I screamed, jumped up out of fright or nervousness, and then fell off my desk.

I stood up quickly, regaining my composure, and I asked her what her talk with the teacher was all about.

The whole time I was talking to her, I was not really listening, cause I was too busy glaring at Sora talking to the gang.

He was probably telling them about what happened.

She said that she was giving the teacher a note saying that she was to go home at 1:10 to get ready for her party.

I said ok, brushing it off.

Everything went in one ear and out the other.

Then about five seconds later it hit me in the face, and I jumped up and started to look for the clock, it read 1:05.

I looked at the clock, then at Namine, then at the clock, then at Namine.

Could this get any worse.

-Back to Present—

I had to do something, just to keep her here for a little longer.

I turned towards to Selphie, no luck,

Wakka no,

Tidus he would just make fun of me.

Then I looked over at Sora and his girlfriend Kairi, they went through the same thing kinda with the group, maybe they will help.

I rushed over to them, against my will, they were being all cutesy and stuff.

They had been dating for a year now, no one thought it would last three months, but they proved us wrong.


"Kairi" "Sora", I yelled.

"IneedyourhelpcauseNamine'spresentisgoingtobeheresoon…I stopped Breath, in and Out, I said in my mind…andshehastoleavetogogetreadyforherpartytonight. Please help me!"

Sora and Kairi now fully separated, just stared at me blankly.

Sora put his hands behind his head, and said, "you might want to repeat that, if your going to get your help."

I sighed… no offense to them, but could they please be a litter bit smarter just this once, I mean they only have five minuets to think.

I sighed once again, and repeated. This time, I got smiles out of both of them.

Oh here it comes, I thought to myself.

"I cant believe that you love Namine and did not tell us, oh well I am happy for you any way." Kairi squealed.

This is going to be a long five minuets, I said under my breath.