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Chapter 15

Fight between friends

"Sora I think Kairi is glaring at me again," Namine whispered quietly to the brunette boy sitting beside her.

"Namine you know that has nothing to do with you, she is just jealous," Sora replied as he drew a heart in the sand the letters 'S' and 'K' in the middle.

The silence grew long as Namine examined Sora's picture. The faded voices of children playing and noises of swings creaking touched her ears, and her thoughts began to drift as well.

But the silence along with Namine's abstract thoughts were interrupted by Sora.

"Namine, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but sometimes I wish I was sitting next to someone else and not you," he spoke calmly and slowly showing that he was truly thinking about his words; the entire time his eyes never leaving the sand.

"I know Sora, sometimes I wish the same thing too," she paused for a short moment then continued her eyes tearing a bit, "sometimes I wish you had blond hair and caressed my hand and smiled brightly…" but her words of happiness that were expressed in sadness were interrupted.

"Namine, I thought you said you weren't going to think about him," Sora said coldly, for some reason his felt slightly colder.

"I know Sora, I know," Namine sighed as she shifted in her seat. "But feelings are always stronger than words," she spoke softly thinking that Sora did not hear, so it surprised her when he replied.

"Yeah you can say that again," he said forcing a smile, and he chuckled, brushing away the heart in the sand with his foot.

"You have no idea of how much of a love struck idiot I feel like right now," Sora said wiping back a tear, again trying to cover up his depression with a smile.

Namine was about to reply when she heard a scream come from across the park her eyes immediately falling on a once peaceful couple of red and silver.

"Hey Kairi," a voice said awakening Kairi from her dreams.

Kairi looked up from a crack in the ground, and turned her frown into a forced smile as she spoke, "Oh, hello Riku."

There was a wave of silence as he sat next to her, and she shifted her weight on the fountain ledge. She was about to speak in order to break the awkward silence that separated them, but he beat her to it by speaking these words.

"So why were you sitting over here all alone?" He asked his voice soft but powerful, she could tell that he was trying to show her compassion, but it was different; different than what she was used to. Different than what she hopes for it to be, different than when it came from her love.

"I just wanted some time to think," Kairi replied quietly her eyes still on the ground.

"Oh," Riku said his ego slightly demeaned at her words, but he quickly recovered breaking the peaceful silence one again.

"Well I just wanted to make sure you were ok, it is getting late after all, should be dark soon." He said inching closer at the words in the last part of his sentence.

Kairi was silent for some time after Riku's words, as she pondered her thoughts in her head, she did not know what to think any more, but she was sure she did not want this.

It was then just as she made her decision; Riku inched even closer and tried to kiss her neck, but she pushed him away.

"Riku I don't want this," She whispered, her fingers gripping tightly around the ledge of the fountain.

He was stunned at first, his mouth open in disbelief, but then he shook his head of all bad thoughts and said, "Of course you do, you are probably just a little scared, and that is completely understand…"

But she cut him off, "No Riku!" She said her voice stern as she once again pushed him away, "I know what I want…and I know who I love." She spoke, her voice getting softer and softer as she neared the end of her sentence.

"What?" Riku said, taken back, his mind in a state of shock and disbelief.

"Riku don't make me say it," Kairi begged, herself on the verge of tears.

"Kairi, I thought we, I mean you kissed me, and I thought…" Riku stuttered, his thoughts spewing out of his mouth as if they had not had time to be processed by his brain.

"No Riku, what we had was nothing…I love…I love Sora." Kairi said barley above a whisper, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her words hit Riku like sharp shards of glass, and anger filled his mind and destroyed all love that he thought he had.

He shot a quick glare at the brunette sitting across the park before he turned his eyes toward the red head again.

He was shocked by her tears, and he wanted to comfort her, but his anger got the best of him, "How can you say something so heartless and still be crying?" he spat.

Kairi noticing his anger so she tried her best to suppress her tears and then she tried her best to speak in an understandable manner, "Riku just because I don't have feelings for you does not mean that I don't care about you, you are still my friend." She tried to explain, but she felt like she was speaking a different language than the boy beside her.

"Then what about that kiss Kairi, what about the kiss that I thought MEANT SOMETHING!" Riku said his voice rising in anger, and he stood to emphasize his feelings.

"I am sorry to say this Riku, but all that meant nothing," Kairi said her voice sad, as she stayed in her seat.

"So you were just using me? This whole time I was just a rebound guy!" Riku screamed his anger reaching full capacity, he was furious.

"Riku I am sor…" Kairi tried to say, but her words were interrupted.

"No Kairi, sorry is not good enough! Friends don't use each other!" He screamed at her, and then after letting out a grunt he turned on his heals and began to walk away from her.

But she stood from her seat on the concrete ledge and yelled, causing him to stop in his tracks.

"Where are you going?" She yelled, the tears once again returning to her eyes.

"I am going to give that small minded idiot a piece of my fist," He spat, "If I cant have you, then no one else can!" he said hatred dripping off every words, and with those words he once again turned on his heals and began to walk to the other side of the park.

-(Woah major dejavou…sorry)-

"Sora I think I am going to go home now," Namine said standing up from the bench, "It is getting cold an um…I think I need some time to clear my head."

"Well, do you want me to walk you home, I mean it is getting dark, I don't think anyone would want you to get hurt…" but his words were cut off.

"No Sora, I am fine, I want you to stay here," And with that she turned and headed for the exit.

As he watched her walk away he thought to himself, 'and that is another way of saying I want you to leave me alone.'

With those words he closed his eyes and leaned back on the bench stretching out his legs.

Namine was exiting the park when she glanced to her left, and suddenly her mind was flogged with flashbacks and memories.

'Don't look behind you'

'Kissing each other goodbye'

'Love never does last'

She stopped in her tracks as the memories blinded her eyes, she closed her eyes and she mentally felt her self extend her arm hoping for help, but all she felt was darkness.

But then a voice reached her and she was ripped away from her mind, her eyes flashed open and she blinked clearing her vision.

"Hey, Blondie do you know a Roxas!" A voice said.

Namine shook her head and then spoke "Me?" as she pointed to herself.

"Yes you, so do you know a Roxas Hikari?" The voice spoke again, sounding agitated.

Her eyes widened at the name but she still managed to slightly shake her head in a nod.

"Have you seen him?" The voice asked again.

Namine eyes narrowed and she scanned the area for any trace of a person, she found nothing until she heard a rustle in the bushes.

She turned sharply around and walked over to the bushes, she counted to three before pulling them back and she gasped when she saw a blond, sitting in the dirt, he was slightly older than she, and there were leaves in his spiky hair, and oddly he resembled Roxas.

"Why do you want to know?" She asked, it was her turn to be agitated.

"How did you find me?" He questioned, he was in wonder as to how a girl would be able to uncover his stealthy skills.

Namine sighed, "It does not matter, how do you know Roxas?" she questioned and she noticed her voice change as she spoke his name, but the thing that frightened her the most was that its sound made her happy.

"But then where is the fun…" the blond shrugged, some leaves falling out of his hair.

Namine was becoming exasperated so she interrupted him, "You have three seconds to answer my question or I scream bloody murder and you get arrested, One." She said her voice fitting the mood of every word.

"What?!" He practically screamed.


"Ok fine, fine, I am his older brother…Cloud." He said reluctantly.

She looked at him like he was an idiot for a few moments then began to laugh, "Cloud, you really expect me to believe that, I mean what kind of name is Cloud?" She said more like a statement than a question.

But then she noticed his face drop and the atmosphere dampen.

"I mean Cloud what a great na…" but she was cut off in mid sentence.

"Shhh!" Cloud said placing his finger to his lips.

"Hey I am trying to apologize…" Namine said exasperated with 'Roxas's older brother.'

"Get in the bushes he is coming!" Cloud said rushed and barley above a whisper.

"Wha…!?" Namine said turning around but before she could glance behind her she felt her body being pulled forward and into the brush.

She squeaked when she felt her face pushed against a solid chest, a blush coming over her face.

She could not see, because of her 'amazing view,' the concert path leading into the park but she could hear the mumbles of a very familiar voice and the forceful stomps that came every second or so.

And then it once again became silent, but only for a moment.

"Come we have to go!" Cloud said jumping up from the bushes.

"Why?" Namine squeaked as she was lifted over the bush and on the path.

"Trust me you don't want to know." Cloud said turning around to face her, a concerned look on his face.

When they entered through the gates they noticed that Riku was already screaming at Sora, and that Roxas was well on his way.

Namine gulped and stepped behind the older teen, because she just knew things were not going to be all unicorns and rainbows from here on out.

"Hey Seifer, you better get over here, things are really heating up," Someone said from behind a tree.

"Yeah, and bring the money too." The person said smirk, then he returned to the shadows.

"What do you mean I stole Kairi away from you!? You never had her in the first place!" Sora screamed.

"Well I guess you never had her either, seeing that she kissed ME!" Riku screamed as equally loud.

"Don't make me kick your ass!" Sora screamed.

"Bring it one!" Riku screamed balling up his fits.

Sora was about to throw the first punch when Riku was pushed by someone else first.

"Move aside Riku, I have my own problems to deal with." Roxas said pushing Riku back as few steps.

"What?!" Sora screamed, he could not believe that both his best friends were mad at him when he did absolutely nothing.

"Yeah well here is the story, seeing that you are going to be unconscious most of the time, I am going to kick your ass, and you are going to like it!" Roxas screamed throwing himself forward.

Sora blocked the punch, but he fell back on one knee in doing so. Time seemed to stop as Sora looked up into his friend's eyes. They both started at each other, and Sora swore that for a split second he saw Roxas go soft, but it only lasted for a moment. It was when he saw the hatred seep in the air that he knew he had to fight, and so he retorted punching Roxas in the stomach.

Roxas stumbled backward holding his stomach and Sora stood up. He shot a glare at Riku who was coming his way.

Riku tried to kick in the head, but Sora dodged by ducking, and out of the corner of his eye he saw blond coming towards him, but it was too short notice to react, and Sora felt his head come in contact with Roxas's elbow, and next thing he knew he was laying face up staring at the setting sun.

"That is for stealing Namine away from me!" Roxas screamed standing over the brunette.

"I even told you how I felt about her, how much I cared, but I guess you were just too jealous that Kairi did not love you, that you had to go a ruin my life to, well guess what! I ruined yours two fold I kissed Kairi long and hard!" Roxas screamed his mind fuming.

Sora was shocked at his friend's words and he shakily sat up.

Riku who was standing and watching until now turned red, and shot a glare at the blond.

"So you are the reason why Kairi pushed me away, she has you!" Riku screamed jumping to conclusions.

Roxas was still catching his breath from the shout fest and fighting he just endured, when Riku ran at him his eye brows furrowed and muscles tense.

Roxas dodged the kick that Riku gave, but he was not fast enough to dodge the punch that hit Roxas directly in the nose.

He stumbled backward clutching his face, blood squirting out of his fingers, and he winced in pain. He shot a glare at Riku as he yelled, "Idiot, I did not have to take her because she never belonged to you in the first place, she never liked you and she never will!" Roxas screamed bitterly, and Riku's eyes went blood red.

"She like Sora, she even told me so!" Roxas screamed unaware of the words he was saying.

Riku began to charge again but he was tripped by a leg that shot out from beside him.

He looked up from where he lie on the ground as saw a sideways Sora his leg extended out from under him.

"He is right Riku, I have always loved Kairi, and I always will! I am sorry I just have to say that you need to move on, someone is out there for you, but it is not Kairi." Sora said forcefully as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"And Roxas," Sora said then turning to the blond, "I don't have feelings for Namine, like I said I love Kairi."

Sora then stood there gazing up at the newly risen moon thinking to himself that the fight between friends was over, but then he felt a fist collide with his cheek and his head was pushed to the side as the fist was retracted.

"What the hell, Roxas!" Sora screamed rubbing his cheek, spots of blood staining his fingertips.

"Apologize." Roxas said venom dripping from the word.

"For what?!" Sora screamed, unable to understand Roxas's motives or his reason.

Roxas then stepped forward stepping on Sora's foot and pushing him down as that it felt like his leg was snapping in half, "I said apologize!" Roxas screamed.

Sora lay on the ground as he heard Riku speak, "Sora I think you better apologize." He then glanced up at Roxas, and from his point of view Roxas faced was half shadowed and he appeared to be the image of death.

Sora sat there in the dirt for some moments racking his brain for an answer, then it suddenly click…Namine.

"Roxas I am sorry for making you think I took Namine, which I did not, and I am sorry for making you think that I would ever be such a bad friend to do that." Sora said hoping that the apology was what Roxas wanted.

Sora then sighed with relief when he felt the pressure lift off his foot, and he was about to stand when he heard his name being called.

"Sora!" a voice called, it was almost dark so he was unable to see very clearly.

"Sora!" It yelled again this time Sora could depict it origin, it came from the girl of his dreams, Kairi.

And as soon as he realized who it was, she appeared beside him; she kneeled down and he sat up.

"Sora…" Kairi said crying.

"Kairi, it is ok…don't cry." He said brushing away her tears.

"No Sora, they are tears of joy…I…I love you too," She said her lips breaking into a smile.

It was then that Sora felt his heart stop, and all the pain of the previous fight disappeared, "I love you Kai…" But he was cut off, not by words or parents or fighting but a kiss.

A very passionate kiss indeed. He smiled but it was unknown to the world because it was suppressed by her lips. He leaned forward, tipping her backward to deepen what they already shared, but then she was ripped away.

One second he was in heaven and then the second he was in darkness, she was gone and he could no longer see or feel, she was her light, but then a voice brought him back. Back to the reality of the world.

"Oh look at the cute couple, reunited again, how cute!" A sarcastic voice said, and Sora immediately recognized it.

"Seifer," he spat standing up, "Where is Kairi!" he screamed, unable to see in the pitch black night.

"Aww, how sweet but are you sure that is the only person you care about?" Seifer teased, and with the finishing syllable the lights of the park flashed on and Sora felt as if he was in a football stadium.

The light immediately blinded him and he shaded his eyes, but he forced his arm to his side so that he could see where Kairi and Seifer were.

He gasped at what he saw, it was not only Kairi that was held captive but Roxas and Riku as well, and their arms had been twisted behind their backs so they could not break free from the large thugs that held them hostage.

He scanned the park until his eyes landed on Kairi; she was held gentler then the two boys, but not by much.

Sora could tell by her face that she was in pain and she was constantly wincing to suppress her pain.

"Let her go!" Sora screamed stepping forward.

"Ah! Don't move!" Seifer said in a teasing voice; and Sora heard a click he turned around and he saw a gun placed to Roxas head.

Sora gulped, realizing that this was much bigger than he thought it was.

He then heard whispers coming from where Seifer was standing so he again turned around after he gave Roxas a reassuring nod.

"Ah intruders well then get them and bring them here." Seifer said with a chuckle, and within minuets the two listeners were captured and brought into the circle of lights.

Sora gasped when he recognized one of them, and glanced towards Roxas to find his blond friend struggling to break free.

"Oh Roxas, I would not struggle if I were you, I mean after all you are the real reason why we are here." Seifer said not even trying to hold back a laugh.

"You see Sora, you are just the middle man, and there would be no harm done if I just killed you right now." Seifer said.

In a desperate attempt to get the attention, which involved death, off of his friend Sora, Roxas yelled ripping the cloth that held his mouth shut.

"Let Namine, and my brother go!" Roxas screamed, again struggling in the large man's grip.

Seifer then turned around and shot a glare at the blond, "Well Roxas seeing that you just persist on being a nuisance looks like we are going to have to cut to the case and just kill you now."

Namine began to weep, and Sora began to sweat, this was serious.

"Get him!" Seifer said to a guard standing beside him, and everyone thinking that he was going to get Roxas, Sora was not prepared to be attacked at he was soon captured.

"Oh silly Sora thought he was going to kill Roxas, no I will have the pleasure of doing that myself." Seifer said approaching the area in which Roxas stood.

"Ok Roxie this is going to be fun," Seifer said an evil grin across his lips.

Roxas then prepared his face for the punch when he suddenly heard the voice of his older brother scream.

Roxas opened his eyes and Cloud had already broken free and had the thug on the ground, I guess juvenile school really paid off, and was heading toward him.

Cloud gracefully swiped the gun from the guards hand and began to run.

He screamed that he would get help, and then disappeared into the darkness.

"He is going to get the police! Tie the others to a tree, separate the boys and girls, all of you follow him; it is about five miles to the station, one stay with me! Now hurry!"

Riku and Sora tried to break free, but soon they were both tied to a tree along with Namine and Kairi, on a different one, both of the pairs sitting in the darkness looking in on the circle of light.

"Why are you doing this?" Roxas questioned when Seifer asked if he had any last words.

"Because I want Namine, and well you are just in the way."

Roxas was shocked at his reasoning, but then decided to continue listening.

"So I began to think after Namine's party, how would I do this, so I called in some favors and here we are now." Seifer finished a smirk on his lips.

Roxas began to speak, but Seifer interrupted him, "Ah! That is enough talking time to end this." And with that Seifer charge forward.

Seifer threw a series of punches, most of which Roxas dodged and then Roxas dropped kicked Seifer throwing him back and slamming Seifer to the ground.

Roxas reasoned that the boy would be down for about two minuets, so he took this time to take out the guard. He soon found that the thug was all muscle and no skill, and he was easily defeated.

Seifer then realizing that his only guard left was out cold he brought a worried look onto his face.

"Scared?" Roxas taunted.

"No!" Seifer screamed as he charged forward.

Seifer jumped in the air and Roxas prepared himself to pull him out of the air, when he saw Seifer reach into his pocket and pull out a sharp steak knife.

Roxas then rolled out from under him allowing Seifer to land on his feet.

"Cheater!" Roxas screamed.

"Haha, funny I don't remember stating any rules." Seifer said approaching knife in hand.

Roxas became even more nervous, he had defeated Seifer before, but it was dark and he was unarmed unlike his opponent.

Roxas once again dodged another series of punches and kicks working twice as hard to make sure none of them came even close to him, knowing that a knife could do so much more damage than a punch alone.

Tired from the defense method he was using, Roxas decided to charge and go on the attack but he miss judged Seifer's skill when on the defense, and before he knew it he was on the ground, face up, looking into the darkness and being blinded by the light at the exact same time.

A knife at his neck, he could feel the hate in Seifer's voice, and the tension that flowed through his body, he could hear a whisper coming from the boy that held his life in his hands, "Don't die in fear, be happy that I am doing you a favor,"

Roxas truly thought he was going to die as the blade began to pierce his skin and he felt the cold, red, blood trickle down the side of his neck.

He shut his eyes tight and prayed to God, that if he was truly to be gone, that she would forever be safe. And just as he was about to give up all hope he heard music, sweet angelic music.

'I can't let him die, not like this, I can't watch him die' Namine panicked, and without even thinking she took last minuet action.

"Roxas NO!" Namine screamed ripping her hands free from the rope, her wrists bleeding from the rope burn it left. She rushed forward and just before impact she saw Seifer turn in her direction, his face dropped and his mouth hung high.

And as if moving in slow motion Namine threw her entire body weight forward and kicked the blond hard with her foot. The toe of her foot making fierce contact with his ear, she yelped in pain, but swallowed her fear, and pushed Seifer backward, his large weak body hitting the paved ground hard.

The knife was caught by Roxas after Seifer had let go of its grip during his downward fall. Roxas quickly leaped to his feet and rushed over to the blond girl standing in the center of the brightly light circle, her entire self trembling in fear.

"Namine I have to tell you something,"

"Yes Roxas," Namine encouraged.

"Awww how sweet, the innocent, naive couple is reunited once again," A voice cracked from behind the two.

Roxas turned around his body tense, and his eyes full of pain and hate. He stiffly walked over to the previous threat that now lay powerless on the ground.

"Shut up Seifer!" Roxas hissed his large strong form now towering over the boy on the ground.

"Yeah, you should see your litter girl in bed, she's great, just ask the guy over there he should know," Seifer spat, his voice still weak but his mind set to destroy.

Sora knew along with most of the crowd that Seifer's most recent words were referred to him, and his body stiffed. But the tension passed as quickly as it came when he noticed that the harsh words had taken no effect of the furious blond and that his stern blue eyes were locked on the junior on the ground.

"Don't make me kill you!" Roxas screamed pulling out the knife that he had caught out of the air earlier.

"As if!" Seifer laughed, "You don't have the guts." He hissed edging Roxas on.

"You wanna bet!" Roxas spat jumping down to the ground and throwing the knife against Seifer's soft, vulnerable neck.

Roxas held the knife there, his hand shaking a bit, his eyes locked in a glare with the boy that had almost killed him only moments ago.

His entire body pulsed with hatred, and he could feel himself inching closer and closer to the kill, he gritted his teeth and clogged his brain so that nothing other than his thoughts could get through, but something did.

Through his right ear he heard a whimper, as quite as can be, and he could tell that it was the result of holding back tears.

His body immediately released tension as his thoughts drifted to Namine, who without even looking he knew was the beholder of the sob.

And he slowly rose from the ground, although anger still consumed him, he would not put Namine nor himself through this.

He snarled and forcefully threw the knife to the ground, its tip landing only inches from Seifer's ear; the knife wobbled back and forth the weight of the handle being heavier than the blade, and the park was so silent that you could hear the heart beat of the blond now standing.

"I am not going to kill you," Roxas said, his voice calm, and his breathing steady.

Seifer just chuckled, but before he could speak Roxas cut him off.

"You're not worth the sin," The blond spat and with those words he turned on his heals and walked away.

After taking a few steps he stopped in front of Namine, he kept his eyes on the ground as he whispered, "Thank you…for saving my life." Then his breathing became unsteady and he brushed past her, their shoulders touching for just an instant.

He did not turn to look behind him as he walked away. Just before he entered the woods on the outskirts of the park he heard sirens and turned around to find flashing blue and red lights his brother stepping out of the car, it was then that he knew his friends would be safe. And before the police could catch his trail he quickened his pace and fled from the park.

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