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::Mind conversationShadou::

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Charmayne was running home from school because she had just got into a fight with one of the "A-list" popular girls. She knew she was going to get in trouble with her parents, being this was her last strike, meaning she was gonna get expelled and possibly put in Juvenile Hall. She ran home to try and erase the phone call from the school.

She finally made it to the house and ran to the phone. She ran to the answer machine and checked the messages. She found the call from the school. She hurriedly erased it along with other unimportant calls. Now she was in the clear. All she had to do was wait until her Mom got home and tell her what REALLY happened.

Charmayne went to her room, and flopped on the bed. She decided to pass her time by going on her computer. She checked her e-mail and her myspace messages. But she noticed an unknown message. She clicked opened it. The letter had some kind of Asian language on it, which knew it had to be Japanese. And suddenly she was engulfed in a bright blue light. She screamed and then blacked out.

Later on...

"Aww my head...What the fuck?" Charmayne looked around and saw nothing but trees and a small road. 'Where the fuck am I? I should be at home, in front of the computer, checking my e-mail. How did I get outside in da woods?' she recalled. Charmayne looked around to find something that seemed familiar. Charmayne finally came to the conclusion that she was completely lost.

' Well let me find some kinda town nearby'. She walked through the vast stretches of trees for what seemed like hours. Then she came upon a village.

"What the hell? A village…?" Charmayne's thoughts were cut short when she realized that the village was being attacked.

'Oh Shit! Those people! Shit, Imma hide so I don't get killed too!' she ran behind a big tree. And for the first time that day she was glad to see one.

In the village...

"Aaahhh" one of the women yelled, before getting her head severed off. The village was being massacred. Lost limbs and heads were scattered in the streets that were once full of business and life.

A bald man blowes fire upon many innocent victims. A big monster was smashing and crushing the soldiers with his mighty punch. A short man was pouring poison into the houses, running out any hiding victims. A femininely dressed man was killing villagers with his snake-like sword. A man with wild hair sliced his opponents with his metal claws. A tank like monster was blasting the villagers who dared to escape.

Charmayne was so shocked she couldn't move. Never had she been this scared in her life. She wondered what she would do. 'Do I run? They might see me and come after me. Aw Hell...Charmayne! What the hell did you manage to get yourself into this time!'

She took a peek around the corner of the tree and saw the same group walking toward her direction. 'DAMMIT! Now what? I AM N0T getting killed today. Okay, drastic times call for drastic measures. RUN GIRL!"

She took off in the opposite direction. She turned over her shoulder to see the group running after her. She tried to find something to help her situation. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything. So she kept running. 'Oh damn! What am I going to do now?' she thought frantically.

'I can help you with that, Charmayne.' a voice in her head? I think the adrenaline rush was getting to her, she's definitely losing it.

::I'm your conscience. I'm gonna help you.::

'Conscience?! What the fuck? Okay Fine help me!'

::Well okay Ms. Rudey pants. Stop running. You're getting tired.::

'Bitch is you outta yo mind! I'm gonna get killed if I stop!'

::No they wont hurt you, just stop. I'll protect you.::

'You better be right.' with that Charmayne stopped and turned around to face her fears.

"Alright, Filthy woman. Die!" the feminine man yelled.

"Get Back!" Charmayne moved to the left and punched the 'man' in his jaw, who, surprisingly, stumbled back onto his butt. The group looked at her with amazement and anger. Unfortunately, Charmayne didn't notice the spiky-haired man had came up behind her and knocked her out.

At their Camp...

Charmayne's head was pounding. She woke up to hear voices arguing. It seems like the gay guy didn't want her there with them. Another voice was trying to convince him otherwise.

"Look, we'll just wait until Bankotsu-oo-aniki gets back. She doesn't look like any normal human so she must be a half-demon or something." the voice said.

"I don't care! They're all filth to me!" the gay guy shouted sounding like a spoiled brat.


Charmayne's Head...

'Oh Man my head hella hurts...'

::Well that should be the least of your problems, Charmayne::

'Okay, you've been talking to me. And I don't even know who the hell you are.'

::I'm you.::

'No...I'm me. Don't play games with me, right now. I'm really not feeling it at the moment.'

::Okay. Like I said before, I'm your conscience, your other half. My name is Shadou Ankoyu.::

'Shadou Ankoyu? That's a mouthful. I'm gonna call you Shade (Sha-day) for short, got it?'

::But my name is Shadou Anko-,::

'I don't care! My head, my rules. Now enough with the name game! Get me outta this mess.'

::Sorry. Some other time.::

'What?! Wait! I said get me outta here!'

::I'll wait until you have a better attitude::

'What the fu-'

Back to Reality...

Charmayne was recovering from an argument with herself. She opened her cocoa butter brown eyes to see some guy staring right at her. The said man had midnight blue eyes, long black hair in a braid, and scariest thing is he had a huge sword on his shoulder. Charmayne was just lost in his appearance. The man spoke to her and jutted her out her thoughts.

"Hey, my name's Bankotsu. What's yours, girl." Bankotsu said.

"My name...its...its...uhm" Bankotsu, being the impatient man he is, swung his sword to her neck and held it there.

"The worst thing you can do right now is lie to me, wench!" 'Oh Hell No! This jigga is lucky he has that big-ass sword in his hand' she thought.

"My name is Breianna, Dude! Now get that damn sword outta my face!" ::Woo, bad mistake, girlie:: 'Shut up!'

"Breianna. That's a weird name but pretty. My name's Bankotsu."

'Oh man, Charmayne you done fucked up now.' She thought. ::Tell me about it…:: 'I Said Shut UP!'

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